Reuben Torrey, Folk Musician

Reuben Torrey, Folk Musician


Reuben Torrey performs original acoustic blues and traditional American and Celtic roots music.


Reuben Torrey grew up in Connecticut on a steady diet of old blues LP's from his uncle's music collection. When he was 14, he picked up the guitar for himself and started writing his own songs. After graduating from high school, he moved to South Korea for two years and was graciously hosted by nationally-touring Korean folk songwriter and performer Muha Lee. There he honed his songwriting craft and became intrigued by the underlying musical structure common to traditional music across the globe.

After Reuben moved back to the states, he earned his bachelor's degree in Literature. He completed a semester long project on Irish poet Seamus Heaney and grew fascinated with Irish culture, literature, and music.

Reuben recently moved to Portland, Maine with his wife and son, and has been playing his original tunes at restaurants, pubs, and coffeehouses in the local roots music scene. He has also found that his favorite traditional tunes (sometimes with some musical history tidbits thrown in) make a great show for schools, colleges, libraries, and assisted living facilities.

He is also availabe to give presentations on twelve-bar blues stucture, theory, and songwriting.


Poorboy Legacy - EP (November 2006)

This debut EP of acoustic blues is available at Bull Moose Music, Braille Records, and CD Baby.

Set List

Reuben's sets usually run from one to two hours. In addition to playing sets of originals/covers for pubs and coffee houses, he also plays exclusively traditional roots music shows with an educational bent at schools, colleges, libraries, and retirement communities.

Some favorites include:

Poor Boy A Long Way From Home
Wayfaring Stranger
Shady Grove
Cotton Fields
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Leather Winged Bat
Red Is the Rose
Man of Constant Sorrow
The Castle of Dromore
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Pretty Polly
Rank Strangers
Death Came A-Creepin'
I Know You Rider
The Parting Glass (original blues arrangement)
Shady Grove
Midnight Special
Another Man

Originals (acoustic blues):
Poorboy Legacy
Man on the Millionth Mile
The Wilderness Song
Cool Clear Water
Music In My Bones
The Gambler
Throw Down the Hammer
Sure Won't Understand
Trade My Blues