Revel at Midnight

Revel at Midnight


Revel at Midnight is an all original poly rock band. With catchy melodies, cool beats, and haunting lyrics our songs stick in listeners' heads. Live, we jam out many sections of songs. But, overall, we are a hard driving rock band that keep its audience dancing and having fun all night long.


We describe Revel at Midnight as a poly rock band (pretty sure we coined this phrase). Basically, we are a jam band... but because of our diverse, individual influences, we all bring something unique to the table. Todd (drums) is a jazz aficianado. Rob (bass) is into "prog" rock, ska, blues, and electronic music. I (Hi, I'm Dan - guitars/vocals) am into folk music, bluegrass, and yes, jam bands. Our songs range in style drawing on all of our influences. I believe our strongest attribute is our songwriting. Songs come first for us... then the jams. Our lyrics matter, too. So, when I sing, I want all the words to be heard. We've been a band for over a year now and have enjoyed local success... but we desire more! We are looking to network with others in the industry and get our music out there.


Morning Brew Cafe

Written By: Dan Pitt

Standing on the corner of the Morning Bre Cafe
Seeing that my car won't start I called the Triple A
The guy said, "Don't worry son a tow truck's on the way."
But that was a half our ago and its freezing out here and now I think it is starting to rain.

Then a cop pulls on over and asks what's going on
I just played the open mic and I'm trying to get home
I gotta get up early man, I got a steady job
I really don't feel like explaining myself, it's freezing out and my head is starting t throb

I really do feel bad about my noisy car alarm.
I really had a fine time, I didn't mean no harm.
I wanna come on back to play some more guitar.
And next time I'll park a few blocks away and tip-tow all gentle like as I walk through the door.

It's funny how the things in life that make you feel like hell.
Often are the same things that start to serve you well.
It's just the way you look at life, no one else can tell.
And it's cool how we can meet like this on a saturday night here at_____ and gel.

In Buffalo

Written By: Dan Pitt

Where do you go when the day is done?
What do you do for a little fun?
What do you do when there's nothing to do?
Who do you call to do "it" with you.

Now you can find me all alone.
In the basement of my home.
My little girl's asleep at last.
And I'm writing songs about my past.

It's still winter time in buffalo
Night time comes and the winds they start to blow.
The forecast call for 3 feet of snow.
And some band's playing down at Broadway Joes

Time went by and we grew up.
Got kids of our own and grown up stuff.
There's bills to pay and the dog's gotta go.
There's cars to fix and lawns to mow.

It's never to late to live your dreams.
Reclaim your youth no matter the means.
Age is just a state of mind,
A number that keeps track of time.

It's still winter time in buffalo
Night time comes and the winds they start to blow
The forecast calls for 3 feet of snow
And some band's playing down at Broadway Joes

I know this song is just like candy
It's soft and sweet and comes in handy.
It can make you jump, it can make you scream,
But it's made from sugar and will rot your teeth.

It sounds so good, it tastes so nice
It feels all warm going down inside
Just let go and jump about
Be a kid at heart and laugh a lot.

It's still winter time in buffalo
Night time comes and the winds they start to blow
The forecast calls for 3 feet of snow
Some band's playing down at ______ (name of venue)

Weapon of Choice

Written By: Dan Pitt

Everywhere you go there's a building going up.
Commercial property for sale.
Every open lot where trees used to stand.
Are all rezoned for retail.

All this building and construction.
All this corporate destruction.
Is making us sad and plain.

All these cookie cutter stores
Only open up their doors
To rob of us our time and name.

We don't want another Super Stop and Shop
Not another mega store
We already got ourselves a Starbucks.
And we can't take much more

Control is what they seek
So they try and keep us weak
Conformity is their weapon of choice

When we're all the same
They will have us meek and tame
Slaves in their never ending store

All they ever say is "buy and buy and buy."
Teach the people to consume.
We should always ask "why oh why oh why."
Teach the people to refuse

"Where have all the flowers gone?"
A wise man asked in a sad song
No longer should the dull be left to rule.

Lets expose their evil plot
This system's got to stop
Death to the myopic tool.


We recorded our first full lenth studio album in the Fall of 06. Revel at Midnight "Twilight Highway" is currently selling on CDBaby and ITunes.

Set List

Typically we play two 75 minute sets. Our first set usually consists of about 9 songs and our second set usually consists of 6 songs. We jam the songs in the second set out more. We do not do any covers. Every single one of our shows has consisted of 100% original material. We have over 30 original songs and rotate them every show. When we play a venue again, I always consult the set list from the last time we played there and drastically change it. Also, we always choose different songs to feature as our "show piece" where we try different jams. Bottom line, there is no typical set list for us. We are always in tune with our audience and try to go with the flow of the night, so that effects how many songs we play and how much we actually jam. Also, we always respect start and stop times.