Possibility, healing, empowerment, encouragement, love of the self.


BigBee of the Whitetree is the visionary creator of the the musical experience known as Revelatio. BigBee plays, records, and even mixes most of the sound that comprises the music. At times he works with a variety of session musicians to add to the recorded compositions. In live performances BigBee has performed Revelatio's music both acoustic and electronic. Solo and in a group.

Revelatio began in 2004 after BigBee had left working in bands and wanted to develop a unique sound in the studio. He felt this sound needed a name other than himself. He chose the latin word for revelation-Revelatio. Over the course of the next 3 years, BigBee would work at developing and releasing a demo and full length album "Roaming the Wilderness." In 2007, BigBee moved to a geodesic dome in Joshua Tree National Park to work on a double disc conceptual album, "Finding the Now."  2008 and the first half of 2009 found Revelatio touring and sharing "Finding the Now" around the United States. Revelatio played shows in New England, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, and California. In the late summer of 2009 BigBee moved to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest to record a new project titled "the silhouette of twilight." This album is to be released in the Fall of 2009.

BigBee's musical background begins with a childhood immersed in reggae music. His father exposed him at a very young age to the forefathers of reggae music. BigBee would later gravitate towards early roots hip-hop and american alternative bands of the early 90's. As BigBee began singing and writing his own music, he wanted to bring the independent spirit of the early hip-hop artists and combine that with the spiritual conviction of positivity from reggae music.

BigBee has taken his inspirations and mixed them with a fierce work ethic of dedication and discipline. He is a mad scientist creating elixers of sound. This sound intends to provide a medium in which one can use to identify with positive vibration. BigBee is exploring the boundaries and vulnerable parts of the self through the exploration he takes in his home studio. BigBee looks forward to sharing the music of Revelatio with the world and seeing the full potential of this music unfold. Possibility, healing, empowerment, encouragement, love of the self.


New Album "The Silhouette of Twilight"

due out January 2010.

The music is a blend of psychedelic & hypnotic grooves. Songs focus on melodic harmony and soft delivery.

Finding the Now 2007

A conceptual double CD that in the form of song tells the story of a man finding the now. The first CD is electronic and industrial as it takes place inside of a factory. The second CD moves into a very organic and simple rock and groove.

Roaming The Wilderness 2006

An ambient sparse electronic audio landscape. Vocals are vulnerable and mixed into the soundscapes that make up this introspective pop album.