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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Alternative




"Artist Spotlight – Return For Refund"

Your set to play a show at Clark Hall Pub in Kingston on February 12th, what songs should people expect to hear that night?

Some of the songs we’ll be playing are “Some Is Better Than None”, “The Fields”, “Those Bombs” and more. We also have a few songs we only play acoustically that we’ll be performing.

You mentioned that the show is going to be an acoustic show, how do the songs transcribe into an acoustic sound?

The songs sound great acoustic. We just finished an acoustic residency in December and even we were surprised how well they translated. Even “The Fields” which is a really heavy track with loud guitars comes across great. There are a couple songs like “Yolo” that just didn’t make sense acoustically. But at the same time we have a couple songs that only work acoustically. In the end, we only perform a song if we love how it sounds. We have a great set lined up for Kingston.

How difficult was it to break the songs down acoustically?

It took some time for sure. We did our best to respect the difference between acoustic and electric. Some times we had to change things up and approach the songs in a whole new way. Other times, they were perfect right off the bat. In the end, we’re really happy we decided to explore performing acoustically. It gave us a whole knew appreciation for the songs.

Do you feel that changing the songs over to acoustics do you feel that you may have lost the intensity and meanings of the songs?

I don’t think the meaning or intensity of the songs have suffered. I don’t think loudness equals intensity. It’s the feeling that makes a song intense, not how hard it’s played. Even with a song like “TV Light”, which is really in your face and loud, we find a groove when we play it acoustically that still captures the raw vibe of the track.

How will your setup be for the show, just acoustic guitar or are you going to add in drums as well?

The whole band will be playing. Sasha and I will be playing acoustic guitars. Karlis will be on the drums. He uses brushes to soften his sound.

You have been getting airplay from college radio stations, how has this increased the outlook for you guys?

It’s been great for us. We’re a relatively new band and we really didn’t know if people were going to be into what were are trying to do. But when we started getting airplay on college stations, we really started to think, “Wow, people are really digging this”. The programmers at those stations didn’t have to play us. We don’t have a label or huge machine behind us. The fact that they heard our music and put it on the air because they liked it is an amazing compliment.

Has having the airplay transcribed into more fans and listeners/buyers of your songs?

I would say we have more fans as a result. We get messages and social media likes from all over the country. Often I can see them coming from areas where we’ve been getting airplay. I think it’s great that people tune in to their local independent and student run stations. For many emerging acts like us, those stations are one of the few ways we can reach out to new fans.

Do you have any expectations for your self titled e.p’s success?

We’re really proud of the EP we put together. We’d love to see it spread out and get into as many ears as possible. But the main point of the EP was to say, “Here we are. We’re Return For Refund and this is what we have to offer.” So far we’re really happy with how its been received but we would love for it to go further. If this EP can send us touring across the country or even the States, that would be amazing. - Kingston Music Reviews

"Indie Week 2014 :: preview"

"Thursday is set to be a packed night. You’ll want to check out Return for Refund, Riot Club, and Jackson X at the Bovine Sex Club." - Raz Mataz Magazine

"Return For Refund – Emerging Artist Spotlight"

"Very few things are as exciting as finding something new you love. Much like archeologists that dig to find hidden treasures, we here at T-Mak World really enjoy trying to find new bands that we love. Once we find such bands, we approach our favorites to request interviews for our Emerging Artist Spotlight series where we have featured over 100 artists so far. Today we set our focus on a band from Toronto named Return For Refund..." - TMAK World

"Album Review: Return for Refund – “Return for Refund”"

Toronto and southern-twinged rock-and-roll are not two things that I often think of together so I was surprised to discover the Toronto trio Return for Refund and the southern twang on their self-titled debut EP.

The EP opens with the single “The Fields” on the fear of following your dreams. With lyrics like “I had enough of asking why/When fear fell dead I focused on the prize” and “You’ve got to throw out all those pills that just numb away the pain”, Return for Refund manages to create an inspirational rock song without turning it into a cheese-fest of empty words.

They do this again in “Yolo” which is, surprisingly, one of the best songs on the EP, with lyrics like “everything you’ve ever said to me has been complete idiocy.”

