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Boston, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2004

Boston, MA
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Hip Hop


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Cambridge, MA

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Allston, Massachusetts, USA

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Boston-bred emcee Re-Surch is gearing up to drop his new sponsored mixtape tomorrow and we decided to get up with him to find out what he’s all about. Probably best known for his stint on the Howard Stern Show as John the Black Intern, Re-Surch will be following up this mixtape with a new album. Hit the jump to get to know Re-Surch…

Where you reppin:

I rep Boston, Massachusetts. The 617.

Introduce yourself:

I represent Alcoholic College Kidz (ACK). A movement I started in ’07 when my first album dropped during college. It represents diversity and unity, because college is so much about the connections you make. You roll deep in college. Everyone knows everyone some how or through some connection. I been rapping all my life, but got serious about being a real straight up Emcee 10 years ago. I LOVE rap. I’m married to the game. I would die for it.

Where did the name Re-Surch come from?

Re-Surch came because I’m a thinker. Re and Sur are prefixes. Re means again, back, as in repeat. Sur means over, above, as in surpass. So I’m a step back (re) and do the Research. Then I’m gonna take that and surpass obstacles (sur). The dash is to show that it’s two words joined into one.

Main musical inspirations:

My main musical inspirations are Eminem, Nas, The Rza, and Ludacris. Eminem was just like I don’t give a fuck, this is who I am and I’m here to spit. His sting always impressed me. Nas just always captured my imagination with how descriptive he is about every detail. The Rza is just like this crazy creative avaunt guard and just the knowledge he spits, he’s knows so much. And Ludacris has so many flows. He knows how to use his voice as an instrument and he always kills the verse. Straight murders it.

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

I fell in love with Hip Hop when snoop dropped Doggystyle. It was so raw. He was rappin about all these grown up subjects like it was nothing. It blow my mind. My father wouldn’t let me have his tape because of the subject matter, so I went to my friend Joey’s house because I knew his brother had the CD and he let me dub it.

Current projects we should be looking out for:

My new mixtape Presents Re-Surch Alcoholic College Kidz The Collective Vol. 1. Also my second album winter of 2010, “Raised In The Ghetto Went To School In The Burbs” nd website

Previous work that we should know about:

I am John the Black Intern of The Howard Stern Show. I was his second black intern in thirty years. I wrote music for his show. And I wrote the theme song for his co-host Comedian Artie Lange, Which is featured in his DVD “Jack And Coke.” I’m also in the DVD. My first album was ”Alcoholic College Kidz” and can be downloaded for free at: I’ve open up for Raekwon – The Ying Yang Twins – Das EFX – AZ – ILL BILL – AKROBATIC – Slaine – M.O.P. and more. I also use to intern at Epic Records/Sony BMG in LA. I got to see the whole process on the Fray’s second album being created. It was a great learning experience.

If you had to pick one song (doesn’t have to be your own) that defines your career to date, what song would that be?

The one song that defines my career to date is “Successful” by Drake ft Trey Songz. That song really gets me going. It explains everything I’m going through right now.

If you weren’t doing music, what would your occupation be?

If I wasn’t doing music I would be an actor. I’m a performer by nature. I love being in the moment, but not just being in it, owning it. I like to inspire and make people happy.

Why should the readers and fans give you a shot and listen to your music from here on out?

Because I’m an Emcee in it’s purest sense. Like I said before, I love rap. More than anything else I the world. I’m married to the game. I mastered the four elements that it takes to call yourself an Emcee: Freestyle, Writing, Live performance, and the studio (I went to college for audio engineering, that’s what my degree is in). And I’m in my own lane as for as style goes people have a hard categorizing me as far as what type of rapper I am. I’ve been compared to other rappers. But haven’t been placed in a certain type of rap. I’m from the hood, I got 3 stab wounds to prove it, but went to school in the Burbs with white America. I was in a program call Metco growing up. So I’m from both sides of the track. I have experienced a lot in my life. I could write a book about it and it would amaze you.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?

Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix. His music is timeless. He’s still on the charts 40 years later after his death. That’s some real shit. That’s what I strive for.

Tell us one thing that very few people may know about you.

I think Cannon In D Major is a brilliant song.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is this mixtape Presents R -

JANUARY 28, 2008 12:00 PM Eastern Time

New York, NY (Rap Newswire) You may have already heard him OnAir, but John McGhee, better known on those “mean streets” of Dorchester Mass as “Re-Surch the Alcoholic College Kid”, travels each morning, three-days a week, taking a 4-hour one-way train-ride to a New York studio where he is the newest member of the Howard Stern Interns on Sirius Howard 100 and 101.

