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"Article exerpt reviewing Santa Cruz Dayz"

Backing band Resination is one of the Central Coast's greatest assets, an aggregate whose work is gaining an international following. Led by Vance Fahle, whose flexible vocals sound as if he were raised in the Blue Mountains, the group combines covers of some of JA's finest material with clever compositions of their own. When I was on the island of Guam earlier this month, I heard their music on the radio every day, and many locals considered Resination as one of their favorite groups.
- Metro Santa Cruz, article by Roger Stephans

"Local Band Pays Tribute to Reggae Legend"

The spirit of Bob Marley Day was out in full force Saturday as San Luis Obispo County-based reggae band Resination paid homage to the great reggae artist with its own versions of Marley's classic reggae jams.

Resination, accompanied by fellow reggae artists The Kicks, and openers Ras Danny and the Reggae Allstars, revisited many of Marley's more well-known jams while flavoring its own spin to make the music unique.

"We've been doing the Bob (tribute) shows for about six to seven years now," said Vance "Noche Man" Fahie, who does vocals and plays guitar for Resination. "It's a tribute to a great reggae artist who really got the reggae movement off the ground."

"It's great to be able to take advantage of these opportunities and relay his positive message, especially since we love playing for the people of San Luis Obispo so much," he added.

All bands that performed were more focused on the roots genre of dub reggae, known for recurrent melodic tunes and heavy bass tones that permeate the music.

And while Resination did not have a horns section when the band first formed in 1999, the later addition of trumpet and trombone elements significantly furthered the band's sound in terms of being definitive dub reggae.

Ras Danny and the Reggae Allstars featured a saxophone as the band's horn element, which is unusual for a roots band with such heavy dub influences.

The inner "dub-ness" of the band was easily discernible, however, as the band's sound could easily be likened to that of dub legends such as Barrington Levy. Ras Danny even went so far as to play his own version of one of Levy's tunes - "Shine Eye Girl" - in the midst of his set.

The spirit of Marley could be felt throughout the venue during each band's set, with not only Resination but also the other two bands playing their own renditions of Marley's songs such as "Waiting in Vain" and sing-along versions of "Stir it Up." Ras Danny and other performing musicians could be seen wearing Bob Marley attire.

"It's pretty obvious that we're big Bob Marley fans, with or without the day," remarked Patrick Pearson, Resination's lead guitarist who also does vocals. "Regardless of any event, we're still going to be the first people to listen to and perform his music."

"And it's sort of a lucky thing that Bob's birthday comes at the beginning of Black History Month," Vance added. "We've done a lot of Bob Marley events on the Central Coast, and it's good to be able to integrate them with Black History Month, although I prefer to celebrate the month all year and throughout my life. It's all about going out and gaining life experiences." - Mustang Daily

"Resination CD Release Party"

Local reggae band Resination is releasing their new album with a celebratory show at The Graduate on Saturday.

Resination, who was had made several appearances at University Union Hour this year, is known to draw a crowd wherever they play, catching the audience and moving them to their upbeat rhythms and positive lyrics.

The band's new album, "Conscious Development," showcases, among other things, the changes in the band's line up since their last record. They have gone from a five to a nine-piece band, incorporating horns, keyboards and a female vocalist who adds to the harmony on the vocals and sings the lead on some tracks. Lead singer Vance Fahie said that they wanted to add these crucial elements fill out the sound of the music. While they are branching out into some new areas, they still maintain the sound that they have become known for, mixing modern reggae, funk, soul, jazz, and blues.

Resination formed in 1999 and has steadily built a huge local base of fans that have remained loyal and supportive as has grown and succeeded throughout the years. While some up and coming bands will release an album at whatever show falls after the completion date, even if it is while they are out of town on tour. However, Resination thought it was important to have their release party at a local venue so they could celebrate with and give the first listen to fans that have been coming to see them since they started.

"It's a different sound," said Fahie of the new album. "I hope they respond positively."

Another change in the line-up since their last album is drummer Tim Cordero. Fahie said that Cordero adds to the sound they are going for because he is better versed in reggae music, having previously played with another reggae band.

"It blows me away to see how many people show up," said Cordero. "The fans are amazing; we really appreciate it."

He has now been playing with the band for a year and a half. He said that recording an album with them is just one step on the journey with them has taken him far beyond anything he would have dreamed.

"It's just huge. I never thought I'd be playing beyond my garage. It's like living a dream," he said.

This is the second studio release from the band. Their first album, "Mash Down Babylon," which came out in 2003 explored various themes in reggae music. They released a live recording, "Live at SLO Brew," in 2001.

The doors for the show open at 7p.m. Morning Rise Soundsystem, will be opening. Tickets are available in advance at all Vallitix outlets.

- Mustang Daily





We do have songs that are streamed on . Various tracks from "MASH DOWN BABYLON" and "CONCIOUS DEVELOPMENT" albums.



Since their formation in 1999, Resination has grown exponentially from a powerhouse quartet, into a nine piece Roots, Rock, Reggae machine that is taking the reggae community by storm. Emitting eclectic sounds of jazz, soul, reggae, funk, and blues, it is no wonder why Resination makes any crowd demographic stop and dance in their spot. On top of the colorful modern roots reggae rhythms that the players of instrument showcase, lead vocalist Vance Fahie takes the crowd on an unforgettable journey of positive energy and conscious messages.

The initial groundwork was laid by lead singer Vance Fahie (AKA "Noche Man"), bassist Ian Hartman, and lead guitarist/backing vocalist Patrick Pearson. The past few years has seen the addition of a horn section comprise of Patrick Rojo Reynolds on trumpet, and Colin Dean on trombone. Thomas Toes Cuffe, provides the essential keyboard rhythms and Mike "Mikey J" Jimenez excels on rhythm guitar. The soulful Empress, Raeme Miner, lends her voice to complete Resination's three part harmonies and takes the lead on a handful of tracks. "Tuff" Tim Cordero lives up to his name and holds down the steady roots rhythm on drums.

Resinations third album, entitled Conscious Development, showcases Resination branching out in new directions, all the while maintaining the Resination sound. The new album is bound to take California based reggae to new heights. Their first album, "Live at SLO Brew", was recorded early on and shows the band giving pure musical energy live and direct. Their first studio album, entitled "Mash Down Babylon", was well received throughout the reggae community, landing on Creation-Steppin Radios Top 30 albums on 2003. The album covered all the bases from roots anthems (ICU, Red Hot, Take a Look), roots-rock tracks (Babylon Shock), and lover's reggae (Dance With Me).

Without a doubt, a Resination show is always positive and uplifting, captivating the masses and unifying the people who share the love of not only the music, but also the message it sends!