However, the third track, “Between My Sheets” easily takes the award for best track on the album. It’s the one track that desires a spot on any alternative rock station as though there is not one stand-out part of the song, as there are on other tracks, it is a solid showcasing of what the band is capable of. Plus the chorus is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Though there is a bit of southern twang in each song, the southern influence is especially prominent in the final few tracks on the album, “Some is Better Than None” and “These Bombs”.

Return for Refund credit bands like Nirvana, Black Sabbath and Soundgarden as influence and while there are a few similarities, I would call Return for Refund a little more Shinedown than Nirvana.

Regardless, their self-titled EP is worthy of a listen – or two or three. (Sky Fisher) - New Noise Magazine

"Hard Rock EP Review: Return For Refund"

Toronto's Return For Refund sound assured and well immersed in their hard rock niche on their self-titled EP released last fall. They got a lot of buzz during Indie Week 2014 and with good reason. They set the bar high for musical chops - and it's really nice to hear a real rock drummer adding rhythmic interest to the standard song form.

Vocals are another strong suit for the band. Singer Drew Clementino has got that rock edge but his voice is still melodic. The power is there when he needs it. He's backed up with some exuberant guitar wizardry from Sasha Molotkow. There's a nice interplay between the members of the band that speaks to their ease with each other musically.

The met after Drew auditioned for a few bands that didn't fit with his sound. Then he tried out for a cover band and felt what he calls an instant chemistry with Sasha. Later that same night, Drew went to an open mic and ran into Sasha again.

“We ended up playing a bunch of Blues songs like Mustang Sally and Red House. He played guitar and I sang. We just immediately hit it off,” says Clementino.

The songs cover the usual hard rock territory and the lyrics cover familiar relationship-oriented terrain.. On TV Light, there are some moments reminiscent of Iron Maiden - those repetitive melodic and rhythmic patterns.

Drew shows a nice vocal range in songs like Between My Sheets. It's a track with a distinct grunge-era influence; it's moody and based on a repeated guitar line. Yolo is a highlight of the EP with its inventive sense of rhythm and melody. Some is Better Than None is another great track, displaying a jazzy complexity and jangling guitar sound that neatly contrasts with an insistent drum line.

The EP has been well received by campus stations around the country, charting on several of them and getting regular airplay. It's not surprising - the EP gives you a nice taste of well produced and well executed hard rock.

Drew Clementino (Vocals, Guitar, Sasha Molotkow (Guitar, backing vocals), Karlis Hawkins (Drums, Backing vocals)
Tracklisting: 1) The Fields 2) TV Light 3) Between The Sheets 4) Yolo 5) Some Is Better Than None 6) Those Bombs - Art & Culture Maven

"EP Review: Return for Refund’s Self-Titled Debut"

BY SKY FISHER | February 8, 2015
There are few albums I listen to and think “Man, why isn’t this one the radio yet?” There are many bands that have one or two things going for them but fall just short of being worthy of extensive airtime. Hailing from Toronto, Return for Refund is an exception, even as they navigate the saturated rock market.

Their self-titled EP is pure rock with a country twang. Think a combination of Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Rise Against; the perfect mixture of true rock-and-roll with metal, punk, and blues influences. Think your favourite rock radio station, the song that appeals to both the young and old listeners.

That’s Return for Refund.

The EP opens with ‘The Fields’, featuring a guitar-heavy intro that allows guitarists Drew Clementino and Sasha Molotkow to show off their skills, particularly Molotkow’s technical guitar work. Though not the best song on the EP, it provides a good introduction to the capabilities of the band.

This is followed up by ‘TV Lights’, the heaviest (and darkest) song on the album, offering cutting guitar riffs from Molotkow and the first opportunity to truly appreciate Clementino’s vocals.

The third song, ‘Between My Sheets’ is what I consider the best song on the album. It’s a lethally addictive song that offers the very best of everything Return for Refund does – from Clementino’s vocals and Molotkow to an almost hypnotic drum sequence.

Where did you come from
And why you between my sheets girl

Though there’s nothing poetic or profound about the lyrics, ‘Between My Sheets’ absolutely belongs on the radio.

If there is a song that wins in the lyric department it is, surprisingly, ‘Yolo’.

There’s a dream that we’ve all been dreaming
We only see what our eyes are seeing

It’s impressive that a song using a ridiculously overused and overreacted social acronym could possibly be worth listening to but, like I said, Return for Refund does almost everything right.

