Resulting in Casuality

Resulting in Casuality


"hardcore" with melodic tones, awesome drums and heavy hitting riffs, sometimes soft, sometimes heavy. Not exactly one genre we think.


I think what sets us apart is we are able to be very errattic with the style of music, yet everything flows together still. Influences Chiodos, Underoath, System of a Down, and alot of other Metal/Hardcore bands


No music has been released yet, working on EP/Demo

Set List

Enjoy the View, Alive(a Play on words), One day you'll learn(Caitlin Alise), Shadows of a fallen angel, a new song(forgot the name) and Melting Flowers set at the grave. Sometimes we cover FFTL, Underoath, Norma Jean and some others if bored

each song is about 4 minutes