Re-Surch may happen to be only the second Black-face around the studio, but this by no means seems questionable hiring practices by the Sirius Howard 100 family. It’s just how the cards fell. With some of the already dynamic personalities crawling around the hallways of Howard Stern’s studio; Re-Surch promises to bring, as he puts it, “a whole new flavor” to this already phenomenal creation of Mr. Stern. Re-Surch also promises to be himself and voice his opinion with a “no holds barred” attitude. He even defends the recent actions of the sumptuous Robin Quivers, since she was recently confronted about a spending-spree on a certain liquor product on Howard’s dime. Re-Surch simply says, “This is just how we roll!”

Re-Surch is elated with this new opportunity in his life. He’s an honest guy “now”, down to earth, been stabbed (You can catch the full On-Air interview replay from Jan 28, 09 as he discusses with Howard… “His experience with drugs” and “The multiple stab-wounds on his body, on Sirius Howard 100. You can also soon find excerpts of the interview at He also admits to being a Connoisseur of “Samuel Adams Boston Lager™” and a devout “Boston Celtics” fan. (“Re-Surch promises to take us on a tour of his home-town in a future interview and sample some of his favorite dispensaries of alcohol.”) With apologies, he admits that he may not extend an invitation to Robin since “funds are low at the moment”.

This guy’s got a busy schedule but he says he does it for his Fans; always searching for new ways to entertain. He’s a performer at heart; evidenced by the YouTube we found as he tears down the house at the world famous “Hollywood Key Club”, where he opened for the esteemed “Ying Yang Twins”. We also found out, that on his down time, he performs at just about any large house party, absolutely free! He was the “go to guy” in his younger days to get the party started; and he says, “As long as you buy the Sam’s and have plenty of Jack Daniels flowin; the Parties On!”
He’s “Re-Surch, the Alcoholic College Kid”, find him on or iTunes and now Listen for him on Sirius HOWARD 100.

Show some love! - Rap Newswire

Re-Surch the second black intern in Howard Stern Show history will be performing live on upcoming Artie Lang Concert at Starland Ballroom in NJ (May 9th) and Hardrock Casino (June 27) - Rad Sat Daily - Satellite Radio Daily

Re-Surch! Alcoholic College Kidz?!

Boston, MA (Rap Newswire) - John "Re-Surch" McGhee was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, one of the biggest and best known college cities in the country. As an attending college student himself, Re-Surch was familiar with every aspect of the college scene while Majoring in Audio Production.

At the same time he developed an absolute Love for “Samuel Adams Boston Lager”®. Okay, so he got out of control a few times but no real problems. Here’s a guy who put the Institute for higher learning to use, not to mention lots of brainstorming at the nightly Beer Pong tournaments in his dorm. He created a plan and executed it. He is now living in Los Angeles Promoting his Self-produced CD "Alcoholic College Kidz." The CD is currently in limited release through various independent music stores and a multitude of web music distribution points such as iTunes® and his personal website

He debut CD recently at a Live performance where he Opened for the 2005 Grammy Award Nominees’ “Ying Yang Twins” at the World famous KEY CLUB in HOLLYWOOD.

Not your typical young Black-Student gone wrong story, but a guy who, through his music, takes on the role of your typical college party animal, ready to hand out a red keg cup to anyone who just wants to have a little fun, but not forgetting that education is the main goal. His title track song "Alcoholic College Kidz" is a tribute to the extremely fun yet crucial social scene for the average college student. Songs like "The College Kid Guidebook," humorously describe in detail how to survive as a first year student, while the song "Generation" is a feel good anthem emphasizing diversity and unity among today's youth. Re-Surch wants the Alcoholic College Kidz movement to be most known for diversity and the acceptance of all. Lastly, final edits to Re-Surch’s debut Music Video for “Loco”; available at iTunes®, was Directed by the acclaimed Bill Parker who has completed projects for Tupac – Stevie Wonder and Ziggy to name a few.

"I was raised on both sides of the track; I lived in the ghetto, but went to school in the burbs with white America, so I chill with everybody."

Re-Surch - Rap Newswire

Re-Surch’s ''Loco'' Music Video Premier is Here!

Re-Surch’s “Loco” Music Video Premier is Here!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 17:30PM PST

Santa Monica, CA (Rap Newswire) - The long awaited premier of “Loco” the Music Video is here. Premiering NOW Exclusively on MySpace:
Executive Producer J. Carlos Dandridge of Dandridge Entertainment along with Director Bill Parker, have completed the first of many projects for Re-Surch and are already excited
about some of the ideas they've been kicking around.