There’s somewhere else I’d rather be
That’s how I know that those bombs
They’ve broken me

Return for Refund have a self-admitted southern vibe and this becomes apparent in the final two songs, ‘Some is Better Than None’ and ‘These Bombs’.

The only thing there is to complain about with Return for Refund’s self-titled EP is the lyrics. While there are a few quality verses mixed in, such as those in ‘Yolo’ and ‘These Bombs’, there are a few not-so-stellar sexual lines worthy of an eye-roll or two.

Overall, Return for Refund offer a catchy vibe, impressive guitar riffs, and vocals guaranteed to have everyone singing along. It’s not often that a new band debuts an EP with nearly every song being worthy of radio play, but Return for Refund did just that. Return for Refund is recommend for all rock fans, whether they prefer Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, or Rise Against.

Images courtesy of Return for Refund.
Follow the band on Facebook or Twitter, or purchase the EP on iTunes. - CultNoise Magazine


This indie infused rock band Return For Refund has just come out with a “Self Entitled “ Ep. I am blown away with the intensity both in instrumentation and the vocals. They bring this new edginess that doesn’t compare to the way typical rock is. The lead vocalist Drew Clementino really draws all of his raw passion and emotions into his singing. He has this shaky voice that reminds me of Serj Tankian, who is the lead singer for System Of A Down. It’s a great talent to possess in rock and roll. He also produced this raging hard rock Ep.The guy who is behind all the bone chilling shredding of the guitar is Sasha Molotkow. Who also does back up vocals just like the savagely fierce drummer Karlis Hawkins. Michael Jack mixed and recorded this album. Return for Refund is a alternative rock band from Toronto. Drew Clementino always knew he wanted to be a rock star when he picked up his first guitar at age 12. He is a super crafty individual who creates lyrics and enchantingly guitar riffs. Return for Refund formed in 2013, Drew was in the army prior for seven years. He found himself always drawn to the guitar and music. Drew tried out for a cover band where he immediately hit it off with the guitarist Sasha Molotkow. They later on left the band and Sasha’s old friend who was his drummer back in the day from their high school band, joined them. That is the start of this magnificent trio Return for Refund. They have played indie week 2014 in Toronto.

Wow in the track “Between the Sheets”, Sasha’s hauntingly awesome guitar riffs compliment the vigorous movements of Karlis’s drumming. Drew makes you feel his intensity with his shaky vocals and imaginative lyrics.

“Yolo” is a hit song waiting to happen. I love how the sound is all over the place with a melody that swiftly changes tone. The track is very foreboding, feels like it’s a warning to something. It’s a song that has the same kind of style to which the band The Offspring possesses.

“Some is better then None”.. Is a track that expresses a sagacious eye opening revelation. An alarming song with Drew throwing in his deep teetering vocals to the mix it creates a chaotic yet delicate riff. The drumming is always synchronized with the other instruments in this track.

Return for Refund is a special flavor of rock music. They create a genuine feeling in the listener, something about the sound is easily relatable. It reaches a passionate level of edge and excitement that not a lot of bands can bring together. I am so excited about this band I feel the potential is endless and I want to hear more. They just released this “Self Entitled” EP on September, 20th 2014. This is the first to come but most defiantly not the last you will hear of Return for Refund.

Track list:
1. The Fields
2. TV Light
3. Between The Sheets
4. Yolo
5. Some Is Better Than None
6. Those Bombs

If you want to check the outrageous compelling rock music of Return For Refund I have the link below to the Full EP.

Also a link to the single “The Fields” music video. - IT'S ONLY ROCK N ROLL TO ME

"WPGM Recommends: Return For Refund – Return For Refund (EP Review)"

Toronto based Rock band Return For Refund have established themselves rightly with the release of their self titled debut EP. Consisting of Drew Clementino (vocals and guitar), Sasha Molotkow (guitar and backing vocals) and Karl’s Hawkins (drums and backing vocals), the trio keep the heavy rock genre alive in an industry which is overrun by more popular styles. Formed in 2013 after lead singer Drew left the army after seven years, taking a guitar with him where ever possible and he found himself writing all the time. Auditioning for many different bands but not finding the right fit, Drew auditioned for a cover band where he meet lead guitarist Sasha and instantly felt musical chemistry between them.

