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The best kept secret in music


"Revelation Theory EP Review"

Revelation Theory

Revelation Theory are a guitar based band from the USA and this is their first 6 track EP.
"They have spent the past 18 months fine tuning their sound, image, live shows and song catalogue. They have played over 40 shows performing live acoustic shows, college festivals and several radio interviews."

Initially, I got the impression this was going to be totally in your face, straight ahead hard rock. However, after hearing it I have to admit it's the best band of its type I have heard. The guitar work is refreshing and mature as are the vocals from Rich Luzz; his voice is full of character and he can stand among the best in this genre. Of the six tracks, "Deep Six" and "Full Circle" are the ones that get the adrenaline pumping, with naked aggression building for the choruses which immediately hooked me. Basically, this is the secret of this band, it's the melody and hook lines that make this music so damn good. The other four tracks are actually better, albeit with a slower build up, but when they do they capture emotion. Add to the formula the intelligent lyrics, then given the air play this band are destined to become massive. There is a resemblance to Nirvana, 3 Doors Down and Creed but within Revelation Theory's material there is a noticeable amount of originality as their music is more precise, consistent and so much better. Maybe over a full album the story may be different, I hope not. Once you've heard this music you'll want to hear more. Considering that this is a new band who have not as yet released an album, I have to say this is the most exciting and vibrant music I have heard in a long while. Hopefully an album will follow soon.
- Freeserve

"Revelation Theory EP Review"

Do you wish for the days when Seattle bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were ruling the airwaves of 10 years ago? Well, so do many people, that's why there are so many Puddle of Mudds, Stainds and Creeds clogging up the charts in the new century to satisfy those who still believe in edgy, powerful anthems. So where do Revelation Theory fit into the equation who may ask? Well, the 6-song EP from the band harks back to an era before Nu Metal, reminding me of Soundgarden, Bush and silverchair in their heyday. Consisting of Matty S (Bass, vocals), Dave (Drums), Rich (Vocals) and Julien (Guitars), Revelation Theory are managed by the up-and-coming Idol Roc Entertainment management group, blending a potent mix of harmonies and murky guitars. This is non-flashy straight-up rock just the way I like it - take 'Far From Home', packed full of soaring melodies and thoughtful introspection. This may sound like a description of Creed, but where Revelation Theory succeed and Creed fail is the lack of pretension, and ultimately Revelation Theory have more killer songs in 'Full Circle' and 'Deep Six' - songs you could play all day and not get bored by. The high quality continues with 'Save Yourself', displaying hints of Bush's 'Comedown' in the turn of phrase of "come…down!" on the chorus before declaring "because tonight I feel alive".

So to sum up, Revelation Theory are the ideal band for the young rock fan who missed out on Grunge the first time round, as all the attributes are clear and present from the vocal stylings to the gritty guitars and emphasis on the tuneful song. It's hard to criticise the strong post-Grunge influence when the songs are just so damn good. It's time to throw away your second rate Puddle of Mudd and Staind records, here is a band to follow instead.

- Entertainment U.K.


Revelation Theory EP



Feeling a bit camera shy


The last year has been a very busy one for Revelation Theory. The band has played over fifty shows in the tri-state area, one northeast regional tour, occasional trips to cities such as New Orleans, Montreal, and Boston supporting national acts, performed many college festivals, live on-air acoustic shows, and radio interviews. Throughout the last year, the band has organized street teams, (Rev Theory Rebels), in various cities and they have built a modest fan base with little promotion. In the winter of 2003, the band finished recording its first self-titled 6-song EP at Sony studios and the Hit Factory in New York City. They have sold over 1000 copies in the last few months through their website, and their live performances. The band is currently playing many shows and gearing up for their first summer tour.

In the last few months, Revelation Theory has received various endorsements from companies such as Amp Energy Drink, Jagermeister, and Level 27 clothing. Just recently, Rev Theory was chosen to be a part of the AMP Energy Drink 6-Pack National College Radio campaign, which will provide exposure for the band to more than 300 college radio stations and universities. Starting in May, their music will be playing regularly on The band is also featured on many music-promotion websites, and compilation CDs. Revelation Theory is currently represented by Los Angeles booking agency Energie Group, managed by New York based Idol Roc Entertainment, and legally represented by Doug Davis, of Davis, Shapiro, Lewitt, Montone, & Hayes.