Resolute is determined to stay true to its name as it steps out into a public starving for something new and original. Lyrics that chill your core are carried by melodies that will hook you by the heart.


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Story for Two

Written By: Justin Carriere

It seems like you’ve been pushed around
All your dreams have been lost in a merry-go-round
Does it feel like everyone’s let you down
When you scream no one turns to try and dim out the sound
If only, you were given a chance
A one time opportunity
Share your story, give us a glance
Of what it’s like to be in your place

The sky has fallen all over you
You’re holding on to find out what is true
I don’t know why it happenned this way
I’m out of things to say but will listen
To your story for two

You come to me with tears in your eyes
Looking for some way to ease the pain and soothe all your cries
Could there be more to all of these lies
You fear the day your friends turn to say their last goodbyes
But why me, is the question you ask
The answer is a great mystery
Who gets the glory, in this dreaded game
That brings a burden of shame

Even though times are hard
You’re not alone
You must be strong and carry on
Girl you’re not alone


Debut Album - "What Have You Been Waiting For?"

Story for Two - WHYBWF? (Played on Q92, K95.5, CBC Radio)
Higher Place - WHYBWF? (Played on Q92, K95.5)

*These singles receive radio airplay. They are not YET streaming*

Set List

Typical setlist: 45min - 1hr (varies by venue)

Song listing (all original material):

-Story for Two
-Lost & Found
-Higher Place
-Be the One
-Away from You
-Tale of E minor
-Wake up (not included on "What Have You Been Waiting For?")

Covers (when requested by venue):

-John Mayer : Daughters
-Switchfoot : Dare You to Move
-Incubus : Drive
-U2 : Sunday Bloody Sunday
-Greenday : Wake me Up when September Ends
-Lifehouse : You and Me
-Edwin McCain : I'll Be
-Coldplay : Yellow
-Jack Johnson : Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
-Creed : One
-Googoo Dools : Iris
-System of a Down : Roulette
-Seether : Broken
-Howie Day : Collide
-Gavin Degraw : I Don't Want to Be
-And more...