Rettig Band

Rettig Band


The Rettig Band is a 2 piece, powerful, melodic, and to the point, southern-rockin’-blues band lead by Rettig on Hammond and vocals. Rettig has entertained the likes of Elton John, Muddy Waters, Greg Allman, In addition to their unique original music, Rettig blasts 80’s rock cover tunes.


As with many artists, Rettig has been behind the Los Angeles music scene for years. His concerts have sold-out venues for two decades. His mysterious persona knocks out standing room audiences alerted to his performances with only a moments notice -- and only by word of mouth. Relatively unknown in the face of the huge music machine, his message is simple and wholesome American music -- melodic and true -- to those wonderful people who choose to sit back, turn off the clock, dance and enjoy the real deal. His elegant presentation has blossomed over the years and his rustic voice has entertained the likes of Elton John, Muddy Waters, Greg Allman, Cheap Trick and probably your next door neighbor. He is a tireless hard worker and his piano sings the song of all ages. Very few Los Angeles musicians have not accompanied this man -- or watched an evening of Rettig rip across a landscape of pure emotion -- before he disappears back into the LA night skyline. "Perhaps," as he says, "I'll be lucky enough to romance the city this very evening and kiss the face of rock n' roll." As for you the reader, perhaps you too will drift upon the strange and soulful Mr. Rettig on some moonlit smokey evening of rockn' jazz and down-home boogie blues. Indulge yourself -- brush against pure entertainment from the heart and soul of an authentic American poet, songwriter and inexplicable talent. By the way, bring your dancin' shoes. The room is never still.


Waste of Time

Written By: Patrick Rettig

Music & Lyrics By Patrick Rettig

Have you ever heard yourself at all..
I know that I have everytime you call
Talk about things that don’t matter at all
Don’t een know why I even call..

You ain’t nothin’, you ain’t nothin’,
But a waste of time..

When you talk to your girlfriends about me
All they know is what they see
A man in trouble looking for the light
To find his way through another night


I just felt high, thinkin’ about you
most of the time that makes me blue
wonder what today’ll wake up and bring
might get lucky and find another thing..


Look For You

Written By: Patrick Rettig

Look For You
Music & Lyrics by Patrick Rettig

I’ve been all around the World
So many places
Done so many things
So many stages

I look for you ( repeat)

I stay awake at night
Wounderin’ who you’ve wrapped around
Wounderin’ who your dreams are made of
When will fate bring me to you
When will fate bring me to you

I look for you (repeat)


I look for you ( repeat)

Southern Girl

Written By: Patrick Rettig

Music & Lyrics By Patrick Rettig
1st Verse
Well a road is made of concrete and steel
A sign post may be old
The old smoke stacks they rise above
What used to be my daddy’s home
This country’s built on fire and steel
And sweat from a woman like you
You can send your man out early in the mornin’
And bring him back late at night

You’re a southern girl
Southern girl – I’ll be your loving man
Southern girl – We can stand for freedom where my great granddaddy lay
Southern girl – You hail from the heart of the Mississippi Delta Queen
Southern girl – From now on

2nd Verse
I’m made from the black and hornery side of Midwest Missouri steel
My grandma stood beside a man who poured iron in America’s dreams
He fought for freedom and died a man with 50 years by her side
She’d been to hell and back, the kids alive
He’d done what he promised to do


3rd Verse
You slide between my heaven and earth in the dawn’s early light
You call me your man proud and true, you bring me back late at night
I work hard for a livin’ in the hope to make a difference
And to make my family proud
I’d like to thank those souls that fought for freedom
So America can rock and roll…

Chorus (2x)


Written By: Patrick Rettig

Music & Lyrics By Patrick Rettig

You ask me where I been
Then you tell me where I’m goin’
You ask me who I’m talking to
When I’m on the telephone
You ask me where I’m drivin’
When I can’t make it home…
Don’t you know…

I just want to be your superman
Stronger than a locomotive
Able to leap tall buildings
In a single bound…
Able to see right through
The walls of your heart

I can’t get to you
Clark kent is in the way…
I’m working all night
crime fighting in the city
I fly in through the window
Lois lane is in the headlines..
Kryptonite is a problem
Lex luther is the king…

Don’t you know…


Rettig White Album
Look For You
The Pat Rettig Band has a seventeen song album now available on CDBaby. “Rettig White Album” Three songs from this compilation (“Cruisin”, “Look up”, and “Black”) were featured on the world famous KLOS radio station here in Los Angeles, and on 3-19-05 Rettig was invited back to KLOS in September to release and promote their sophomore album “Look for You”, this time to play live on the Mark and Brian Morning Show.

Set List

Our set list is available upon request. We play 3 hr. gig most of the time, and arrange our set list towards each venue.