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Restoring Poetry in Music

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Restoring Poetry in Music is the rare essence of eclecticism in the modern climate of contemporary music. Soulful melodies soar above hip-hop influenced rhythms; and richly musical verses are colored by intelligent lyrics. RPM’s dancibly artistic music is the future of Alternative Neo-Soul.


Ever since people began to organize sound into patterns of pitch and rhythm, music has always been a source of energy and inspiration. Restoring Poetry in Music taps into this never-ending sonic source every time they take the stage. Whether you’re looking for intelligent lyrics, hypnotic grooves and textures, or uncharted improvisational journeys, RPM has something to offer every audience member. An RPM set contains stylistic elements of funk, jazz, hip-hop, rock and soul. However, without resorting to genre classification, the bottom line is that Restoring Poetry in Music provides energetic inspiration to a crowd looking to move their body, mind and spirit.

Restoring Poetry in Music consists of six members from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Will Bobbitt lays down the funky foundation on the drums while Kyle Murdock provides ambient pads and vocal loops on the sampler. Bassist Drew Thomas locks in with the groove and invites the audience into the RPM experience. Aaron Gause (Enron) lends a progressive texture on the keyboards when he’s not taking the spotlight with his jazz influenced trumpet solos. On guitar, Patrick Fritz (P-Fritz) mixes driving funk guitar riffs with dirty blues and a unique approach to effects and timbres. Raw Poetic leads the crowd through his maze-like word play, while Drew Thomas keeps them grounded with catchy and melodic choruses. By the end of the night, the crowd’s mesmerized, the club’s happy, and the band is off to their next on stage event.

Sonicbids Featured Artist! (June 27th - July 4th)

Emergenza Washington D.C. winner, Philadelphia Regional winner, and 3rd Place at the National Finals in Boston! (June 2005)

Selected as "Our Picks" in the Sunday Source of the Washington Post (July 24th) and as "What's Hot" in the Washington Post Express! (July 25th)


Poetry Bum

Written By: Jason Moore

Sometimes, I find myself lost in cause,
The cause lets off vibes I won’t talk at all’
I think some more and drink some more before it pours,
I’m out the door, feeling that my life is war,
I still feel sore, but find that I’m laughing more
Rapping for release and recap of course,
Of days of your embrace I couldn’t ask for more,
Leaving hickies just beneath the line of your jaw,
But still appalled, girl of my dreams makes dreams fall,
To see you from a distance and hear my heart call,
It rose to war; I guess our love did not mature
Do you ever get the urge to picture explore,
The day before, you be you I’m Jason Moore,
Don’t know why I get the feeling that you’ve dated more
Than I have but what the fuck can I blame you for?
Your worth more than one may give so I’ll say no more,
Beat play on, it’s mellow so I must stay calm,
I just wonder if you’d love the man that I’ve become,
A Poetry Bum, living off of vitamin rum,
Inspired by imagination and my only one.

I can’t deny that, sometimes I find that,
I need contact, of where the minds at,
I’ve seen it all fall, but not where I’m y’all
Through poetry I’m damned, ‘cause it’s another wall
I want to break it down, I can’t shake it now
I made a way and found, this is the place I lounge
Where you don’t need a sum, lonely but number one,
Through poetry there lies, A Poetry Bum

Up in my room its sex driven ride the tune
Let the words meet the music it’s the bride and groom
My pride is doomed Doctor, my life’s perfumes
Got a soul in my body which is my costume
That puts a face on like can’t nobody ever faze him
The world falls a part everywhere but in my station
People lost, I write to replace them, invade them
And make them see where all doctors have some patience
Lost my job, boss neglect respect, I neglect my check,
And neglect my rent, and neglect my pets
Can’t neglect my sense ‘cause I’ll have nothing left
After that whats next?
Peace of mind and plus shallow rhymes
Feeling lost and degraded at times
To find what’s important I got lost in time
And I rhyme to release whatever’s on my mind
Yeah I rhyme to release whatever’s on my mind
I said I rhyme to release whatever’s on my mind
Sunshine, sunshine


Gone with the rhythm and blend with the wind
Every holiday I end the day with fake sin
Then grab my pen then begin to transcend
What’s seen or felt physically through my writing
The mix, I battle religion and satan and make men
Admit to hardcore fakin’ release the thought
And build a monument of time you spent
With idea you kind of lent
To a friend in need you got to trace the scent
To remember the thing that encaged you then
Weed to oxygen whether dark or light
Or a song you like or you’re wrong or right
I retreat to fight fuck up your head like
Society I’m civil until I lose the right
To grab the mic and with my thought s I run
To my lord who accepts me as a poetry bum
To my lord who accepts me as a poetry bum
To my lord who accepts me as a poetry bum
A poetry bum living off of vitamin rum
Inspired my imagination and the sun

(Chorus x2)


Transitions (2001)
Dream Awake (2004) - Available on CD Baby ( or a variety of digital distributors. (

Tracks streaming and radio airplay:
Poetry Bum
Play Your Part

Set List

Set List

Play Your Part
Learning Tree
Give it Up
Note to Rise
Poetry Bum
Sometimes I Feel
Pockets and Change
In Love, In Lust
Soul Much to Say
Fade Away
Dream Awake
HS Dream
All My People
Light Years Ahead
Terracotta Haze
Time Zones
Great Escape
Funk You Up
Less is More
There You Are
Would-a, Could-a, Should-a

Typically, we do an average of 2-3 45 minute sets.