"Resonator are cool. Very American, in a good way. Fans of thoughtful, spirited, instrumental rock will find a lot to like here." - Steve Fisk "Killer, super propulsive, slightly mathy, but very moody, instrumental rock that harkens back to bands like Pell Mell." - Aquarius Records, San Francisco


Resonator is primarily Trevor Cole (bass) and Larry Dolan (guitar). Our music is kinship and collaborative expression. We have worked with a number of people in the past including: Rob Dowler (drums), Mikey Lemieux (drums), Todd Recore (drums) Jay Hopkins (guitar), Mike Dickman (drums), and Brian Keiser (occasional sax freak-out). We are burning fields and North Country winters.

Resonator was formed in the Autumn of 2000 by Trevor, Larry and original drummer Todd Recore. The three intended to create music that was an expression of each member yet was executed as a congruent whole. The idea was to communicate with the listener in a way that allowed for the individual to interpret what they were hearing and feeling. This was the reason for choosing to be an instrumental group.

During this period the trio recorded three self-released CD-R's. They were prolific, but remained obscure. At this time their sound was more reserved and ambient. They were as comfortable playing Valentine's in Albany with noise outfits such as Struction as they were playing public and co-operative art spaces.

In September of 2005 the band played CMJ with drummer Mikey Lemieux.

In August of 2006 they released the full length Album "Lost Language." It was received very well. Some press highlights were:
"A simultaneously laid back and caffeinated burst of super energetic mathy groove. You can hear lots of nineties indie rock, plenty of SST, a bit of Tortoise, some Minutemen for sure... languid epics and manic expulsions of chaotic energy."
- Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA

"Plattsburgh's proximity to the post-rock Mecca of Montreal is reflected in Resonator's dramatic and atmospheric style. But to dismiss the band as clones of their better-known neighbors is to do them a great disservice."
-Chris Miller, Seven Days, Burlington, VT

"Resonator Time warps through a vinyl-exque music-scape, circa '70's, spun with a 21st-century eco-ethos."
-Robin Caudell, Press-Republican, Plattsburgh, NY

In April of 2007 Resonator shared the stage with popular instrumental math-rockers, Battles, at La Sala Rosa in Montreal.

As 2008 dawns we are hunkered down in our studio next to the wood stove completing our next album.

We believe that music can break down the barriers that separate us from one another. Music is the oldest language in the world and in the future it will define the dawning paradigm.

We invite you to listen and encourage you to be heard.



Written By: Resonator


Fog Burner

Written By: Resonator



2006 - Never Trust a Hipster (ep)
2006 - Lost Language (full length CD)
2008 - (upcoming summer release)

Set List

A typical set list (no covers)
running time 30-50min. (max set 90-120 min. with 10 min. break)
Feeding the Inferno
Savage Civilization
Bring 'em to the Road and Burn 'em
You Can't Eat Money
Supernatural Disasters
Departures and Arrivals