Taking some inspiration from bands such as: Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Soundgarden, each band member brings something unique forward. Frontman Drew Clementino, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player for the band, picked up the guitar at 12 years young and began writing straight away. “It was always about developing my own sound and playing in a band. That’s how I learned. I made a very conscious effort when I was learning not to focus on learning other peoples’ music”.

Lead guitarist, Sasha Molotkow brings technical ability to each song with fast and precise guitar riffs, adding to the metal aspect of the band, while drummer Karlis Hawkins takes inspiration from his love of Funk and Reggae genres, and constructs strong and complex beats to complement his band mates. The mix of Funk, Reggae, Punk and Heavy Metal is a combination that may not sound like they would go together but that’s what makes Return For Refund such a unique and brilliant band.

The debut self-titled EP from the band is a project that they have obviously worked hard on to be able to get themselves heard within the industry. Recorded at Phase One Studios in Toronto, Canada, produced by their own Drew Clementine, with recording and mixing by Michael Jack and Mastered at Wreckhouse Mastering, all of these musicians have worked hard together to create a 6-track EP worthy of note.

First track “The Fields” is the perfect opener to the EP, a fast paced, guitar driven track with optimum power behind each instrument. Including lyrics such as “always scared to live my dreams” and “had enough of asking way“, it takes home the message of staying true to yourself and setting a goal to reach no matter how hard it may be. Track two, “TV Light” continues to enlighten the musical talent of all members. Featuring the catchy parallel guitar riffs driving the song along and technical double bass strokes from Drummer Karlis.

“Between My Sheets“, the third track on the EP, is the piece of work where lead singer Drew displays the wide range of his vocal ability, with back up from following guitar parts. Telling the story of a fuzzy drunken night, which many people can relate too. Next track “Yolo”, takes its name from the recent popular phrase “You Only Live Once” shortened to Yolo. Perhaps taking the mick out of some of the people that would use the word too often or too seriously, because we all should know that we do in fact only have one life and should make the most of it when we can.

The last two songs to wrap up the composition are “Some Is Better Than None” and “Those Bombs“, and they bring out the subtle introduction to their influences from the Funk genre. Especially in the bass, which is quite low in the mix but throws out the odd technical riff. Overall for a debut project, it can’t get any better, but I’m sure Return For Refund can challenge that when they release future music. With such a great mix of influences and styles from each talented band member mixed in to create a unique and bold sound from the trio, we hope to see them going far with their career. Return For Refund is out now and available for download here. - We Plug Good Music


In the tradition of great, grunge-tinged, guitar-driven rock comes Return for Refund, preaching the gospel of that timeless, Southern-fried anthemic noise that’s almost as American as apple pie and baseball. But, hold on to your ears, people; these masquerading musicians are Canadian, and their epically crunchy sound is compliments of “riff crafter and wordsmith” (read: front man) Drew Clementino. “It was always about developing my own sound and playing in a band. That’s how I learned. I made a very conscious effort when I was learning not to focus on learning other peoples’ music” says Clementino.

True. Even though Return for Refund’s music hearkens back to bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, and yeah, even a touch of Lynyrd Skynyrd (in a good way), the band’s sound is all their own. Rounded out by axman Sasha Molotkow and Karlis Hawkins on drums, RFR’s self-titled EP is a raucous rock ride, with a surprising amount of delicate detail in the rhythm and picking. Opener “The Fields” is a feast for the ears, even if you’re not focused on the vocals. In fact, don’t. Listen instead to Molotkow’s expertise on lead. His skill is a common thread throughout the half-dozen tracks, along with Hawkins’ frenetic drumming (“TV Light” and “Yolo”).

Of course, Clementino is no slouch either as he interprets the music in a way that transports the listener back to the days of ripped jeans and flannel shirts. But make no mistake, Return for Refund is breathing new life into old grunge. Actually, it may be filling in the gaps where life never was. Either way, it’s a vital record, and one that whets the appetite for what comes next. - Pop Dose

"Top 10 Indie Bands of 2015"

I was picked to judge Indie Week and my winner of one night I was judging was Return For Refund – a hard rock juggernaut. The vocals, guitars and drums are out of this world with a bass laying down the foundation. Highly energetic show with full audience emotional connection. Exactly what you need to hear on a cold winter night to warm up and let the energy flow. For fans of grunge era bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden and even Black Sabbath. - TMAK World

"Return For Refund - Lift You Up Tour and Interview"

April 2 2017 – One of the best #RealRock bands we saw a couple of years back was Return for Refund. We have not heard from them in a while so when we found out a new EP was being released and the guys would hit the road we immediately hit up Drew Clementino to find out what has been happening with the band. Check it out below, and by the way dont miss these guys live – Real Rock style!

