Resolution End

Resolution End


A soaring attack on your rock sensibilities.


Resolution End were formed in Dublin in late 2001. Gathered from right across Dublin (Finglas, Tallaght, Donnycarney, Knocklyon) and having met primarly through school and the Gaeltacht, the six members of Resolution End (Craig Cahill, Noel Fagan, Ciaran McCarthy, Gareth McCarthy, Chris Reilly and Steve Flynn) immediately began to write their own brand of clever, provocative rock. Having been well-received for their attacking live performance, the sound of Resolution End is built on a dedicated work ethic and a selectively wide range of influences. Such influences include the Smashing Pumpkins, The Beatles, Sinead O'Connor, Deftones and Radiohead. Having already appealed to those who like their music performed with passion and written with intelligence, the sound of Resolution End is hard to pin down to one style.


The latest demo 'Resolution End' included the tracks 1. Din (Failure), 2. It knows what it is, 3. They come at night. This was played on Phantom's I-Con program a number of times.

Set List

Typical set-list:
1. Houses were destroyed (4.00)
2. Down towards the river (4.20)
3. Basketcase (Green Day)
4. Din (Failure) (4.30)
5. So that I may awaken (3.30)
6. They come at night (4.40)
7. Brother, brother (2.50)
8. Ammunition (3.30)
9. Let there be light (3.40)
10. It knows what it is (4.30)
11. Tonight, tonight (the Smashing Pumpkins)