Return To Arms

Return To Arms


Return To Arms is a band from the thriving music scene in new jersey whose members grew up on bands like saves the day and midtown. Playing styles of music from 3eb to jimmy eat world to motley crue, to boston Return To arms creates there own style with catchy vocal hooks and thrashing guitars.


New Jersey's alternative/ pop rock quartet was formed in 2005 by guitarist Jeff Flager and vocalist Chris Hastings. While the two both shared an equal aspiration to music and song writing they immersed themselves into the local music scene in their hometown a few miles outside of Philadelphia.
The band managed to record a few demos and later in 2006 an EP with Jesse Cannon (Race The Sun, Say Anything).
After various line up changes in their early stages the band recorded a full length album 'It's time you heard' in Januarary of 2008. By that time the band consisted of drummer Ray Beck, guitarist Matt Young and bassist James Matusheski.
Now with their present line up, Return to Arms has a stronger sense of who they are and a new intensity to their sound. Emerging out of fertile grounds that birthed such bands as Saves the Day and Early November, Return to Arms yearns to be heard and climb above the latter. Ranging from the anthemic sounds of Jimmy Eat World, to softer tones such as Owen and Damien Rice all the way to 80s bands such as Motley Crue and The Police the band has an obvious modification of various influences . Each individual in the band is longing not just to stretch the genre that they are identified into, but to leave their imprint in music as a whole long after their work is done


"It's Time You Heard" LP,
"Self-Titled" Ep

Set List

Retrospect, Less talking, memory, cruiser, Tbojn, we also cover many songs from new found glory, to,blink 182, to jimmy eat world. etc