Rev. Cadillac Johnson and the Revelators
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Rev. Cadillac Johnson and the Revelators

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | INDIE

Fort Worth, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Christian Blues


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"Rev. Cadillac Johnson and the Revelators Soul-Stirring Ride to Faith"

Rev. Cadillac Johnson & The Revelators
Kneebone Station
I’ve always been annoyed at that nonsense about Blues being the devils music. Truth is Blues and Gospel walk the same roads, often holding hands. Done right, the mix of genres can be both musically relevant and spiritually stirring, which is the case with the release from The Reverend Cadillac Johnson & the Revelators, KneeBone Station. A stunning project, it’s a triple win, thought provoking lyrics that deliver the message, unparalleled musicianship and excellent production.
One of the most friendly yet complex and interesting men you could ever want to meet, Cadillac will be the first to tell you he’s not lived a perfect life. Addiction and reckless living almost took him from this world, but redemption and salvation arrived in the form of acceptance of God into his life. This CD is only part of his ministry - he also testifies and performs in Churches and at faith based events. And as a ministry should be, this project is as well: welcoming to everyone, whether they love Blues, love The Lord or just love good music.
As well as playing drums on all but two cuts, Gonzy Trevino proved invaluable in helping Johnson bring together the amazing musicians that contributed their talents to bring these songs alive. It’s a virtual who’s who of Fort Worth Blues royalty: Guthrie Kennard, Buddy Whittington, Rusty Burns, Michael Hamilton, Reid “Red Pharaoh” Farrell, Dave Millsap, Randy Cates, Glen Clark, Lewis Stephens, Johnny “Red” Latham, Michael J. Dohoney, Johnny Reno, Linda Waring, James Pennebaker and Christian Dozzler. Cadillac covers most of the bass and all of the lead vocal duties and wrote all the lyrics, as well as the music for eight of the tunes. The remaining three songs were composed by Guthrie Kennard.
Yet, excellent musicianship is only a part of what is going on here, every song holds a message in its lyrics, which are both hauntingly beautiful and brutal in their honesty. Whether acknowledging those who would ridicule him for his beliefs (Hip To Be Saved), or admitting his own shortcomings and how they have embedded a deeper understanding of the brutality of the crucifixion (Troubled), Cadillac never loses sight of his quest. Never once are the lyrics condemning or condescending to the uncommitted, at all times they carry the message of his faith and invite everyone to take part (Judge not lest ye be judged).
Everything about this CD is real and well thought out from the lyrics, to the cover art incorporating Texas, Blues and the Bible. I especially love the personal touch of the inclusion of photos of his cats!
You can’t truly know and appreciate the light without having stumbled through the darkness. Cadillac Johnson knows this well and invites you to catch the train at KneeBone Station to join him for a soul-stirring ride to faith.
- Blue Lisa
- S.W. Blues Magazine. Dallas Ft. Worth

"Rev. Cadillac Johnson and the Revelators: A Bluesman Stops ar "KneeBone Station""

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"Rev. Cadillac Johnson and The Revelators cd "KneeBone Station""

Rev. Cadillac Johnson & the Revelators: 'KneeBone Station'
I'll admit, I was a bit apprehensive when the Rev. Cadillac Johnson sent me a copy of his new album of religious tunes, "KneeBone Station." It's not that I dislike tunes that praise God — I love good gospel music — but I'm usually bored by the Christian rock albums I hear when I hang with my family.

I shouldn't have worried. "KneeBone Station" ain't my brothers' Christian music. Combine the best parts of Bob Dylan's "Slow Train Coming," Paul Thorn's "Mission Temple Fireworks Stand" and the Rev. Gary Davis' "Harlem Street Singer" and you'd be near Johnson's street.

Johnson's worked with just about everyone who matters on the Texas music scene, including Lightnin' Hopkins, Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan, Johnny Winter, Louann Barton, and Doug Sahm. And for "KneeBone Station" he assembled some of the finest blues musicians in Texas to back him.

Lewis Stephens' and Glen Clark's B-3 organs, for example, pump passion into the album's 12 songs. Folks such as Rusty Burns, James Pennebaker, Buddy Whittington, Michael Hamilton and Johnny Reno add spirited testimonies with their instruments, too. And Guthrie Kennard wrote some of the music. But Johnson's the one who's really preaching.

