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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Christian


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"Prison Ministry Reference Letter"

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been involved in ministry with Artists in Christian Testimony at the Tennessee Prison for Women (TPW) in Nashville for over 5 years. Our commitment is a two-hour program each month so it’s really great for us to be able to bring guests to keep things fresh. We usually coach our guests on what to expect, how to dress and generally how to conduct themselves when ministering in a unique setting such as a women’s prison.

REV21 joined us for the first time earlier this year. We were very impressed with the band’s immediate rapport with the inmates. The guys showed a genuine concern and natural empathy for the women, and their sense of humor and musical style drew the crowd in immediately. They are talented, emotive musicians with a fresh approach to creative song writing. Their memorable songs remind us that, in the midst of our struggle with addictions and other demons, God’s love remains the same and renews our faith. Along with being an inspiring and entertaining band, the guys intersperse scripture, personal testimony and encouragement and prayer throughout the program. When REV 21 comes to the prison, we know we can relax and entrust them to run the show with integrity and humility.

Prison ministry can involve a lot of red tape, restrictions and roadblocks, particularly for guests. REV21 has graciously jumped through all the necessary hoops, remained flexible, and have continually had a great attitude that encourages us as leaders. Most guests who come to TPW are very blessed by their experience but are not often proactive about jumping through those hoops to return a second time. REV21 has shown a great commitment to the women by returning to minister multiple times, taking initiative in organization and scheduling and making our jobs easier.

REV21 has ministered powerfully to an audience whose lives have been broken through sin and who desperately need their hope restored. We look forward to continued ministry with them in the future.

James & Aynsley McLean
Artists in Christian Testimony
Nashville, Tennessee
- Artists In Christian Testimony

"Christianity Today"

Ten Independent Artists You Should Know

by Russ Breimeier

Rev 21


Modern rock/pop

Referring specifically to verse four in the last book of the bible, Rev 21 is comprised of brothers Rick and Tim Hammond, who sing and play all manner of guitars. They are joined by the talented Christian producer Alan Shacklock, who did a
smashing job on albums by Shaded Red (Red Revolution) and Phil Keaggy (True Believer). The Hammond brothers are relatively new to the Nashville community, so I haven't a clue how they
scored such a talented producer for their debut album, Hope.

His talents make a big difference, giving their songs that extra layer of sound effects and thick keyboards to make them
more polished and credible. Rev 21's sound falls somewhere between the guitar pop of artists such as Jude Cole and Duncan Sheik and the modern rock/pop of Collective Soul. "The Captives Are All Free" starts off innocently enough with light guitar and drums only to explode into big heavy-metal guitars and drums on the chorus, claiming the joy of life conquering death. Similarly, "Hope" and "Confession" have that
big drum-kit sound reminiscent of Phil Collins or INXS in the '80s, lending that much more ambience to Rick and Tim's powerful songs about man's sinful nature and God's plan for salvation through his Son. The big sound is cool but almost too bombastic for the duo's own good. Can they recapture this sound in concert without an awesome drummer, a bassist, and a keyboardist? Still, they balance the album nicely with the gentle guitar pop of "My Cup Overflows," the soft jazz-club sound of "A Soft Answer," and "This Ring," a sweet and joyous love song written by Tim for his wife. If these guys can lock down a full band and beef up their songwriting a bit, then Rev21 has a hopeful future, which makes their debut's title even more appropriate.

Copyright © 1994–2002 Christianity Today International

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- Christianity Today.Com/Magazine

"The Phantom Tollbooth's Review of REV21's"

Rev21, consisting of Rick and Tim Hammond, have their first CD out and it is rockin' religious. Biblical references for each song are listed in the program notes, but the lyrics are contemporary in flavor. Both men do vocals and acoustic and electric guitars.

"Holding Out For Better Days," (referring to Revelations 21) tells us that friends come together in the worst of times, but "…when times are good you don't know your real friends.." "I Want To Be With You" is the plight of the sinner as he approaches the Lord, "…Will you take me back after what I've done?" "My Cup Overflows With Your love" says, "…I cry out with all my heart, you steady my feet according to your word." "Confession" is about coming clean so the weight can be lifted, while "A Soft Answer" is an apology for being wrong. Now the singer is saying, "…I want to wait and hear you out. Your every thought is of value…" Something international governments could pay attention to.

