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RETAIL, stage name of Gilbert Kaneda, is an Asian-American singer-songwriter and self-taught pianist. Despite a lack of formal training, RETAIL has topped the list of classical artists from Atlanta on reverbnation. On myspace, RETAIL has over 27,000 followers. RETAIL's influences include THE BEATLES, BOB DYLAN, THE DOORS, DAVID BOWIE, SARAH MCLACHLAN, FRANK SINATRA, & JOHN BARRY. RETAIL's style is an undiluted cocktail of eighties goth, sixties movie scores, and seventies art rock. RETAIL names his style "mood music", and his songs evoke a kaleidoscope of moods: Sensual, atmospheric, psychological, political, and spiritual. To quote a RETAIL lyric: "Enter the dream and let go..."



Written By: words & music: Gilbert Kaneda

difficult season has come to an end
the cynical breezes are quiet once again
the curse has been broken
the tears are all shed
a love that was frozen
returns from the dead

contemplate your heart’s estate
concentrate on what is great
sing with me
let your dreams
and take me to the river in your heart
let me heal the memories and scars
underneath the watercolor skies
fix me in the prism of your eyes
that haunt me phantomwise

carnival gypsy
you know how I feel
you cannot convince me
your fortunes are not real
braceleted beauty
unfettered and lithe
your caramel body
continues to writhe

retail: piano & voice
words & music: Gilbert Kaneda
Copyright 2007 SEdance Music (BMI)

Ballerinas of the Cantina

Written By: Gilbert Kaneda

Ballerinas of the cantina,
Would you like some company?
I'm a stranger in the city
And I need a place to sleep.

Innkeeper, some more tequila
For me and these pretty ladies.
I'm a stranger in the city,
And I''ve traveled far and deep.

I have seen the stars climbing to the heavens,
I have shared their reverie,
I have seen a glow, I have felt its presence,
What does it want from me?

Ballerinas of the cantina
Gather round the Christmas tree,
Singing carols and lighting candles,
Dancing with the Wise Men Three.

I have seen the Star, I have seen the angels,
I have shared their reverie,
I have seen a glow, I have felt its presence,
What does it want from me?


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