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Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Blues Rock




"Bobby Thompson – Live At Iota | Album Review"

Washington-area-based Bobby Thompson, he and his band played Live at Iota, a renowned club and café in Arlington, Virginia. Washington, DC’s Root Nine Records has distributed an album so smooth and balanced, so well-edited, that listeners might not be able to tell it was recorded live – minus the cheering crowd at the end of each song. Bobby Thompson’s talent fills one’s ears and heart with the vigor and camaraderie that only comes in the midst of an appreciative audience. On eight original tracks and one cover (Elmore James’ “Look Over Yonder’s Wall”), this dynamic quartet goes all out to impress. This is reference-quality blues, not just any “live release”.

The home page of his website reveals that he was nominated for “Musician of the Year” last year by the Washington Area Music Association. The “Band” section explains: “Awe-inspiring master guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson is no stranger to the blues and rock world. He cut his teeth learning to play in the old blues clubs of D.C. from the likes of Bobby Parker. After honing his craft as a much sought after support man, Thompson decided to step out as a solo artist, releasing three albums since 2011.”

Along with Bobby, as he himself performs on vocals and guitar, are Wes Lanich on keyboards, Seth Morrissey on bass and vocals, and Jeff Mills on drums.

The only flaw of this album might be that some of the songs run a little too long, but that’s the beauty of live music. If crowds want more, bands give them more, as does Thompson. The following three are the best example of his above-average singing and excellent musicianship: - Blues Blast Magazine

"Rootnine Records artist: Bobby Thompson - Live At IOTA - New Release Review"

I just received the newest release, Live at IOTA, from Bobby Thompson and it's quite good! Opening with Good Things That We Have, a solid R&B style track with nicely blended vocals, a full bass line from Seth Morrissey and a super keyboard curtain from Wes Lanich, this is a really nice opener. Bobby Thompson, who isn't shy as a guitar player rips a pretty dynamic solo to back up his vocal work with Morrissey and Jeff Mills keeps the bottom tight. Nobody's Fool is a straight up pop rocker with a smooth melody and a minimal instrumental ornamentation. Again really has radio track written all over it with a super melodic hook making it a track that I would expect to get multi genre play time. Down To Here is one of my favorites on the release with complex vocal harmonies and a heavier bottom. Playing stinging blues based guitar riffs, Thompson has a really strong voice actually reminding me quite a bit of Jack Bruce. Thompson lets the dog off the leash on this track and has it squealing. Very cool track! Elmore James' Look Over Yonder's Wall gets an almost Freddie King treatment with a funky bottom and loose guitar riffs. With a cool bass line and nicely phrased vocals, this track hits just right. Lanich takes a nice extended organ solo on this track showing his chops and Thompson does a nice job with extended guitar soloing himself. Very nice! On boogie track, Setting Sun, the band hits a cool groove and with vocals that remind me quite a bit of early Grand Funk Railroad, this track is a cool jam. Clocking in at over 7 minutes, Thompson and Lanich both take extended solos. Very nice! With it's Hendrix style swagger, Hard Road really lumbers hard. This is the least vocal track on the release and carries itself nicely on shear rock strength. (Think West, Bruce and Laing). Driving boogie rocker, Look At You Now is a real showcase for the driving drumming of Mills and bass of Morrissey. Sure, Thompson still has this great voice leading the way but this track is deeper than that. Nice to hear the guys let it fly. Very cool! Wrapping the release is funky, On Her Wings Again, with Mills and Morrissey leading the way. Thompson shows his funky side with some smart funky riffs of his own. With this rhythm section, it's hard to keep your feet (seat) still and Thompson paces himself nicely on vocals. This is really a nice conclusion to a very solid outing. - Bman's Blues Report Exclusive Blues Interviews, Blues Reviews, Blues Videos, Top Blues Artists, New Blues Artists.

"'Stone Feathers' Album Review"

"It is always fun when a band goes outside the box and adds tangible elements from other types of music to an established genre, and blues is no exception... combining their blend of blues, funk, soul and rock with solid musicianship to create their own niche in the music world... Stone Feathers is a fun album with no two songs that sound alike, and it certainly never gets boring... a strong debut, and they are not sitting still." - Blues Blast Magazine. April 2015 - Blues Blast Magazine

"'Stone Feathers' album review"

"... muscular blues- and soul-rock strong on soulful vocals and cut-above-the-norm originals. A very tough guitars-keys-and-rhythm instrumental lineup is highlighted by sharp slide work and a drummer that knows how to push a band. Standout tracks include “On Her Wings Again”, “Until We Shine” and “Consider Me”. - Roots Music Report. January 2014 ★★★★ - Roots Music Report

"Review of new album 'By The Hand'"

For quite some time, Bobby Thompson has been a fixture in the DC music scene, camping out on the Virginia side the Potomac. He's played reggae and funk, but his heart lies with blues guitar. Thompson explains his deep connection as he relays a story of going to play Antone's in Austin with the reggae band See-I:

As soon as I walked in and I saw the poster of Stevie Ray Vaughan, I felt a very strong emotion. None of the other guys had listened to the same music as I had. I was obsessed with Stevie Ray and I was just in awe being in that room.

