Winnetka, Illinois, USA
BandChristianClassic Rock

Restored is a group of Christians who believe it's time to get off the fence and use the gifts they been given to help others do the same. Their sound is unique, fresh, and tells a story about being a Christian in today's world. The Lord has blessed them, and they are excited to share hope in Him.


Restored was formed in 2009 and played their first gig at Lifest 2009. What an amazing experience! Since Lifest 2009, we have been busy writing, playing, and creating. As we grow as a band, and more importantly as Christians, we have been asking ourselves why are we doing this? Why did God bring us together now? How amazing is God! He never gives up, and we have finally listened to His call!

As lifelong followers of Christ we have experienced the motions of religion by attending weekly church, Sunday school, and monthly committee meetings. For those events, we would wear the church hat and think we were doing enough. But as our lives became more complex, it was not unusual to remove the church hat and replace it with another: the work hat, the school hat, or the family hat. Although we always wore a hat, an emptiness remained—an unfulfilled hole in our hearts.

At the end of the day, we are like every other person on this earth searching for something that has always been there. Through the persistence of the Holy Spirit we came to understand that “it” was not only following Christ but having a relationship with Him. We need Christ in our heart everyday. We must lay it all on Him: our troubles, our earthly relationships, and our lives. We must have faith that trust in Him will offer hope and be the source of all goodness (Jer 29:11). With all of God’s blessings in our heart, we can be restored (Deu 30:1-3).
Through Him we have seen amazing things begin to happen. Words of song have come into our hearts--all deeply personal and directly from God. Through song we believe we can strengthen the people within our church by leading them to a relationship with the Lord. As they share with others, His Body will strengthen and grow! Every day is a new day: a day to witness to the churched and unchurched and guide them to new life! Restore the joy of salvation (Ps 51:12) and be a willing voice to spread the Word about the One and only Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ--that is our mission and our bond.

The message of God’s hope and a future to the exiles. Jer 29:11
Take God’s blessings into your heart and you will be restored. Deu 30:1-3


Is That the Way
Come Again
My God
See the Light
It's Not What I Do
Here By My Side
Shepherd (unreleased)
Reflection (unreleased)
Return to Me (unreleased)
Compass (unreleased)
Freedom (unreleased)
November Day (unreleased)
Jesus Loves Me (unreleased)
CD Released in June 2010

Set List

1. My God
2. Come Again
3. Give me Your Eyes (Brandon Heath)
4. The Fence
5. It's Not What I Do
6. Cartoon Song (Chris Rice)
7. Let It Rise (Big Daddy Weave)
8. Gifts
9. Is That the Way?
10. Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
11. Stained
12. See the Light