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"Revelation Seven Earbuzz review"

earBuzz Review: Revelation Seven's CD, "R U O K", is an eight song record of southern-tinged rock/metal. The CD opens with "Suffer". Background vocals harmonize over a cool chromatically descending chorus. Track 2, "My Own Skin", growls into distorted thrash NIN land - guitars harmonically distort in colors. The chorus plays with the panning and EQ which fill up the vocal in interesting layers. Track 4, "Hold Back the Dawn", opens up with an Animal Magnetism type guitar flow. The native metal slow floor tom beat is classic rock cool. Track 5, "Attraction", showcase acoustic drums and Rhodesish lead guitar tones. Track 7, "Hero Song", is our favorite on the record - it is ambitious in its vocal scope and has kinetic and exciting enveloped guitar parts (wah wah world). Revelation shows talent and great promise - we look forward to more.


RevelationSeven- R.U.O.K



RevelationSeven is the collaborative efforts of Ron Williams and Chris Adams. Ron spent much of his life playing lead guitar for the cover bands Ballyhoo, Smash Alley and J.J.Unk across Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin before relocating to St. Louis in 2000. He decided to quit the music scene. He built a small recording studio in his home and started writing his own music as a hobby. After 2 years away, home recording wasn’t enough. Plus, Ron’s friends are encouraging him to form another band to release these new songs. He then placed an ad: guitarist / songwriter seeks members to form original band. Within a week Chris called and they got together.

Chris is a St. Louis native playing in various local bands with his song writing partner brother. They formed “The Mix” and experienced some local success, but disbanded in the mid nineties due to his brothers “fear of success”. Chris then joined “Here Kitty, Kitty”, a local cover band. Once again Chris experienced popularity, but was forced to part ways since his passion was to create originals and wouldn’t settle for no less than performing the songs he had bottled up inside.

Their two different musical backgrounds clashed at first, but they both respected what the other was doing. Ron gave Chris a copy of an untitled song he had. Chris came back the next day with lyrics for Attraction. It was just what the song needed. He was able to match the melodies and harmonies with Ron’s brash guitar riffs. Each one had their own collection of both music and lyrics. They found it easier to write as a team. That’s what they did, wrote songs and recorded demos, dozens of demos. One year later they recorded enough material for a respectable album. The weekend they finished the last song was Labor Day. They were to meet up the following Tuesday. Ron never showed up. He was in a terrible car accident. The project was on hold for 4 months. Ron returned 4 months later and they started shopping their demos around. With great success everyone wanted to hear the band. This is where the difficulty came. They had no band. It was just the two of them, and a drum machine. The search for a drummer began. After a year of auditioning 1 talent-less flake after another they met Gene Warren.

Gene was instrumental in rounding out the sound they had been looking for and they toured for over a year. They wrote and recorded R.U.O.K. Unfortunately Gene was picked up by a major label band and had to leave the R7 family. To this day Gene is still considered a brother by Chris and Ron.

Finally after another six months searching, the planets lined up, and they were introduced to Bret Beringer by their favorite bartender, Jen Zink. “Without Jen this incredible threesome wouldn’t exist” Ron recently said in an interview. Bret hails from St. Louis and played in bands G-Bomb and Relaxed Atmosphere. “Bret listens to bands like Mudvayne, Static-X, and Slipknot, bringing a much appreciated thicker sound to the band”, Chris says.

The three of them sounded like they had played together forever. Bret knew all the cover songs Ron knew and shared many of the same influences. After a couple nights just “jamming” they started rehearsing and recording music for RevelationSeven’s second CD.