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An EXPLOSIVE mix of Hip-Hop, and Pop. Topped off by a jaw-dropping stage performance. The unforgettable chemistry of RESISTANCE!


RESISTANCE formed in the small city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. An area as synonymous with Hip-Hop as...let's say Al Sharpton. With their distinctive lyrics, production, and performance energy, RESISTANCE is best defined as an anomaly. Three worlds colliding over a futuristic fusion of beats and rhymes that even Grandma can dance to.

In the current state of the music industry it is increasingly difficult to tell one artist from another. It is refreshing when a group dares to “Resist” the norm. Over the past three years RESISTANCE has become a self-sustaining entity providing their own production, and business management. RESISTANCE promises to be the next sensation to raise the thermostat to the next degree. Will you be able to withstand the heat?


The Move Mixtape (2001)
The Preview EP (2003)
Okay Radio Single (2003)
The Introduction EP (2004)
Hits Radio Single (2004)

Set List

Sets range from 30 to 45 minutes. No Covers. All songs are high energy with a lot of crowd participation. We dont just stand around, we put on a show!

The Lineup:
1. Intro
2. Superstar
3. Party
4. Okay
5. Get Down
6. Fascinated
7. Put us on