Female fronted alternative rock band. Once described as No Doubt meets Black Sabbath. Think Evanescence but a little bit darker. Biggest influences include The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Old school rock infusion with melodic female vocals.


Residual was formed in the summer of 2004 by Jerm, DJ and Mr JoshuA. Searching the world over for a second guitarist and vocalist, and coming up empty, they chose to be a three piece and all took turns trying to act like they could sing. Second guitarists would come and go, even a singer or five. The main three still plugged along waiting until the time was right.

As time went on they found themselves wanting different things in the band. Circumstances in each others lives pulled them in different directions, even different places. The band was in limbo. They were done. Two members tried to put something else together, but found that it just wasn't the same. Not the same feeling. Not the same energy. Residual had died.

In September of 2007 life brought them back together. They hadn't lost a thing. The vibe was back, the energy greater than it had ever been. Just to prove that the time was right, in walked a vocalist named Katina. She officially joined the band in January 2008.

The four are currently collabrating on new music while reviving the Residual catalog. For more information check out



Live...from The Trailer Park 2008

Set List

Band can play small opening set to 2 hours. General covers: The cure, nirvana, berlin, christian death, sponge, garbage. Band usually sticks to originals.

Original songs include (but not limited to)
My Rage
Eagles Eye
Sing to the Fire
Forever Stained
Switch X
Every Time After
Broken Glass

Recent cover's include (but not limited to):
L7 "Shitlist"
Berlin "The Metro"
Nirvana "Scoff"
Christian Death "Romeo's Distress"
The Cure "A Forest"