Thompson has decided to follow this SRV itch by releasing By The Hand, an album true to his blues rock roots.

While Blind Faith is a stated influence, Clapton's later work, particularly the classic sound of Derek and the Dominos where the British guitar god led (and was pushed) by a band of southerners, might be most representative of the sounds on By The Hand. Thompson is a soulful singer and strong guitarist. He can also pay homage to both Clapton's lead work and Duane Allman's slide sounds with equal measure.

By The Hand kicks things off with the soul blues of "Live With None" before moving into the gospel-ized sounds of "Every New Day." Both acoustic and electric slide bring "Let Your Mojo Shine" to another level. "Soul Love" and "Be Your Love" demonstrate Thompson's softer side while "Blue Diamonds" and "Wild In My Dreams" rock with abandon.

Thompson also shows a fine ear for covers as he does proper justice to The Stax Sound with Albert King's “I’ve Made Nights By Myself" and Eddie Floyd's "Things Get Better." Floyd's song also was a key song in the repertoire of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends during Clapton's time with that ensemble, and this is likely not a coincidence.

The Bramletts guided Clapton's career from guitar god to songwriter, singer, interpreter, and 70s rock icon. Thompson channels every bit of that decade. If not for some slight timbre differences in the vocal, much of By The Hand could pass for Clapton outtakes from this period, and this is a high compliment.

With By The Hand Bobby Thompson has drawn a line between his past and his future through these songs of hope and redemption. It is hard not to listen to this record and recognize an artist beginning to hit his creative stride.

- Jim Markel - Swampland

"Bobby Thompson releases By The Hand"

Blues guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson has released his new CD "By The Hand". This shot will be heard around the DMV, because Bobby knocked it out the park. He lets his 'mojo shine' like never before with slippery slide guitar licks. The CD is bluesy and mostly upbeat rock and roll. It goes to church sometimes, but still conjures images of devilish deals. It moves and moves you. Bobby sets the scene lyrically and lets his guitar say the rest. You don't get that Mississippi delta feeling, but Bobby isn't from there. He is from here. We can call it Old Bay blues. It rocks!

The CD was produced by Gary Crockett, who also plays drums and percussion on many of the songs, and engineered at Cue Studios in Falls Church, VA. It was mixed and mastered by Jim Fox of Lion & Fox Studios, in DC. Benjie Porecki, Bill Starks, and Tommy Lepson provide a gospel and blues feeling with their keyboard and piano work. Mike Echols, Jeff Frank, and Steve Wolf take turns playing bass. El Torro Gamble, who often performs with the Bobby T Project, plays the drums on "Every New Day". Rocking background vocals from Dusty Rose and Angie Head lend a few songs a nice vocal harmony. Locally rooted saxaphonist, Ron Holloway, adds his flavor on a couple of songs. Additional percussion comes from Seth Mitchell and Blaine Misner. Bobby Thompson does all of the lead vocals and guitar playing. He wrote the words to all of the songs except "Things Get Better" and "I've Made Nights by Myself". - Fuse TV /

"Bobby Thompson Album By The Hand Reviewed by Riveting Riffs Magazine"

A chance meeting through Facebook led me to singer-songwriter and guitarist Bobby Thompson and his incredible album By The Hand, which consists of ten delicious blues influenced rock songs. Being a diehard Eric Clapton fan, who followed his career through The Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Cream Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos and his solo career, it is easy for this writer to hear the channeling of Eric Clapton in the pre Cream years and post Derek and the Dominos years, whether Bobby Thompson is conscious of it or not.

Thompson’s album By The Hand opens with “Live With None,” one of the eight songs on this album for which he personally crafted the lyrics and the music. A number of things become apparent to the listener as this song rolls out, the smooth drumming of Gary Crockett who also produced this recording, the equally smooth guitar playing of Thompson that impresses and at times dazzles, but it is never over the top, and as the song draws to a close we are introduced to the soulful background vocals of Dusty Rose and Angie Head.

Thompson amps up his guitar playing and the note bending becomes more pronounced during his solo on “Every New Day,” and Angie Head absolutely shines as Thompson engages her in a call and response.

Thompson’s guitar growls on “Let Your Mojo Shine,” and bassist Jeff Frank compliments him well and the vocals are haunting. If you are a rock guitar aficionado you will love this song. The roles are reversed and it is more like the vocals are the accompanying instrument to the electric guitar, which serves as the centerpiece.

The pace slows down for the very soulful “Soul Love,” a tender confession of love. The thing that impresses most about Bobby Thompson’s vocals is his ability to sing with feeling, knowing when to linger for a moment on a phrase, so the listener can soak it in. The pace is easygoing and although the album credits only list Benjie Porecki as playing keyboards, the subtle background instrumentals suggest a Hammond B3. Gary Crockett’s drumming is soft and he keeps the hi-hat cymbals busy, while Steve Wolf is steady on bass.