Re-Surch's achievements, while being in Los Angeles for only 9-months, have dreams of success well in site for this young-man, but with a level-head and sharp leadership from his
management, Re-Surch is taking it all in stride and focusing on the Fans and some larger projects in front of him. While taking a little time off now to write music for a “super secret
movie project”; we’ll refer to this point forward as “Project Rtard”; Re-Surch will be traveling back to his roots in Boston and will be performing at local and east-coast clubs and
events. Further updates on these projects and more will be posted on “” and “MySpace” when the time is right.

“What matters most in life is family; and gettin closer to mine while creating my music is going to be the best atmosphere for me. I’ll miss my west-coast fans but I won’t be gone
long. Like my man Coolio said, “Ain’t no Party like a West-Coast Party!””. PEACE YALL! Re-Surch - Rap Newswire

Howard Stern Interview with Re-Surch

(Rap Newswire) Here is a link to the LIVE On-Air interview of Re-Surch, The Alcoholic College Kid, who happens to be one of the newest Interns for Howard 100.

Howard Stern heard rumors around the office, of a young new Intern, who happens to be a Boston Rapper who commutes 4-hours by train one-way in order to get to the Howard Stern Studio located in New York. Impressive on its own for the dedication Re-Surch has shown to get to the studio on time, but then there was the fact that Re-Surch was caught at knife-point and stabbed multiple times.

He gives his recount of the story here:

You can find out more about Re-Surch on his or iTunes - Rap Newswire

Howard Stern Interview with Re-Surch

(Rap Newswire) Here is a link to the LIVE On-Air interview of Re-Surch, The Alcoholic College Kid, who happens to be one of the newest Interns for Howard 100.

Howard Stern heard rumors around the office, of a young new Intern, who happens to be a Boston Rapper who commutes 4-hours by train one-way in order to get to the Howard Stern Studio located in New York. Impressive on its own for the dedication Re-Surch has shown to get to the studio on time, but then there was the fact that Re-Surch was caught at knife-point and stabbed multiple times.

He gives his recount of the story here:

You can find out more about Re-Surch on his or iTunes - Rap Newswire

MC Re-Surch is in the works of re-incorporating comedy into the world of hip hop. While still taking on serious tones, he intrinsically builds light-heartedness into his work with his latest mixtape Popes Pond Legend. He takes us on a nostalgic journey through the 90s, bringing his own rapping style infused with a comedic twist over our favourite hip hop beats from the Golden Era. Re-Surch is set to drop a new album, Raised In The Ghetto, Went To School In The Burbs later this month, that gives us an insight into his upbringing and the process it took to get him to the artist he is today.
We chat to Re-Surch about the origin of his name, his latest mixtape and his inspiration to create timeless music. Ayla Dhyani writes.

You just dropped your latest mixtape, Popes Pond Legend, how do you find the project is different to your previous works?
I guess I would say my previous work shows a different side of me. I was in college for the first album Alcoholic College Kids, and with the second mixtape, I was transitioning out of that. So now I’d say Popes Pond Legend is just about me transitioning out of that even more. I’m still keeping my light-hearted silliness, but I put more lyricism and I used a lot of 90s beats because I wanted to show that I’m an actual lyricist and can actually rap.

Definitely. I love that you used a lot of classic hip hop samples throughout the project. What was the significance of incorporating those beats into the mixtape?
Well a lot of those beats were from the music I grew up on. The kind of music that made me want to be a rapper. They were always beats that I’ve always wanted to rap over, but I just never got around to doing it so eventually I go the inspiration to do it.

You use comedy a lot throughout your music, is that something that comes fairly naturally to you?
Yeah, well I guess when I first started rapping I noticed people would laugh at a lot of things I was saying, so after a while I realised I was pretty comedic with the stuff that I write. I never wanted my stuff to be too serious all the time. I do have serious songs that I write obviously, but I never wanted that to be all that I do. I’d rather write stuff that puts people in a good mood. There’s so much serious stuff out there, especially in hip hop, and I just want to bring a bit of light-heartedness to my music.

And where did the name ‘Re-Surch’ come from?
Before I got the name, people were calling me “Dictionary,” because when I first started rapping, I was using all these big words that no one had ever heard. Then it just hit me “Re-Surch.” It’s hyphenated, which makes one word two. So the prefix “Re” means “go back and do it again” and the suffix “surch” means to "go over and go above”. So it’s basically “go back, do the research, and then after that I used that information to surpass expectations.” That’s why the ‘s’ is capitalised as well.

