the resonators

the resonators

 Chico, California, USA
BandHip HopWorld

resonator music is composed of the musical elements of hiphop, soul, jazz, classical, reggae and folk music of all kinds. Live instruments and live sampling/turntablism set a musical foundation for live MC's with lyrics straight from the psychic trenches of a universal struggle for real freedom


The resonators are a West Coast based operation that has cultivated a unique sound, which combines components from a wide spectrum of musical, scientific, and philosophical influences. With a mixture of sounds derived from the roots of hip-hop, reggae, rock, blues, classical, jazz and even folk, the resonators create an uplifting vibe to tune the audience in with the poetry that the music carries. Our major influences include artists such as Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Rakim, Lauryn Hill, Vivaldi, Talib Kweli, Miles Davis, KRS-ONE, Public Enemy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan, and so many more.
The resonators also, along with family business music, organize and promote independent shows with many groups, from multi-day festivals to one night shows with contracted headliners such as: don carlos, dehli 2 dublin, prezident brown, c-rayz walz, mystic, 2mex, visionaries, grouch & eligh(living legends), shapeshifters, ellay khule, mestizo, busdriver, souls of mischief, knobody(hieroglyphics), sadat x(brand nubians), sabac red(non phixion), the dialecs, corby yates, the hooliganz, the mountain gypsy band, audiotherapy, dj bluntmastarr, turbin, puddle, crazy grass, knowvella, con artist productions, elk thunder drum, living alliance of love, izabella, pub scouts, the musical brewing co., baysic, moonshine bandits, L.C.A., everlast AKA whitey ford, melvin seals with members of the Jerry Garcia Band, ishi dube w/ massaganna, and many more.
The resonators have been featured in many magazines and online forums such as The Synthesis Magazine and Shades Radio(KRS-One's Temple of Hiphop). They are also featured in CN'R Magazine's 'Cammies - Best Bands of Chico Awards and Concert series every year nominated as best Hiphop. These are some of the venues where the resonators have performed live: The Catalyst - (Santa Cruz, CA), Lasalles - (Chico, CA), Lost On Main - (Chico, CA), The Airliner - (L.A., CA), Crash Mansion - (L.A., CA), The Temple Bar - (Santa Monica, CA)...The Crossroads - (Fresno, CA), The Elbo Room - (S.F., CA), The Blue Cafe - (Long Beach, CA), The Divided Sky - (South Lake Tahoe, CA), The Red Fox - (Eureka, CA), The Knitting Factory - (Reno, NV)and many others as well...

festivals: Bobolink Music Festival(Belden, CA), Neon Reverb Festival(Las Vegas, NV), Wild Mountain Faire(Concow, CA), The Freedom Dance(Flournoy, CA), One Love Festival(Chico, CA), River Ranch Music Festival(Tuoloumne, CA), The Green Expo Festival(L.A, CA) , and many more so we understand what is required of us to make sure our shows are promoted and well advertised. We put in work, so letÂ’s put in work together.


"OSCILLATION" - the resonators - family business music
- 2007

"MOFAX" - Himp C - family business music - 2008

"AGRONOMY...a study in cultural practices" - Hap Hathaway - Family Business Music - 2004

"PERENNIAL" - Hap Hathaway - family business music - 2009

Set List

Set lengths tend to vary depending on the venue. We are often called on to play a 15-20 minute set in clubs when there are a lot of artists on the bill, but we also play mutli-day festivals where we have played sets of 1.5-2 hours. We have a large volume of original material, and we have been known to drop a cover or two here and there, showcasing such legends as Lauryn Hill and Blackalicious.