What have you guys been up to lately? We haven’t heard from you in a while.

What’s up? The last time we were exposed to your readers was when you listed us among your top ten indie bands of 2015. That was really cool by the way. Around that time, we were going through a couple line-up changes. When all was said and done, we picked up drummer Alex Van Briggle who was formerly of the Rebel Hero and bassist Alexander Schwartz who was formerly of Old Major. The both of them really opened up our sound and it became apparent that we had to get in to studio to record as soon as possible.

So, after a couple of shows, we completely devoted our attention to preparing to record. After a grueling summer of preparation, we tracked the album in September and had it completely finished by December. From there we’ve been working towards the release and the tour we’re currently on (I’m writing while riding shotgun to our next gig tonight in Cornwall). We had an epic release show at the Bovine in Toronto on Mar 25th and we’re playing shows pretty steadily for the next 3 weeks until our CMW showcase on April 19th.

Tell us about the new EP.

We’re so incredibly proud of this CD. Like our first EP, we really wanted to capture an organic sound that was true to our live show. So, we got in touch with Michael Jack, who recorded our first EP, and booked 2 days at Phase One Studios in Toronto to track the record live off the floor. The idea of tracking six songs in two days was a bit nerve racking. A sore throat or swollen finger could have ruined the whole thing. But luckily, and due to months of playing the same six songs over and over again, we were able to nailed it.

I can say, without a doubt, that everyone involved completely destroyed their jobs over those two days. Most of what you hear on Lift You Up was accomplished on the second or third takes. It was really amazing to be in studio seeing how well everything came together.

The songs themselves are definitely on the darker side of the spectrum. I’m not a let’s get drunk and be stupid sort of songwriter. Most of the lyrics come from very difficult or dark places. Most times I have trouble talking about the things I sing about. That’s likely why I choose to sing about them instead. Nothing Left is a song about a really tough past breakup. Stay Awake is about my time in Canadian Army and My Gun narrates a recurring dream I have about wandering the wasteland after the apocalypse. In order to cope with these things, I’ve had to write songs about them.

In the end, the album is really about self-sacrifice and duty. The songs are about doing the hard things in life and living authentically. It’s a message I think we need to hear more of in music these days. How many love or party songs do we really need?

Where can people get it?

It’s currently available through most online retailers including iTunes and Amazon. You can grab it through our Bandcamp as well. It can be streamed on Spotify. We always have physical copies at our shows. If someone would like one sent out to them, they can email me directly at drew [at] returnforrefund [dot] com.

When we last interviewed you guys ( you told us that the future of the music industry is live shows. Have you gotten tired of live shows yet?

That’s a funny question considering how I’m currently on route from one show to another. The answer is no. We’re not even close to being tired. We’re just starting to become the band that Sasha and I envisioned when we started RFR. I can honestly say there is nothing in my life that makes me happier than being on stage with the boys. I’m pretty sure the guys feel the same as well. The only complaint that I have at this point is that we aren’t playing more often, and we aren’t able to pay the bills doing it. But we’re working on that. I really hope that “Lift You Up” provides us with the opportunity to expand our touring range and frequency.

Have you noticed any changes in the live music scene in Toronto lately?

I may be biased but it seems like high energy, in your face rock music is making a big comeback in the scene. People are getting sick of hearing vocalists that just scream into the microphone on one end, and are bored of the pseudo-country, musically vacuous, indie rock that dominated the scene ten years ago. People want to have fun at shows. They want to see bands on stage that look like their loving life and want to hear songs that make their hearts beat and feet move.

Real rock has seemed to have taken a backseat in the last 20 years in terms of mainstream popularity, will it bounce back, and if so which are the bands you think will be the next generation to lead the charge?

There is definitely room for rock in the mainstream. However, it’s part of the general attitude of Rock to not really give a shit. Will it bounce back? I think it will. I think Rock has something to offer in terms of a musical diversity and dynamic range that few other genres can offer. However, there has been an overall lack of innovation in Rock over the past 20 years. I think that, if anything, has been responsible for the decline of new rock music in the mainstream. Why support a band that sounds like AC/DC when you can just listen to AC/DC. It seems like most rock has just become a parody of itself. I can’t say who will be next to lead the charge, but we’re definitely going to doing our best to be heard.

