Retsila Gem

Retsila Gem


A dedicated two-piece using melodies and harmonies to fill in gaps. We like to think some of our songs can be highly energetic while others can be soulfully pleasing. Thank you for viewing our Sonicbids EPK!


We started off building onto songs Steve had already written. This worked out well with Meg providing beats and harmonies.
We've played numerous shows, but one that stands out happened during Christmas of '06 with a band called Sleeper Car, the side-project of Jim Ward from Sparta. We played a solid show and got to hang out with the band afterwards. Jim, one of our musical influences, told us how much he enjoyed our set, which inspired us to keep pursuing our musical goals in true indie rock fashion! That, plus Meg bought these new glasses which really complimented her drum set... some say they shimmered!
Besides being influenced by Sparta and Sleeper Car, we are inspired by the music of the Pixies, Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, the Shins, Little Brazil, Starflyer 59, Kristin Allen-Zito, Chris Black, Fancie, Ben Lee, and Meg's cats, Gollum and Precious. (There are many more also...)



Written By: Steve MacIntyre

Underneath the lazy sky comes a shock when we float on each other

Cutting through the sharp dark rain is too hard so we stay close together

Do you want to, leave the greenhouse shade, natures photosynthesis is what we'll make,
Do you want to move to strangers yards, hang out in the daylight appreciate the dark.

Underneath the winter sky is too harsh so we float in the summer,
Gravitate the lacewing sky is too much to inspire or to suffer

Do you want to, leave the autumn shade, spread out all our feelers, hope the world relates,
Do you want to come out from the drain, circumstances guide the changes that we make

Homes are made in twos, and threes, dig a hole, make us stay for the winter
Do you want to, leave the greenhouse shade, rumage underwater hope the world relates

Do you want to, color in this space, canvas from a distance isn't far away

Bluesy gaze, you light up on the wall,
Passion in survival, trying not to fall,
This little sting, won't hurt a bit


Watercolour Postcards, 2006.
We have songs that are played on the college radio station in Las Cruces, N.M. - KRUX 91.5 FM.

Set List

Originals- Lacewing, Take Down, Positive Colours Burn Black and White, Human Theatre, Wall of Art, Sequence of Planets, Trap Door, Modern Life, Coast Division Drive, Chemical Fiction.
Covers we know- There's a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths), The Biggest Lie and St. Ide's Heaven (Elliott Smith), and Is She Weird (the Pixies).
An example of a typical set list:
Wall of Art, Postivie Colours Burn Black and White, Sequence of Planets, Lacewing, Take Down, Is She Weird, Coast Division Drive, Human Theatre, Chemical Fiction, Trap Door,
Our typical set includes 9-11 songs, and runs about 45 minutes.