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Reality Reggae,topics and a message that you can relate to listen and enjoy,cry, or make adjustments to your every day living.


Respect is a poet, lyrisist, songwriter and singer who has arrived thirteen years ago.he writes songs that bring awareness to social issues such as HIV and AIDS,POVERTY,EDUCATION,and the list goes on.


cant cry loud enought

Written By: keithroy mason

Every day another family visit a grave loosing their sons and doughters by the man-made Aids oh my heart is burning, i see mothers weap and hear fathers groan cant bear to see their child look like skin and bones


first single off the album that is in its mixing stage is CAN't CRY LOUD ENOUGH. no tracks that have stream or radio airplay.

Set List

cant cry loud enough,education,poverty.feeling pain. my set is 40 minutes long.