Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Since 1996, Canada’s Original Live Dub Experience, the Resinators are a high energy hybrid of dub and rock. A modern urban sound with strong roots in the traditional dub of the greats. From deep classic to sweet reggae to hard steppas to dancehall they always keeping their grooves fresh .


Envisioned in the mid 90’s on Hornby Island. BC, dub fanatics J bass & G star* DUB. Resinators really took form in Toronto, joined by: Raffa Dean veteran Jamaican drummer Professor MSG... turntablist, soundman and sampling genius

Traditionally, DUB has been defined in terms of studio post-production techniques. Resinators brings the studio on the road, and turns it inside out, playing the DUB live!

State of the art and analog technologies collide to create a molten dubscape that can both transcendent & terrifying… musicians in a dynamic DUB setting where even two mixes of the same DUB can never be the same.Say the word "dub" and images of steamy Jamaican studios, smoke-filled sunshine and heavy musical madness come to mind. Add the word "Toronto" and the vision vanishes, replaced by Canadian winters, cheesy bars and watered-down roots jam bands. But when you add "band" and "the Resinators" to form "Toronto dub band the Resinators," the situation changes.

A mix of mostly dub, some rock, some electronic and then more dub, the Resinators came together through a common love of Jamaican music and a desire to continue the music's fine tradition. Far from just another band with an echo pedal, they're as close as you'll get to the real deal--complete with a monster mixing board, something called a "dubcaster" and a drummer who was born and raised in Kingston. As in, Kingston, Jamaica, not Kingston, Ontario.

"A lot of bands talk a lot of shit about dub, but few bands deserve to have the term applied to them. These guys are dub. Heavy, heavy dub." Chart Magazine

"...the bass booms out hypnotic heartbeats, the drums snap and crackle like a fire, sounds echo in and out from other dimensions, culminating in a s slow-burning opiate rising from the ashes of Lee" Eye Magazine

"Resinators play like instrumental reggae overlayed with crushing echo and delay, swirling snippets of the Congos, Marley and a bit of roots and chatter in the mix. It's a very contemporary dub sound." Now Magazine


Resinators album Maximum Dub was released 4/20/2000. Rated 5/5 in CHART.

Band has recently reunited and is currently in the studio working on an upcoming album.