He pours lessons learned from years of addiction and life on the road into every lyric in hopes of helping others find help through turning to God. As a result, "KneeBone Station" is a rock and blues revival that's bound to touch anyone willing to give it a listen. It's not a Christmas album, but I can't think of many recordings that share the spirit of the season with as much funky spirit.
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Rev. Cadillac Johnson and the Revelators "KneeBone Station" cd on Rango Records
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Born in Houston, Texas in 1951, Michael “Cadillac” Johnson began playing guitar at the age of 10. By age 14 he had switched to the bass guitar and began playing professionally. Cadillac started out at an early age playing in the rich blues and soul environment of Houston, Texas and in the Gulf Coast area. During these early years he also played with the great Lightnin’ Hopkins. Friend Billy Gibbons called upon Cadillac in 1969 to play bass guitar on an interim basis with ZZ TOP until Dusty Hill could move from Dallas to join the group. Billy is responsible for Cadillac’s nickname. While performing with ZZ Top, Gibbons would introduce him as the “Cadillac of Bass Players”.

Cadillac has played with Johnny Winter and Uncle John Turner and recorded the only solo album Uncle John ever made with Johnny Winter. Cadillac and Uncle John left Charlie Helpenstiel’s band Ezra Charles, to form The Step Children with Alan Haynes, and record Alan’s first release Seventh Son, which also featured Johnny Winter.

In 1973 Cadillac moved to Ft. Worth to join Lou Ann Barton in her first band Rockola, which yielded an obscure release. In Ft. Worth he found a home at Robert Ealey’s New Bluebird Nite Club. Cadillac backed Robert Ealey for years, right up to Roberts passing in 2006. It was at the Blue Bird that Cadillac met Freddie Cisneros, whom he dubbed with the nickname “Little Jr. One Hand.” Cadillac and Freddie formed the infamous band The Blasting Caps, who still get together for an annual Texas tour.

Cadillac has been fortunate to share the stage with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughn, Kim Wilson, Doyle Bramhall Sr., Omar Dykes, Cornell DuPree, Buddy Guy, BB King, Albert Collins, Sonny Landreth, Room Full of Blues and many others over the years.

Cadillac played with Ray Sharpe, who is the penman of “Linda Lou”, and became part of Johnnie Red and the Roosters who released “In The Red Zone” in 1996. He has been a staple in the Fort Worth blues scene as a journeyman bass player for many years, playing with Holland K. Smith, Dave Millsap, Buddy Whittington, Johnny Reno and the list goes on. Along with his Gospel/Blues project with the Revelators, he also plays bass for Guthrie Kennard, Blind Dog Cooley, and co-hosts a weekly jam with Dallas Blues great Hash Brown.

Battled by years of serious addiction, destructive living, and near fatal diseases, Cadillac has emerged healed, delivered and redeemed by the power of God. Ordained in 2002, Cadillac has now begun a ministry focusing on youth and those who need encouragement while battling and overcoming areas he himself has dealt with.
Music and Ministry remain the focus for Cadillac these days. He is often overheard telling folks, “The best is yet to come”. Knowing Cadillac, I believe he is right.

Sondra Nicholas McDonald

WhoDo Graphic Design

Ft. Worth, Texas

“Cadillac Johnson is part of our collective conscience of influences along with the Vaughn brothers Jimmy and Stevie, Doyle Bramhall I&II, Red Pharaoh, Doug Sahm, Johnny Winter, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and B.B. King.”

—Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top
Author, Rock and Roll Gearhead

“Cadillac may not have invented cool, but he sho’ ‘nuff brought it to town.”

—Ray Wylie Hubbard

Rev. Cadillac Johnson is now ministering at churches, youth groups, and events useing his Revelators "KneeBone Station" tracks to perform to.
The entire band containing many of the artists that appeared on the cd, is also available upon special request. This would include large concerts and special events.

Among those musicians performing on "KneeBone Station" are
Buddy Whittington-guitar, from John Mayall and the Blues Breakers Band
Gonzy Trevino-drums and co-producer.
Glen Clark- B-3 Organ, from Bonnie Raitt, Delbert and Glen, and The Blues Brothers Band
Rusty Burns-guitar, Point Blank
Lewis Stephens-Keyboards, Stephen Bruton,Freddie King, Delbert McClinton, Gary Nicholson (Whitey Johnson)
Guthrie Kennard-guitar and co-wrote music on 3 songs
Johnny Reno-Horns, Chris Isac Band and the Juke Jumpers
Dave Millsap-guitar, Delbert McClinton
Michael J. Dohoney-background vocals, Anson Funderburough,Gary Nicholson (Whitey Johnson)
"Red Pharoah" (Reid Farrell) Rocky Hill Band, Archie Bell and the Drells
and many more.....