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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Melting Pot"

“The Vanguard are a melting pot of sounds, influences and ethnic backgrounds… yet exude an air completely their own.”

-William Goodman Spin Magazine- - Spin Magazine

"Artist on the Rise"

“NYC artist on the rise… Three immigrants and a Viginian come together in NYC to make some alt/rock happen. .. or maybe we should call it 80’s influenced alt/pop?”

-The Deli Magazine- - The Deli Magazine

"Fit of Frenzy"

“…very punchy and (The Vanguard) has those head bobbing percussion and guitar combinations that make many a fan follow with a fit of frenzy”

-MyDailyThread- - MyDailyThread

"Hit in the Making"

“Mixing sounds of The Cure and your favorite garage rock indie band, The Aviation Orange have a hit in the making here. Everything comes together to create a very atmospheric sound that’s tight and engaging.”

-Under The Gun Reviews- - Under The Gun

"Kick Ass"

“I could easily be pinned as one of those people who like to claim ownership of bands, or at least their discovery. You know, one of those a-holes that’s always like “Pshaw, I listened to them like 5 years ago.” And here I go again with The Aviation Orange, a Brooklyn-based band that I’ve seen KICK ASS live.”

-Adri Leya, Happy Blogtime- - Happy Blogtime


RethinkPopMusic Volume I 2009



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