Resin is considered by most New Englanders as the band to break the New England scene wide open. Over the past year Resin has shared stages around the US with Godsmack, Sevendust, STP, Taproot, Powerman 5000, 7Mary3, Sponge, RA, Bret Michaels, Saliva and Papa Roach, holding their own every time!


Winning over fans in every state, Resin continues to make their presence known wherever they play. With a genre defining sound that is able to captivate the crossover market, radio stations from Maine to Florida are showing their support for these up and comers by sponsoring events, on air performances, press and album releases as well as moderate airplay.

Having honed their songwriting skills into a dangerous weapon, Resin recorded their Debut self titled album .It was recorded @ SMR records in Boca Raton, FL and Danger studies in Prov. R.I with the famed Sahaja Ticotin, singer songwriter, producer and engineer. Resin has been said to have that "Total Package" that the industry speaks of so often. Great hooks, poster boy looks and a rock star stage show that blows your hair back.

The Debut Album is designed to pack a punch. No filler all killer, was the idea behind this and it delivers! “Not For You” & “Calling” makes you want to drive fast and party like rock stars, while “Breathe” & “Reason” shows a softer, warmer side of Resin that all of us can connect with, drawing on every day experiences of love, life and the trials we all share as humans. Listen to a Resin album and you will find that common thread that binds their fans. It is new but familiar, edgy yet soft and heartfelt you most likely will find yourself listening to the whole album, all the way through-no fast forward button here.

The fab four that make up Resin are Ron Dallaire on vocals, Patrick Pacheco on guitar, Dave O’Brien on bass and Kurt Bento on Drums. Together they form a powerful-charismatic foursome that captivates and creates their special blend of Rock & Roll that is becoming addictive to all who listen.


RESIN (2009 )Soul To Soul now spinning on your favorite radio station

Set List

01) Not 4 U
02) Soul To Soul
03) Tomorrow
04) Song F
05) Reason
06) Down the line
07) Feel
08) Lost
09) All my life
10) Innocence
11) Reach Out
12) Gray
13) Breathe