psychedelic art rock with inspred improv and jazzy sensibilities. smart and challenging


songwriter Vik's influences range from early ECM recordings through punk (pere ubu, au pairs) via a classical training in the choral and orchestral tradition. The musicians she has chosen to work with are primarily improvisors and each are encouraged to bring their own personality to the songs, while Graham on drums provides a solid heavy groove.


when the water's clear

Written By: julie vik


I’m a root erupting from the ground
A spilling river, running tumbling down a mound
I’m tired of a diet of dirt
My skin is shredding from threading over rocks of hurt

Again the tender tendrils
Bleeding from a seed
Kissed by the rain over and over
Split in two to chase a lover down the drain
In shivering blind men’s canes
Quivering divining rods

When the water’s clear

I’m a flying boat on sky of ocean
With wings of wake that quake, defying motion
A boiling battle line of ebb and flowing
Collapsing where I’m from and where I’m going

This sense of stasis
Counterfeit calm
Trips with white noise that rips its claws into my memory
Drowns the droning of salty navel lips
From a nascent crypt
That remembers my real name

When the water’s clear

I’m a child that has thrown her last rock
Swallowed in a mercury mirror

Will I disappear?

When the water’s clear


Written By: julie vik


It’s not a bird, it’s not a squirrel
It’s not the wind hanging on the edge of return
It’s surging up from deep in the frozen ground
A breath drawn out like a splinter
That makes these branches shudder
Like a diver that’s been under too long
Crossing the line that almost crossed you out

Crashing through winter’s spellbound walls
Arms spring elastic sunward
The air resounds with cascading chains that fall
And shatter to the ground with a shudder
Leaving uncovered a trembling naked hand
As you cross the line that almost crossed you out

Your hunger’s been left too long
Your will is numb and thick
But now your wooly comfort
Strips you awake with a sweaty itch

Your blood stirs like a hunter
Your prey is locked in sight
Moving from the cover
Freed to let your aim take flight
And you shudder like the string of a bow
As you cross the line that almost crossed you out

Free fall from the ledge of fear
Where your fictions hover
The life you dreamed that seemed so hard and clear
Is ripped away with a shudder
As you cross the line that almost crossed you out

fractured fairytale

Written By: lyrics-julie vik

Close to the ground under the thatch curled around the rot of time
You furrow into safety’s arms and latch on till you twist your spine

In your crooked bed where the crooked bed lies, starved for air and half awake
Lambs and lions lie in lullabies where once there ruled a wily snake.

Hunger drags you out to stray into the light of the very first day
Teeth to teeth remember to pray:
Kyrie Eleison

Kings that belong to realms above sin have wings spread strong for the whims of the wind
Hear them voice the world’s first hymn of a dangerous peace where bone meets skin

Down at your feet the ground creeps alive where you’re fortress meets the world outside
Anarchist snake seeks you as his prize, you’re a taste in the air that can not hide.

Born to hear this ominous song comes a mouse from the thatch with a dream gone wrong
The scree of Kyrie joined along with the serpentine hiss on eleison

On a pitch in the glade where the thatch doesn’t dare there’s a twitch of a blade tasting the air
Tentative tongue with a raw green prayer, blessed with the dung of a wild bear.


resin - resin (1998)
resin - Only Here - 2002
resin - Change - sched. release March 2004
both Cd's were in heavy rotation across Canada in college and community radio, Only Here has been played on sites Internationally (esp. tracks 'when the water's clear and promise)

Set List

we play songs from all three CD's - a few covers (Sly, Cohen, Drake)
We can play all night if you like