Resonant Soul

Resonant Soul


Resonant Soul captures all that should be modern rock. An exhilarating blend of �arena rock� guitar riffs spilled over heart-throbbing bass and punished drums prepare the canvas for passionately articulated vocals.


If polished 70�s Brit rock went to college and fell in love with the leathery good-looks of American southern rock, they would have eloped to raise five musicians, savvy to the importance of writing from the heart and performing from the gut; and the name of their kin is Resonant Soul.

Born into rust-belt abandonment, this blue-collar quintet finds solace in balancing the delicate tight-rope of pop sensibility with cello counter-melodies and whimsical falsettos to their aggressive and hard-hitting nature.

Touted as one of Toledo�s hardest working, charismatic and entertaining rock bands, Resonant Soul has packed venues more tight than even the highest profile national acts.

Armed with a ninety-minute arsenal of dynamic original arrangements, the band is also capable of cleverly adding popular covers to maintain familiarity to their performance.

Resonant Soul�s eclectic musical latitude has scored them gigs from BAD COMPANY, WHITE SNAKE, and The MISFITS to LOCAL H, EMBASSY, TRAPT and SHINEDOWN. Featured at numerous regional industry showcases as well as grand scale festivals like the Summer Music Celebration in Muskegon, Michigan, they have sold over 3,000 copies of their independently released album �Stillwater� in just shy of one year from performance sales alone.

If your venue or business seeks honest, professional, and competent musicians with which to work, consider Resonant Soul.


Machine, EP. 2004
Stillwater, EP. 2005
The Death of Amara Lee, EP. 2007

Songs from all three albums have been featured on 104.7 WIOT and 106.5 WRWK in Toledo, Ohio as well as several regional college radio stations. Burn out July is also featured in a Joe McEwan independent film released in May 2006.

Set List

Sets range from 30 minutes to 3 hours, consisting mostly of original songs from the albums listed above.

We play a few cover songs from time to time by bands such as Muse, Radiohead, Audioslave, Sublime, STP, The Rolling Stones, CCR, and The Animals