Return to Mono

Return to Mono


Return to Mono is a live electronica trio out of San Francisco with a mix of sultry but searing vocals, techy synthesizers, smooth beats & atmospheric guitar & bass. RTM's songs range from Grinding Breaks to Chilled Trip-Hop.


Return To Mono is a live electronic rock group from San Francisco, featuring the voice of Tanya Kelleher, the guitar/bass of J.G. Paulos and the sound-design, keys and programming of Andy Sybilrud.
This collaboration began as Andy's studio brain-child merging progressive electronic beats and dynamic sound design with the organic purity and dynamics of live instrumentation, ultimately growing into a hybrid intersection of multiple genres (including but not limited to) breakbeat, drum'n'bass, hip hop, electro-clash, rock and trip-tempo experimentations.

Tanya Kelleher's vocals channel with true depth, emoting playful and soulful imagery, while J.G. Paulos cross-bonds his unique style of electric guitar and mult-instrumentation across this ever-evolving multi-dimensional sonic labyrinth.

Return To Mono is currently touring the bay area and beyond in support of our brand new EP "Involution" available now.


Return to Mono - Involution EP (2006)
*7 song EP
iTunes singles also available

Set List

We generally run an hour set of 9 songs, but we're capable of much longer sets with 20 full songs written to date.
Our 9 song set includes most of the songs from our EP:
1. Slipstream
2. Carry Me Away
3. Dust
4. Losing Faith
5. Give me Something
6. Catapillar
7. Insult to Injury
8. Hope