Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopWorld

I'm an artist that does more than just rap. I minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the talent he has given me. I use many methods, forms, and styles to propell his word, and be used as his contender here on earth.


Revelation The Young Prophet
Born on the southside of Chicago, I was called to ministry in 2007. My lord and savior Jesus Christ watched over me in my days as a sinner. Jesus Christ called me to ministry in different ways ministering thru rap is one. I thank him for Resurrecting my spirit and giving me the oppurtunity to submit myself to him and be used as a vessel unto him.

I was influenced by Cross Movement mostly, Because the Lord has excelled them to higher hieghts and furthered their ministry. Which is a direct blessing of being Obedient to his call, and broken to His will. So in lots of ways being obedient to his call is more my motivation. Im just following my Kings Orders


Currently recieving Airplay on 102.3 Holyhip-hop Gospel show the Songs Entitled "I'm Clean" and "Keep it Moving" has hopefully touched the entended lives through airwaves.