However, the CD could have used some attention to detail. The first song, "Make It Right" has such a long drum part; I wanted to call someone to, indeed, make it right. The lyrics of planting the seeds of love were lost here. "Hope," the fifth track sounded like "The Anvil Chorus." The message was lost on me. I'm not sure if Rick and Tim want me to have hope or not have hope. It was lost amid the clangs of percussion.

The majority of Rev21's Hope has good songs and arrangements, especially "Holding Out For Better Days" and "I Want To Be With You," but not all is perfect here. The group shows good potential, just watch the percussion area.

Copyright 2002 Marie Asner
Submitted 11/10/02

- The Phantom Tollbooth

"Radio Promotions"

Least Of These
Seth Holoway
615-790-6959 - Seth Holoway

"Radio Airplay!"

Radio Airplay!

WZFI - Philadelphia, PA










Pilgrim Radio Network **KNIS, KCSP & KLMT** – (covering parts of Nevada, Eastern California, Wyoming, and Southern Montana.)

KVSN – WA (Tumwater)


** He’s Alive Network ** The coverage area contains over 3 million people. Within the next three months we will be going on air with two translators that will allow us to cover Pittsburgh completely and the area on the north side Beaver and Butler Pa. The coverage area for these two translators contains 250,000 people. He's Alive Radio will celebrate 20 years of broadcasting this year. We are noncommercial and listener supported. We also broadcast in the countries of South Africa and in Namibia. We broadcast 24 hours and simulcast to each station from our studios at WAIJ.







**SOS Radio Network** (41 radio stations covering cities in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming).


103.1 - KINGMAN, AZ


88.3 - BARSTOW, CA

90.5 - NEEDLES, CA





90.9 - KEY WEST, FL

88.7 - CHALLIS, ID





99.3 - SALMON, ID


91.5 - DARBY, MT




90.3 - CARLIN, NV

91.1 - ELKO, NV


90.5 - LAS VEGAS, NV

91.1 - OVERTON, NV

103.1 - PAHRUMP, NV

104.9 - PANACA, NV

95.3 - POICHE, NV

104.9 - WELLS, NV




1120 AM - ODGEN, UT

1120 AM - PROVO, UT



89.7 - ST. GEORGE, UT


88.5 - LYMAN, WY

- Various

"REV21 Bio"

REV 21 bridges the gap between the average pop/rock listener and those that desire some spirituality in their music. And their music is spreading – They were recently profiled in an article at Christianity as one of "10 Indie Artists You Should Know".

Interest in spiritually based music is growing. This is evident in the successful sales of such musical acts as Jars of Clay, and the recent chart topping releases by POD, Creed, Sixpence None The Richer and U2. REV 21 stands ready to provide material that not only entertains but uplifts and inspires all who listen.

Whether the song is pop, rock, or praise and worship, their walk with Christ fuels the content of all of the lyrics they write.

Founding members, Rick and Tim Hammond, grew up in South Carolina, and performed regularly with their band MOST WANTED, gaining an avid fan base and local airplay for their original songs. In the early-nineties, the brothers moved to Los Angeles and by 1996 they released their first self-produced indie CD under the name FROG HAIR (nothing finer). Having a clear direction in mind for the band, Rick and Tim handled their own promotion, marketing and station give-a-ways. Within three months time, they had been added to almost 70 CMJ radio stations nationwide. Several of the cuts achieved medium to heavy rotation on two thirds of those CMJ stations. FROG HAIR charted in the Top 30 on eleven CMJ stations where, in some cases, the band was the only unsigned act on the charts. Two stations, kept them on the charts for over two-and-a-half months!