Any upcoming shows?

We have quite a few lined up for this tour. I’ll list them for you:

April 5th – The Asylum in Sudbury

April 6th – The New American in Sault Ste Marie

April 7th – The Apollo in Thunder Bay

April 8th – The Cavern in Winnipeg

April 13th – Doors Pub in Hamilton

April 14th – Dstrct in Guelph

April 15th – The Brownstone in Orillia

April 19th – The Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto for CMW

Best album of 2016?

Opeth – The Sorceress - T-Mak World

"Drew of “Return For Refund” Talks about Their NEW Album, Upcoming Show in Hamilton, Lessons from the Canadian Armed Forces, and MORE!"

HAMILTON, ON — Toronto rockers “Return for Refund” are set to take over ‘the Hammer’ on April 13th at The Doors Taco Joint! The group combines the energy of metal and the blues, with influences from the grunge-era, to create a unique sound that is truly their own. The band released their newest album “Lift You Up” in late March. Return For Refund expresses a raw and organic sound that was created through their ‘live-off-the-floor’ recording of the album in Toronto, Ontario.

“I had a lot of first hand experiences in seeing a lot of different types of leadership, under very stressful circumstances..If you’re going to have a group of guys that are going to do something worth mention, it’s going to have to be a very tight run group, with a strong vision…We’ve really reached a point where the band itself is rock solid.” — Drew (Return For Refund)
on how the Canadian Armed Forces shaped his leadership in the band.

The band members all share a mutual love for 70’s rock and are heavily influenced by some of rock music’s best, including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. The group prides itself on having a passion for music that is intricate and rooted in strong emotion. Their newest album “Lift You Up” is described as carrying themes of “self sacrifice, carrying out one’s duty, and taking care of people.” There are many obstacles that often come with being in a rock band and because of this, lead singer Drew describes that it is important that the group are “brothers first, who maintain love and respect for each other.” This mutual respect is what allows the band to come together on stage and transcend their performance into something that is truly packed with strength and energy. - Greater Hamilton Musician


"Lift You Up" EP - To be released March 2017

"Return For Refund" EP - Released Sept 2014



           Return For Refund is a rock band who create a gritty, precise, and high-energy sound filled with infectious riffs and hard hitting rhythms. By combining the sensibilities of the blues, the energy of metal, and the expressive influences of grunge-era alternative rock, the band has found something unique and unapologetically new. The music that results is what the band feels is sonically absent from their lives. It's the music they want to hear. 

            The band has completed the follow up to their 2014 debut, self-titled release and will have it ready for unveiling in March 2017. This new six song release, ‘Lift You Up’, is rich, diverse, and tightly executed. Wanting to capture an organic, raw feel, they recorded everything live-off-the-floor over two days at Phase One Studios in Toronto. In house award-winning veteran, Michael Jack, tracked and produced the EP knowing exactly how to get the most of the Studio A’s legendary Neve console. According to Drew, Return For Refund’s front man, “All we wanted was a great sounding room big enough to fit the four of us while we rocked out. No tricks. Just solid performances. 

            Return For Refund, with their energetic and gripping live shows, have managed to attract some attention. TMAK World listed the band among the top ten Indie acts of 2015 saying, “highly energetic show with full audience emotional connection. Exactly what you need to hear on a cold winter night to warm up and let the energy flow.” We Plug Good Music, while reviewing the band’s EP wrote, “For a debut project, it can’t get any better”, and Popdose wrote, “RFR’s self-titled EP is a raucous rock ride, with a surprising amount of delicate detail.”  Their self-titled debut EP was also greeted warmly by college stations across Canada. It reached #4 on CFOU Trois-Rivieres’ album charts after climbing steadily for fifteen weeks. That release also saw the band increasing their draw outside of Toronto with shows all over Ontario and Quebec.

            In support of 'Lift You Up', the band has planned a three province tour in March and April immediately following their hometown EP release in Toronto. The remainder of 2017 will see the band touring the rest of Canada through the summer and Ireland, the UK and parts of Europe in the fall.

Band Members