Return to Blues

Return to Blues


Return to Blues is progressive blues rock band in the Midland Odessa area. They are currently ranked in the top ten National Myspace blues and southern rock charts in the indie label category. You get professionalism and a strong fan base.


Return to Blues is a Blues Rock band in the Odessa/Midland Texas area. The band is composed of singer/songwriter/guitarist, Rico Enriquez, Jerome Luera: Keys and vocals, Michael Aguero on bass guitar, and Oscar Garcia on drums. Return to Blues has recently released a new self titled cd which has already begun to draw heavy plays on myspace music and has reached the top 10 national ranking among indie blues and southern rock bands. Return to Blues has also been featured on several Nationally syndicated blues radio shows including Cowdog Kelly's Texas Blues radio show which broadcasts in several cities in the United States.

The new cd, "Return to Blues," released in early March 2008 with Tunekey Records L.L.C. and features several Robert Johnson classics that have been recreated and arranged with a more contemporary Texas blues touch. It is now available through iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Snocap.

Musician Bios:

Rico Enriquez: Vocals/guitars

Rico Enriquez had a rich exposure at an early age to several wonderful guitarists who have all had a profound influence on his life personally and as a musician. He has played guitar for many different bands in West Texas and the Lubbock area as well, including Carlos Miranda, Martillo, Puro Tejano Showband, Los Hot Horns, Destino, Grupo Tejas, and has also performed with alternative rock bands: The Atomics, and Touch. He has always been a strong supporter and advocate for Texas blues music and was eager to release the long awaited cd production "Return to Blues" with Tunekey Records L.L.C.

More recently, Enriquez has just finished a recording session for Latin rapper Erineo & XS Productions. The new single, "Keep it Coming," will release in Spring 2008. This same track will also feature Latin Grammy nominated,Warner Music Latin rapper Juan Gotti, who has agreed to write and record on the song as well.

Jerome Luera: Keys and vocals

Jerome Luera is well known throughout West Texas as an exceptional keyboard player, singer, and has shared the stage with many artists in all over Texas.

Michael Aguero: bass guitar/ keys/ sax/vocals

Michael Aguero produces original music with styles varying from Rock, Pop, Latin, Ballads, and Country. He has performed with bands like the reggae band Winnslow, Texas Latino, Loose Boots, Straightshooter, Elasian Reign, Beans-N-Krackers, The Challenger Band, Estefan, Yolanda Fish, Forceā€™M, Destiny, Kracken, and Frijole Pesado. His latest effort is a CD entitled "Moment Of Clarity." Most of the songs are about love or the heartaches that everyone experiences in life. Some of the music contains messages of hope in life and love. The multi-talented musician is versed in guitar, bass, sax, keys, and drums.

Oscar Garcia:

Oscar Garcia is well known as professional session and performance drummer, having performed with several artists including Grammy winning artists: Ruben Ramos and Sunny Ozuna. He has played with some of the very best blues, jazz, and Tejano artists anywhere.


Return to Blues has recently released a self titled cd with Tunekey Records L.L.C. Individual streamed tracks can be heard at The new cd is also available for digital download through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Emusic, and Snocap Music. CDs are also available for purchase online or at any performance venue as well.

Set List

Return to Blues will feature music from their recently self-titled cd, as well as other original blues rock music that has not been released yet. The band will also play some blues/rock cover songs from bands such as The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tom Petty, Los Lobos, War, Santana, Texas Tornados and others.