Resident Hero

Resident Hero


We are a band that challenges it's genre to reclaim it's importance in today's media marketplace. We have an open and honest way of expressing our lives through music and performances that draw in the listeners. The passion of our performances are what defines us. This is what music is missing.


Resident Hero, a trio fronted by charismatic songster/guitarist Ryan White, is sure to take a hold of you and not let you go. Lead vocalist Ryan White has an open and honest way of expressing his life through his music and performances that draws in the listener. As a songwriter, he defines his own unique sound of edgy rocking tracks laced with melodies. With Jay Warren on drums, the band's attack is given a solid, clean sound that drives the music forward on iron rails. Luke Agajanian supplies the backing vocals and bass lines with massive tones.

Resident Hero has the heart in music that relates the listener to the songwriter through passion and love of the song. Every night when Ryan gets onstage, right before they go on, he tells himself it "This could be the last show I ever play". They play for the cause - all lost money and relationships as well as gone hungry while touring. They give everything to their music, and that's why their fans are so hardcore. Resident Hero just finished a 4 month national tour as the opening act for Flyleaf, Kill Hannah and Sick puppies. As an unsigned band, the fact that they made so many new fans and friends while playing before such quality acts has given them a new life for live music.


Vendetta Black

Written By: Ryan White

can make a grown man cry
if you can't save this noise
then how the hell can i
without cashing in?

my heroes have all died in battle
so cut off my hands at the wrists
the streets will run red with our blood now
the streets will run red with my love

my vendetta black

until my teeth cave in
from all the fists that fly
for the sudden sake
of cashing all your chips
of cashing in

long wait
hold up

(the grateful return to a fable
the hateful reside in my lap
in my hands)

Stepping Through

Written By: Ryan White

father, are you listening?
i am the bullet.

if i am the son
and i am the ride
then how do i rest upon it?
if i am the one
that murders the tribe
then how do i kiss the hand i bit?

a wrist is slit so i can mend
how am i
supposed to breathe in?

the chamber is full
and i am the gun
for everything
that you've ever loved

erasing the tone
and shaping the line
like this is an open market
for any of you individuals
willing to make bets upon my soul

a stepping through to the other side
is your own accord
and my own soft shaking

the chamber is full
and i am the gun
for everything
that you've ever loved

and you're loved, loved
you're loved
and i am alone.

Happy (Without Me)

Written By: Ryan White

i put the knife in my heart
i don't remember to bite
over and over
my own forever tied down
watch as your smile floats by
i'm left over

i don't want you to be
happy without me
happy without me

i'm sick inside of the cell
that i have put myself in
over and over
they say these moments will pass
but what will i become then?
one less soldier
one dead soldier

i don't want you to be
happy without me
happy without me

and i'll always be a minor chord
filled with endless sustain
and i'll give you
every little damn thing that i am
if you want it

one dead soldier.

i don't want you to be
happy without me
happy without me
i don't want you to be...
don't be happy
don't be happy


Two Eps - The White EP and The Brown EP. "Vendetta Black", "Stepping Through" and "Happy Without Me" are available for digital download at I-Tunes, Snocap and many other places...some of the others listed on their myspace page under their bio. The track "Vendetta Black" is streaming at AOL, REAL/Rhapsody, Yahoo Launch and myspace. Vendetta Black has had some spins on KROQ (Los Angeles) locals only show.