Resurrection Larry

Resurrection Larry

 Coal City, Illinois, USA

Resurrection Larry The Chicago Tribune described them as “Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin in a bar fight on Mars”. Resurrection Larry, named in homage to the legendary Chicagoland hitch hiking spirit Resurrection Mary, blends complex arrangements with memorable tunes and lyrics to please the most jaded rock fan. Their performances are not about strutting and big egos. To the members of Resurrection Larry the fun is in the performance and the interaction with the crowd


Soaring lead guitars, Gravel grinding keyboards and 21st century synth sounds, Powerhouse bass, Masterful pocket drumming, Lyric vocals. All of the attributes and ingredients to make music for the Chicago Music Scene of today and for tomorrow.

Every song tells a story every lick is a memorable hook. Every member of the band is a schooled musician on their instruments.
Every one a poet. Everyone an entertainer. Everyone a personality in their own right.