Tell us a bit about Trailz.
Yeah, so Trailz is just a whole conglomeration of everyone that I’ve worked with, from visual artists to musicians. Trailz actually came from the first band I was ever in. It was kind of a rock/rap style of music, then when the band broke up, me and Liberty did our own thing together and we just kept it moving. Trailz kind of has a double-entendre as well. We were doing acid once and we started seeing all these trails and we thought about it more and thought about how all trails cross paths, but you might not see them all the time

And you’ve been working with Liberty for some time?
Yeah, I went to high school with him, and we were actually both the captains of the football team, and that’s how we became friends.

You’re also about to release an album, what can we expect from that?
Yeah, Raised In The Ghetto, Went To School In The Burbs. So that’s basically about me. I was in this program where I had an opportunity to “bust out of the ghetto” and went to a suburban white school. So with the album, I wanted to really show everyone exactly where I come from, who I am, why I am the way I am, and the way I rap. That’s coming out sometime next month. It’s actually going to be promoted by Sal Governale of the Howard Stern Show, but we’re still working out details.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
Jimi Hendrix. The man is genius with what he did in such a short amount of time. He’s been gone for so long, but forty years later, he’s still on the Billboard Charts. He made timeless music that will never die. And that’s what I want to do.

What moves you?
Music… and all arts. I don’t only enjoy inspiring, but I also like being inspired. Music inspires me. The process of creating inspires me, especially when it’s something you can relate to. It's inspiring when you can relate to someone’s struggle. - Tone MVMT


Raised In The Ghetto Went To School In The Burbs
Popes Pond Legend 
Alcoholic College Kidz The Collective Vol. 1
Alcoholic College Kidz



The highly magnetic album, ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ is an honest, unrestrained depiction of Re-Surch’s unique and rocky upbringing. The tracks on the record are seamlessly woven together by the talented rapper in order to spark intrigue in the listener as they hear about the hardships and triumphs he has faced.
Re-Surch’s upbringing in the bleak Dorchester borough of Boston, Massachusetts, where hope is limited and violence and drugs are plentiful, shaped him from a very early age. He was simultaneously taking part in a program which bused inner city black children to predominantly white, Republican, suburban schools surrounding Boston. The playful, comedic persona that Re-Surch embodies on the track ‘Raised in the Ghetto, Went to School in the Burbs,’ mimics the paradoxical theme of being brought up in indigent surroundings in Dorchester while going to school with privileged white children in the suburbs.
One experience Re-Surch details on the album is the life changing opportunity of interning for the Howard Stern Show where he became fondly known as ‘John the Black Intern,’ and where he decided to completely focus on achieving his dreams in the entertainment industry. Previous to interning for Howard Stern, Re-Surch was on a harrowing path plagued by everything from juvenile detention at a young age to getting stabbed multiple times over drugs. Eventually, Re-Surch dropped out of high school as well.
Re-Surch later attended Penobscot Job Corps in Maine where he graduated with his high school diploma and attended college soon thereafter, leading him to land the internship of a lifetime. His unstoppable, new-found passion was a life-altering shift for him....
“Before I started working at the Howard Stern Show, I thought the only people who achieved their dreams were on TV,” Re-Surch explains. “I never knew anyone that was really that successful until I started working for the show. It was like everyone around me was super successful and that motivated and inspired me.”
Re-Surch’s time with Howard Stern opened a myriad of doors for him. He was commissioned frequently to pen parody songs and overnight tunes, he had the opportunity to perform in front of massive audiences, and since his internship, Re-Surch has opened for the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, and many more.
Sal Governale, a writer and producer of the show, hosts the multi-faceted album. Re-Surch holds nothing back when he talks about the famous women that he would like to have sex with on the priceless song, ‘Famous Girls I'd Like To Fuck.’ The album also features Wax on the witty song, ‘Jose Cuervo.’ The off-the-wall emcee also takes you on a journey of authenticity and honesty about his cocaine sales and usage on the song ‘Sea Of Love.’ On the same track, he delves into his use of anabolic steroids and the chaos that he went through when combining the two substances.
As a self-proclaimed ‘Oreo,’ Re-Surch brings us on a heartbreaking journey with the song, ‘Never Fall For A White Girl,’ a tune that expresses his love and appreciation of white women. Thus, the entirety of this record is highly personal and an insightful look into what has helped shape Re-Surch as a person, who he is as an artist, and why he creates the type of music that he does. None of this would have been possible without the help of his crew: Liberty, MalMoe, and Ryan Todd known as ‘Trailz.’