Now blessed with the production skills of Alan Shacklock, who has worked with Phil Keaggy, the Newsboys, Meatloaf, and Andrew Lloyd Weber to name a few. And, with the addition of drummer, Donald Parker and bassist, Chuck Roberts REV21 has a fresh new sound. After launching they're own record label (Slingshot Records) in 2003 they stand ready to deliver the goods again. This band truly believes in its purpose…to reach the lost, to edify their brothers and sisters in Christ, to entertain all who will listen, and above all glorify God.

- Slingshot Records

"Slingshot Records Press Releases"

Jan 2009 - REV21 has been honored to learn that their song, “Hush” is being added to a compilation disc of pro life artists/songs that will be passed out during the 36th annual March For Life rally in Washington, DC. Hush, from the CD “In The Twinkle Of An Eye” is a fun rocking parent/child anthem that should blend well with theme of the disc and event. The non-profit/pro life organization Rock For Life will be producing and distributing a total of 5000 CD’s.

Erik Whittington, Director of RFL shares: “I am really excited to have REV21 as a part of this compilation. Hush is a great song and I’m glad we could get REV21 involved. I appreciate their support of Rock for Life and their commitment to spreading the pro-life message through their music and personal lives.”

In the past RFL has worked with such note-worthy musicians as POD, Gary Sherone (Extreme/Van Halen), Paramore, As I Lay Dying, and SonicFlood.

This year’s March For Life theme is “Equal Care With No Exceptions.” This means that the intentional killing of any innocent pre-born human is never legal or justified. Past years attendance has been estimated at about 250,000 by the Parks Service and the March for Life committee. This year’s event will be held on January 22, 2009.

Aug 2008 - REV21 will perform a 1 hour concert for the World Convention of Christian Churches at the Nashville Convention Center (TN).

July 2008 - REV21 has 4 songs charting in the top 20 at (New Zealand radio).

Feb 2008 - REV21's first video, PAIN peaked at #2 and stayed in the top 30 for 10 weeks at

Dec 2007 - REV21 has 2 songs charting at #1 & #2 at (New Zealand radio).

Nov 2007 - REV21 plays the NCYC event at the Columbus Civic Center (OH).

May 3, 2007 – Nashville, TN. June 2007 a benefit concert will be held at the People’s Church in Franklin, TN. The event organizers are hoping to raise funds to offset the medical bills of the Carlisle family. In 2006, Jenny Carlisle died from ovarian cancer shortly after giving birth to her 4th child. Husband Josh has been left as sole parent of their four children and is trying to deal with every day life and the debt left by Jenny’s treatment.

So far, scheduled performers at the concert are Paul Coleman of the Newsboys, Shaun Groves, and Christian rock band REV21 (Slingshot Records). There will also be a silent auction with items up for bids from Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, Vince Gill, Jack Ingram.

Donations are to be sent to Jenny Carlisle Benefit Fund c/o AmSouth Bank, 1110 Hillsboro Road, Franklin, TN 37064 ATTN: Stephanie Lite.

April 27, 2007 – Nashville, TN. Billboard Magazine has presented Nashville based rock band REV21 with it’s 2nd Certificate Of Honorable Mention for the song "In The Twinkle Of An Eye" in Billboard's 14th Annual World Songwriting Contest. The single was entered in the Contemporary Christian category and finished among the top finalist from around the world. Deeming 'In The Twinkle Of An Eye' worthy of recognition, Billboard's award stated "This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication to write a hit song". REV21’s new CD "In The Twinkle Of An Eye" is now available at through the band’s web site Their 1st 2007 single, “Who Better Than Our God?” spent 4 weeks at #1 on Two years ago REV21 also won honorable mention for it’s entry “Forgiven” in Billboard’s 12th Annual Songwriting Contest which is off of their CD “Hope”, and is available through Spira Media/RED/Sony. It can be found at, FYE’s, Tower, Virgin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

April 22, 2007 - REV21 performed a GMA showcase at 12 & Porter in Nashville!

March 31, 2007 - Nashville, TN. Slingshot Records signs Christian pop artist David Levi. David has a Master's degree in music composition and Bachelor's degree in piano performance. With 10 years of worship leadership under his belt everyone involved expect God to use David's music in a mighty way.

