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The best kept secret in music


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The Growth of Limbs LP 2000, The end of the life of Johny LP (2002), Waiting Beneath The Snow EP (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


A funny man trapped within the funny label, yet recognizing in himself a side less comical, quietly ignored for much of his life. As those around looked to him with a smile expecting the next story and the next laugh, a melancholy struggle remained un-addressed for years. Reshure was created in quiet rural bedroom in the early months of the year 2000 and there it remained mostly unknown and unexplained for 4 years. The project was, in itself, the sole expression emerging from that unmentioned side of the man. During daily walks into the peaceful forest surrounding his home he would entertain himself with magical fantasies of strange and tragic events pouring forth such melancholy emotion into the quiet forest scene. These wandering imaginings would find their permanent home within the magical electronic melodies and peculiar sample loops in which Reshure manifested itself.
In the year 2004, gaining the nerve and desire to make his extraordinarily personal project public, Erik Kokkonen finally brought Reshure to the stage. He enlisted the help of his old friend Norm Townsend, who assisted Erik with playing the toy instruments, harmonicas and guitars that complimented his electronic programming and eerie vocal style. As well another strange character was brought into the live performance: A man by the name of Michael Pritchard. His sole purpose was to design and build psychedelically inspired costumes to accompany and expand upon the surreal quality of the music. Another man, Justin Castator, recognizing the experimental charm of the Reshure project, eventually joined to become the fourth contributor.
Erik’s jovial character shines between songs in stark contrast to the emotionally intense, surreal and magical melodies that the music provides. A strange man in a strange costume stumbles to the stage during the more epic moments, dancing and twisting his theatrical wares until they nearly tear from his figure. Toy accordions appear along with harmonicas and ukuleles as the programmed electronic beats and samples rumble across the room. Soft vocal melodies slowly dance with Erik’s wavery, emotional busted vocals telling of melancholy dreams of hopelessly benign wishes. As the set comes to an end a secret possibility nearly proves itself true: Life is as humorous as it is horribly tragic.

In addition to the live performances, Erik has assembled several stop-motion music videos to give imagery to the music. The latest of which has been played in the Super Shorts Film Festival in the UK, the 24 Hour Film Festival in New York and The Great Lakes Film Festival in Pennsylvania. We’re all pretty jolly about that!