We love the explosive musical mayhem when mixing techno, rock, rap and electro. We like to call it Rave 'n' Rock!


'Resistor shows hard music can be party music', a music-reporter writes just after the debut EP launch party.

From the first notes of 'High Voltage' there is no escaping the forceful nature of Resistors crossover electrorock.

“The electronic aspects of The Prodigy mixed with the aggression of Rage Against The Machine. In the hands of Resistor it becomes an explosive end-result. Beatcreator Dick Roseboom and guitarist Wietze Vink keep the whole mix tight as hell. Vocalist Dennis Jansen turns up the frenzy another notch. Bring The Heat? It's already here!" (FRET Magazine 2012)

With Resistor's self-named eclectic style of 'Rave 'n Rock' the October 2011 debut EP 'The Bastards Have Landed' [TBHL] is the result of going against the grain. A heavy mix of techno, rock, rap is combined with a live rock-vibe and high tech skills. (Full bio on

Influences: David Bowie, Senser, Trent Reznor, Placebo, the Prodigy, BioHazard, Hatebreed, Rage against the Machine, Machine Head.


Track Listing debut EP 'The Bastards Have Landed' Oct. 2011

Written By: All music & lyrics by Resistor

1 High Voltage
2 Trigger
3 Resist Or Die
4 Proclamation (Force it)
5 Bring The Heat
6 Set It Off

Recorded @ Dureco / e-Sound Studios & delarosa records Studios
Produced & Mastered by D. Roseboom
All music & lyrics by Resistor


October 2011 - Debut Single: Trigger
November 2011 - Release Debut EP 'The Bastards Have Landed'

# 'Trigger' hits no.1 position in the Free40 Dutch Radio Indie Charts (wk 48)
# The single remains for 11 weeks in the Free40 Indie Charts,
# In the Top 100 of best Dutch independent releases of 2011, Trigger hits the no.4 position.

- Music Placements:USA IndyCar Racing documentary 'Join the Ride', Ceremony music Finals European Cup Baseball.

Digital distribution through Island\Def Jam. Physical copies and promotion via delarosa records (the Netherlands).

management Resistor

# Management will assist and contribute to local/national press and communications efforts to promote confirmed shows at venues & festivals. (incl. local radio contests, press-releases, interviews, poster-distribution, and social media invites)

All Photography by Kees van Mansom

Set List

40 minute set (to max 1.5 hour set)

Intro - Smoke 'em Out
High Voltage
Resist or Die!
Proclamation (Force it)
Bring The Heat
Set it Off
Encore - Beatzilla

Resistor is supported on the road by BTV professional Sound-engineers and equipment.

Venues and festivals will receive access to venue website for technical specs, stage plot and promotional tools.

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