March 12, 2007 - Nashville, TN. On Friday, March 2 Christian rock band REV21 held a CD pre-release listening party and concert at the TN Prison for Women in Nashville. Originally being planned as an intimate gathering of 30-40 people, word quickly spread and the event was moved to the gymnasium to accommodate the more than 150 prisoners who showed up to join in. It’s clear from the exiting comments from many of the inmates, including Trena, Christine, Terri, Claudette and Amy, they really enjoyed the show. Inmate Nadia said that the song "In the Twinkle of an Eye" was "funky and anointed." In September 2006, the women at the prison honored REV21 by inviting them to be the sole entertainment for their annual field day.

November 17, 2006 – Nashville, TN: Slingshot Records announced today that REV21’s 1st single, “Who Better Than Our God?” from their upcoming CD, “In The Twinkle Of An Eye”, is going for adds at Christian Rock radio stations around the US on Nov. 20th. While recording their 2nd CD, REV21 struggled with technical difficulties in early 2006 that caused them to have to re-record ALL of the basic tracks. Standing on Romans 8:28, the band started over with a change of recording venues to the Sound Kitchen for bass and drums. This new CD has a much more rock edge. Also, REV21 was recently blessed with an invite to be the sole entertainment for the Tennessee Prison for Women’s annual field day. The band received quite a morale booster because of the warm reception from the 200 plus inmates. The new CD will be available in the 1st quarter of 2007. Radio contact: Least of These, Seth Holloway , 615-790-6959. Band contact: 615-355-9556.

March 14, 2005 Nashville - Christian rock band REV21 has been invited to perform at "World Youth Day" in Cologne, Germany. The annual event will take place in August of this year and is expected to again draw 200,000 to 400,000 Catholic Youths from around the world. REV21 was chosen out of over 500 entries to perform at WYD, a great honor for a primarily Protestant band. Other possible shows in the UK are also being explored. In the interim, REV21 has begun work on their next CD. Fans eagerly await its release as it promises to take the band, back to their ROCK roots.

Nashville July 07, 2005 – Collin Creek Church in Plano, Texas (1905 E. Parker) will host a community outreach concert on Saturday July 30th at 6:30pm. Proceeds will go towards purchasing a chair lift for the physically handicapped children at Collin Creek Church. Headlining the event is Nashville based Christian rock band REV21. REV21 has just finished their 2nd engagement at the TN. Prison For Women, and is busy readying their 2nd CD release for Slingshot Records. Opening the event is Mark Cozart, a former Beto Prison Band leader. The event is being advertised on Plano/Dallas Christian radio, websites, etc and is expected to draw a capacity crowd. Tickets are $8 in advance. For more info visit -

Nashville, December 1, 2004 - REV21's Tim Hammond will be doing a live, one hour interview on the SIRIUS global satellite radio network, The Wave Factor (EWTN), on Thursday Dec 16th 9-10PM EST. REV21’s music will be featured and topics of discussion will be centered around how Jesus delivered Tim, and band mates from addiction to pornography/sex. Their third single will be released to radio in January 2005. The band is currently finishing pre-production for their next CD, and more tour dates are being booked for 2005.

September 20, 2004 - Nashville: Billboard Magazine has presented Nashville based band REV21 with a Certificate Of Honorable Mention for their song "Forgiven" in Billboard's 12th Annual World Song Contest. Their hit single was entered in the Contemporary Christian category and finished among the top finalist from around the world. Deeming 'Forgiven' worthy of recognition Billboard's award stated "This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication to write a hit song". Their CD "Hope" is now available at

August 7, 2004 Nashville, Tn. Christian pop/rock band REV21 headlines Oracle Ministries "The Vocal Point" concert at David Lipscomb University in Nashville. Just back from an electrifying set at Atlanta Fest, REV21 is hoping that middle Tennessee will embrace their up tempo, harmony/rock sound. Currently they've got two different singles spinning at heavy rotation on networks spanning the U.S. - (He's Alive Network, and SOS (Radio Network). The Vocal Point", a concert featuring Christian groups REV21, FIRST FRUIT JAZZ PROJECT, and DAVID LEVI, on Saturday, August 14th, at 7 PM at Lipscomb University's Shamblin Theatre, located at 3901 Granny White Pk. Tickets are $5 and available at the door. Groups of 10 or more can make reservations at scott@oracleministries.

