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"Hard Cases"

In today’s popular musical climate split between skinny ties and studded belts, the members of local hard-rock group Revega know they aren’t about to be feted as the next chic “in” band—and frankly, they really don’t care.

“We play the music that we want to play,” says Revega drummer Garrett Carther. “I don’t want to say that punk rock is a fad or anything, but things go in cycles, and not so long ago everyone was listening to heavier bands. Things come and go, and heavy music will always be around; sometimes it’s just not as popular. All we can do is stick it out.”

While patience is a virtue, “sticking it out” is a bit of an alien concept to Revega: having assembled their current lineup in June of 2004, the group has already recorded and released an independent album and appeared on Red, White and New, local rock station The Bear’s showcase of up-and-coming local bands, an impressive feat for such a new band, although Carther isn’t all that surprised.

“We’re finding an awful lot of people digging what we do, even though they really can’t put a finger on what we do,” says Carther, who describes his band’s sound as “hard alternative.” When asked to elaborate, Carther refuses to be pinned. “Well, that’s kind of a bad question, to be honest with you,” he chides. “You really have to hear us, I think. It’s hard to just pigeonhole ourselves.” With a little more prodding, though, Carther offers up Tool (!), Pantera (!!) and the Cure (?) as notable influences. (On the band’s website, Rush and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are also mentioned.)

Regardless of who they play like, to Revega, just playing is the most important part. “It’s really what you make of it,” Carther says. “We love to play; we jam, like, three nights a week.” Of course, as a member of the over-30 club, real life inevitably gets in the way of band business. “We try to keep ourselves as open as possible,” Carther says, “but as far as touring or anything goes, yeah, it’s tough to make the time. If we ever had a serious opportunity, I guess we’d have some pretty big decisions to make, if it was the right time. It’s all about timing, you know.”
- Ross Moroz
- Vue Weekly Magazine


Self-titled – December 3, 2004
• Independent release
• Produced by Stew Kirkwood and Revega
• Recorded and Mixed by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor Studio, Edmonton, AB
• Mastered by Chris Sturwold at This Is Oddyo, Edmonton, AB



Revega is an original 4-piece hard rock band that was founded in 2004 in Edmonton , AB , Canada . In the late 90s, Garrett teamed up with Brian Bruno to experiment with a unique blend of metal, hard rock and funk. Heavily influenced by Pantera and Slayer, the duo formed a ferociously loud and aggressive musical force. Plying their trade in the local music scene, the pair became known for their outrageous conduct both on and off the stage. In early 2003, Lindsay joined the band's pursuit to bring back the "rocking-out-ass-kicking" attitude lacking in much of today's metal.

In late 2003, the trio entered the studio armed with vision and conviction. As work progressed on their independent album, auditions were held for a lead singer. No doubt was left in anyone's mind once Ricardo was chosen to be Revega's dark and brooding voice. Revega's self-titled demo disc, which draws on a variety of influences including Tool, SOAD, Pantera and The Cure, was released in late 2004.

The end of 2005 brought with it great changes to the band, as Brian left to pursue a solo project. Eager to make Revega a growing force in the local indie scene, auditions were held in late 2005 for a new lead guitarist. By early 2006 Jason Ferland officially became the newest member of the band. Influenced by Sevendust and SOAD, we look forward to seeing what Jason brings to the stage.