Tacoma, Washington, USA

The common reaction to resDeus is one of stunned attention by anyone within earshot. The music is progressive and indie in its composition, heartfelt and cerebral in its delivery. Intensity, passion and belief drives resDeus and defines the genre so you don't have to. Take a few minutes to enjoy.


resDeus has been rocking the Pacific Northwest with their one-of-a-kind music for more than eight years. They continue to chart new musical territory where many others stick to the same old formulas. This has earned them a reputation in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and they hope to continue growing that reputation as their career progresses.

The journey through these years has been enriching and brought constant musical growth to resDeus. With recent shows in Austin Texas at SXSW and Texas RockFest they continue to gather fans everywhere they go and have plans to go all over the globe!

resDeus' sound is difficult to describe because it continually evolves. There are two reasons for this - first, the wide range of influences each member brings to the table, and second, their habit of perfectionism when it comes to their arrangements. That said, their most recent album, "the projectionist" featured a tasteful blend of melodic, indie-style composition and heavy riffs influenced by progressive rock. Several songs feature groove-based outros or interludes, the sort of surprise endings you love. The album as a whole remains their most accessible work yet, and has won them a new generation of fans.

resDeus is well within their next phase and creating new music with some additional arrangements that'll add to their vibrant and epic sound. By August of 2010 you can look forward to a few demo tracks featuring all new material. Our video features one of our brand new songs that really embodies where the music is going, it's called "In Circles".


Burn it Down

Written By: resDeus

Why do you waste your time?
Stabbing in the dark
Hoping to hit your mark
Why do you waste your breath?
You're so worried about yourself
To be of any help

We build it up just to burn it down
We point the finger and lay the blame
He gives us life and we let it drown
Can we make a change, turn our thoughts around

You look like you don't know
That you use the name of God
To get it for yourself
Make no mistake
The damage has been done
And we are all to blame


Written By: resDeus

He is an island unto himself
He does not need anybody or anything else
With the push of a button he takes control
On the outside he is perfect, but inside's just a hole

If you would just see it
See through these walls
If you could just grasp it in your hands
All these things we're living for
They just kill us in the end

He is the intellect; he's heard it all before
The unknown is achievable and science is the door
God is only a self help, for those with less than he
But the question of his soul comes clawing at his door

In the end
In the end
They just kill us in the end

Surface Peeling

Written By: resDeus

There are those who take the fall
Who hope beyond hope
And still find themselves against the wall
And is there reason

There are those who take the truth
Who twist and turn it and bring it down
Upon the heads of the innocent
And is there justice

We watch as the water rises up
it has no concern for who will sink
and who will float
Who will float?
And who will sink?

Let them not say that I hoped in you
That I hoped and I waited for you in vain
Let not these eyes and these hands
Let them not come up empty again

Did I cross over the sea?
Just to fall short and taste the bitterness of defeat
Is this how it was meant to be?
And it's not the pain I fear
But the silence that crushes the poor
And brings down kings
Will you speak to me?

And I watch as the water rises up
It will soon overwhelm me
And I don't know if I'll sink or float
Will I float?
Or will I sink?

When will this end?
When will this begin?

All I know

Written By: resDeus

I don't pretend
to understand this
and what it is that it means to me
cause I've been wrong before

I have lost
let it slip from my hand
and still the pain of this stays with me

And all I know
is that I need you
I've been wrong before
but i know I want you

When I look
into your eyes I see
all the peace I need so desperately
Don't hold back from me

Cause underneath
this thin covering
I'm as scared as I've never been

And all I know
is that I need you
I've been wrong before
but I know I want you

When the ground gives way
When it all comes down
I want to find myself with you
cause there is no one else

I don't want to go on without you...
I don't want to be here without you...

Between the Lines

Written By: resDeus

If you look
you will find me

Between the lines

I want
to feel nothing
If just for a time

If you can find me
I'm lost, confused
I need something
A spark
A lifeline

If you find me
between the lines
just leave me alone

New Shade of Green

Written By: resDeus

I don't want to be some little poster boy
I could never toe the line they give me
Don't think that just because you can hold your breath so long that you won't drown
Everything is messed up and eventual
We're all messed up and it's eventual

It's getting hard to tell what you are saying
I can't seem to hear through all this static
Is it surprising to see
it's driven me to my knees
Cause without you it is eventual
Cause without you I am eventual

It's you I want, It's you I need
not what's inside my head
Cut through the noise, hold the line
and pull me out of here

Its just a matter of time before we run ashore
There's always something else that waits to lead on
and if I fall asleep, don't let me fall to deep
cause without you it is eventual
cause without you I am eventual

It crawls up the walls
and through the back door
no one ever hears it
wide eyes that stare
watching life unfold
across the T.V screen

no more apathy
a new shade of green
voted in by committee
nothing short of
desperation will do

He walks the streets
calling out to anyone who'll hear
Will anybody see?
Do we still believe?

It's gaining
but we look away
still pretending
that it's just the same
as its always been

We can't stop it
Like a car crash
We are watching
Seconds splitting
By the time we realize
it's much too late

Street Lights and Neon Signs

Written By: resDeus

This could be such a tragedy
If this is all we see
If this has been everything
Then we never had it to begin
If it's not about me, and it's not about you
Why do we work our hands to the bone?
Why do we strive so hard alone

This could be such a wasted love
If we lose who we are
His stars shine bright above
A hope for us in the dark
But these street lights and neon signs
Filled your heart, and your mind
Until we've lost all sense of what is wrong, and what is right
Between what's dead and what is alive

I would rather not go
If I am to be the stone that drowns us all
It's better not to have been
Than become the monster that we've always feared

I'll lay this down
If this is what you want
I'll lay me down
And I will walk away
I'll lay this down
And it'll be okay
I'll lay me down
Lord help me today


1. Open for Exile
2. the projectionist (recorded at London Bridge Studios, Vocals at Weazelbug Studios)

Set List

40 minutes on average
Set list is constantly changing but an example is:

Burn it Down
New Shade of Green
In Circles
Between the Lines
All I Know
Suit an Tie

All songs add up to more than 80 minutes of playtime:

Burn it Down
The Danger that Lies in Wait
For your Sake
Don't Forget Me
the projectionist
Surface Peeling
Suit and Tie
Street Lights & Neon Signs
All I Know
Dark Follows
New Shade of Green
Between the Lines
In Circles