April 26, 2004 - Nashville, TN. Christian pop/rock band REV21 will kick off their summer tour at Atlantafest (Six Flags) on June 18th, 2004. Their first single entitled "Forgiven" is now spinning in over 15 states and has charted at #29 on CMP Magazine's INSPO chart while their CD entitled "HOPE" is making its way into Christian bookstores now. A second single entitled "Strong Enough" will be released to radio in May. Amidst all of this, REV21 has begun pre-production work on their next CD.

Jan. 15, 2004 – Nashville. REV21 recently approached Operation Gratitude to participate in their outreach of sending care packages to US troops overseas. Copies of REV21's CD 'Hope' were added to the holiday shipments. The band wants to encourages other artists and record labels to donate product as well. They’re single 'Forgiven' is currently charting at #29 on CMP's Contemp/INSPO chart. Contact: Operation Gratitude/Carolyn Blashek at Slingshot VP/REV21 manager Mandy Delaney at 843-247-1946 –

Jan 1, 2004 Nashville - Slingshot Records, home of Christian pop-rockers REV21, has signed a national/international distribution deal with Point of Grace Entertainment - (RED/Sony). The street release of REV21's 'Hope' CD is Feb 10, 2004. Their first single 'Forgiven' has been released to radio to good reviews and has already been added to play lists in Wi, Az, and NC. Contact Slingshot Records Media Relations Rep Sharon Briones at 770-235-1767 - Or Slingshot VP Mandy Delaney at 843-247-1946 –

May 16, 2005 Nashville - Representatives from EMI-CMG, Provident Label Group, Rocketown Records, SLM Records, City Nights TV, mid western regional radio stations, retail outlets, venues, and periodicals have made their selections for Song Of The Year in the 5th Annual KC Christian Music awards. Among the seven finalists out of over 90 entries was REV21's single "Forgiven." This is the second award for "Forgiven" as it also earned "Honorable Mention" in Billboard Magazine's 12th Annual World Song Contest. For more on REV21 visit or

The Fifth Annual KC Christian Music (KCCM) Awards were held at Youth Front Auditorium located at 4715 Rainbow Blvd., Shawnee Mission, Kansas. The KCCM Awards serve to recognize KC Christian Music artists in a variety of award categories including Artist of the Year (in each music genre), Song of the Year, and Group of the Year. The KCCM Awards were started to provide a link between the public and KC Christian Music artists. This organization includes local, regional and national independent artists that perform in the Christian music market. The awards are held each spring at a Kansas City area venue. Sponsors for the event include notable businesses in the Christian music industry along with several radio stations and news periodicals. For more information on KC Christian Music visit

More information about the KCCM Awards is available from Connie Whitlock at 816-540-4197 or

- Slingshot Records, LLC

"Cross Rhythms Review"

RATING 8 (out of 10)

Reviewed by Mike Rimmer

Can it really be five years since this band's debut album 'Hope'? Well, yes it can actually though I'm pleased to report it's been worth the wait! 'In The Twinkle Of An Eye' is an intriguing rock album by a band headed up by brothers Tim and Rick Hammond. Once again there's a certain touch of the eighties coming through the proceedings and the thumping opener, penned by the band's producer Alan Shacklock, sets the uncompromising spiritual tone of things asking "Who Better Than Our God?". It's all crunchy guitars and tub thumping drumming and psalm like sloganeering but there's something wonderfully engaging about it. Engaging is a good word to describe this since it manages to avoid the obvious sounds of the rock albums produced by the Nashville based labels and instead takes off into more interesting directions. The title cut points to the return of Christ and the vocal narrative of the song is rather intriguingly interrupted by a female Japanese voice who sounds like she's praying. Mind you my Japanese is a bit rusty so I'm just guessing. Other highlights include the terrific energetic rocker "Charity" where the band once again demonstrate their ability to write anthemic punch the air choruses. The bluesy "Mighty Sword" is an explosive call to battle whilst "All You Had To Do Was Ask" is like many songs here, packed with a strong inspirational spiritual message enveloped in a rock format. There's one moment that I'm not sure about which is the upbeat cover of the Curtis Mayfield evergreen "People Get Ready". While I can understand the rolling driving rhythm emulates the sound of the train mentioned in the song, I'm convinced there are some songs that are best left alone to avoid coming off badly when compared to the Impressions original. Other than that, this is another fine effort that gets the Rimmer seal of approval!

