Returning Soon

Returning Soon


We made a mix cd of some Dirty South, Fred Hammond, Dr. Dre, Bob Marley, Zeppelin, and made sure to include a bunch of Lauryn Hill and Natalie Merchant...and then we decided to try to play it live.


Returning Soon is a rising alternative band combining aggressive rock and shimmering pop with transcendent, soulful melodies. Since 2003, the band has played Saint Louis concert venues including Mississippi Nights, Cicero's, COCA, and the Creepy Crawl. Returning Soon solidified its lineup in 2007, developing a live show that aggressively pushes the boundaries of rock music and uplifts the listener at the same time.


"Chronica": released independently, January 4, 2008

Set List

Bow Down
Pour On Me
The Answer

We will be expanding our setlist over the next several months as we introduce new material.