Restless World Music

Restless World Music


I write songs for the pop, R&B, urban, and smooth jazz markets primarily, but mix in bits of reggae, jazz and rock into my music.


I've written songs since I was 10, and have always been fascinated by how much a songwriter can say and show with a few well-chosen words. For me, lyrics should say something interesting and have some turn of phrase that is fresh, insightful or memorable. For me, the best songs have lines or images that stay with the listener long after the song has ended. This is what I aim for when I write lyrics. As for the music, I enjoy songs that incorporate different styles, chords and textures into one seamless, restless whole -- similar to the restless world in which we live. My perfect song is one that can make me dance and think -- and therefore transport me somewhere I've never been before.



Written By: Larry Hamlet


Verse 1:
Just like the moon slowly rises through the trees
That’s the way that I will touch you when you’re next to me
It’s much too soon for you to say you have to leave
Let’s dance a little more, and discover what’s in store

Won’t you come and ride with me
Because I like the way you GLIDE with me (like the way you GLIDE)
Hope you’ll come and fly with me
Because I like the way you GLIDE with me (like the way you GLIDE)

Verse 2:
Just like the wind sways the branches of the trees
I want to hold you close and sway forever to this beat
You can’t rescind the things your body said I’d see
Just let this dance go on, and surrender to this song

GLIDE like a wave across the sea
And hold your body close to me
Move like the tide upon the shore
Dance like you’ve never danced before
And in my arms, I hope you’ll find
That you can leave all doubts behind
And let me dance my way inside

© Larry Hamlet 2005


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