- Cross Rhythms UK

"Billboard Magazine Award"

Billboard Magazine has presented Nashville based band REV21 with a Certificate Of Honorable Mention for their song "Forgiven" in Billboard's 12th Annual World Song Contest (2004). Their hit single was entered in the Contemporary Christian category and finished among the top finalist from around the world. Deeming 'Forgiven' worthy of recognition Billboard's award stated "This honor demonstrates the talent and dedication to write a hit song". In 2007 Billboard has awarded three more of REV21's songs "Honorable Mention" awards. Two in the Contemporary Christian category, and one in the pop category. - Billboard Magazine


2008 In The Twinkle Of An Eye (Full length CD).

2003 Hope (Full length CD).



With an fantabulous blend of pop/rock sounds and harmonies Nashville based REV21 serves up a message that is both upbeat and encouraging... cause that's how they roll.

REV21 is blessed with the production skills of Alan Shacklock (Jeff Beck, Phil Keaggy, Meat Loaf, The Alarm, Andrew Lloyde Webber), who was named one of Billboard Magazines top 500 producers in the world. Their new CD, "In The Twinkle Of An Eye" is armed with a fresh Nuevo/Retro rock sound a la Foo Fighters with an 80's twist.

REV21 appeared in a CCM Magazine spotlight on independent artists, and Christianity Today profiled them as one of Americas 10 Independent Artists You Should Know.

Over the past three years Billboard Magazine has presented the band with four songwriting awards. Their 1st radio single of 2007, "Who Better Than Our God" spent four weeks at #1 on Dec 07 thru Feb 08 - REV21 has 2 songs charting at #1 & #2 on (New Zealand internet radio). July 08 REV21 has 4 songs in the top 20 on

- Feb 2008 - REV21's first video, PAIN peaked at #2 and stayed in the top 30 for 10 weeks at

- Feb 2008 - REV21 has 2 songs charting at #1 & #2 on (New Zealand Radio).

- REV21's 1st single of 2007, "Who Better Than Our God?" spent 4 weeks at #1 on

- Billboard Magazine presented REV21 with a Certificate Of Honorable Mention for the song "Forgiven" in Billboard's 12th Annual World Song Writing Contest, and for "In The Twinkle Of An Eye" & "Those With Ears" in Billboards's 14th Annual World Song Writing Contest in the Contemporary Christian category. The won the same honor for the song "Hush" in Billboards Pop category.

- Christianity Today profiled REV21 as one of America’s “10 Independent Artists You Should Know.”

- REV21 signed a national/international distribution contract with Spira Media (Red/Sony). Their CD “HOPE” was released under their own newly formed record label, Slingshot Records, LLC. It is being marketed in Christian bookstores and mainstream stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, FYE Music, Circuit City.

- REV21 was invited to play at World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany.

- REV21 followed God’s calling into prison ministry.

- Along with a vibrant church and prison music ministry, REV21 performs at numerous national festivals and conventions such as Atlanta Fest/Six Flags.

- REV21’s first single, Forgiven, charted at #29 on Christian Music Perspective magazine’s national Contemporary/INSPO chart. Two subsequent singles have also achieved heavy rotation on several national Christian radio networks - (He’s Alive, and SOS).

- Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that sends care packages to US troops overseas, added REV21’s ‘Hope’ CD to their shipments.

- REV21 appeared in CCM magazine in a spotlight on independent artists.