Saxophonist Ron Holloway (Gov’t Mule, Susan Tedeschi) makes a spectacular guest appearance on the Eddie Floyd, Steve Cropper and Wayne Jackson song “Things Get Better,” recorded back in the day by Eric Clapton and by Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett. Dusty Rose and Angie Head provide the background vocals.

The album By The Hand closes first with the gentle instrumental “Be Your Love,” and then Albert King’s “I’ve Made Nights By Myself,” which showcases the talented musicians on this album as Thompson shines again on guitar, Holloway gets down and finds a deep groove with his saxophone and Benjie Porecki now on piano is superb, while leading the rhythm section, bassist Steve Wolfe and drummer Gary Crockett close this album out in style.

By The Hand is a well-produced collection of songs, by a good singer-songwriter and guitarist Bobby Thompson, and if you love really well played blues influenced rock music then this album should be playing on your smart phone, your computer, in your car or whatever music device you are using these days. You can listen to some of the songs on Bobby Thompson’s website and you can take them home with you by clicking on the store tab on the same page.

This review is protected by copyright © All Rights Reserved by Riveting Riffs Magazine - Riveting Riffs Magazine

"Bobby Thompson releases single"

Blues guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson has dropped a single entitled "Good Things That We Have". Take a chance and listen to it by clicking the link. Bobby represents all over the DMV. He plans to release an EP in June of 2011. Support your local artists.

Bobby adds, "I'm very proud of the latest single release 'Good Things That We Have' and hope you have got it on your ipod or itunes or stereo or on a cd in your car." -

"Blues guitarist Bobby Thompson gets examined"

Blues guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson has been on the Arlington and northern Virginia live music scene for years. Some know him as the guy with that funny guitar that he plays on his lap. Others know him for the phenomenal Jimi Hendrix covers that he does with the Bobby Thompson Project. Some of us have been waiting for Bobby to release some of his own material. The wait is over. Bobby took some time out to talk with the Examiner about his latest releases and other things.

VB: Tell me about your new single and new album coming out soon?
BT: Our latest single, Good Things That We Have, has been well received. The song was produced by Todd Wright and We're very happy with the way it came out. We are writing more material for a EP release to be produced by Todd for later this year. The new album, entitled By The Hand, was produced by Gary Crockett, who also played drums on most of the album. Gary has a few albums already under his belt, and he has worked with Tommy Lepson for many years. The album has a classic rock, raw rock and roll feel to it.
VB: Who's playing with you on this new album?
BT: An array of great musicians are on this new album. Of note, Ron Holloway, who performs regularly with Gov't Mule and Susan Tedeschi, contributed to two songs. I had the chance to record with some great musicians who are also great friends, like Benjie Porecki on keyboards and Jeff Frank on bass.

VB: For those who don't know your music, can you describe, the recordings?
BT: Well, I listened to alot of classic rock like the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and slide players like Robert Randolph and Duane Allman, while I was writing these new songs. I wanted to get back to the blues-rock guitar style that encouraged me to begin playing in the first place. I feel like I truly am expressing myself on this record.

VB: You are known as a inspirational blues guitarist, but didn't you receive formal training?
BT: I did attend a music school, after high school, for a year and studied theory and harmony. I also studied jazz shortly after that while I was also touring in blues bands. Jazz helped me develop a balance between thoughtful playing and playing from the heart.

VB: Where do you want your music to go?
BT: I want to keep making albums and write better songs. I write better when I am surrounding myself with good songwriters. That's where I want to go.

VB: What musicians have influenced your music the most?
BT: So many. First, my uncle Walter pushed me when I was a teenager to be more confident. He was really excited for me when I went to music school, and ever since then, he is always very supportive. A great influence on me. The others come mostly from records, John Coltrane, Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, to name a few.

VB: What is your favorite venue to perform in, in Arlington? Ever?
BT: In Arlington, Iota Club and Cafe. Great stage, sound, and the staff is wonderful. Best venue in Arlington by far. Best venue ever? West Beach Music Festival in Santa Barbara was great. We played right when the sun had set and the crowd was incredible.

VB: Where were you born?
BT: Arlington.

VB: How old are you?
BT: Old enough!

VB: What high school did you attend?
BT: Yorktown! Right here in Arlington.

VB: Do you want to be famous?
BT: Not really, although the money would be nice, I like to be able to wonder around the streets. I picture the Beatles in a Hard Days Night.

VB: What is your favorite vegetable?
BT: All of them.

VB: Who is the biggest name artist that you have been onstage with?
BT: Junior Marvin, of Bob Marley's Original Wailers. We've played some great shows together. Also, Mick Fleetwood, he plays a mean shuffle!

VB: How long have you been playing guitar?
BT: 15 years.

VB: What venue would you like to perform in most of all?
BT: I had a dream once I was soundchecking with BB King at an arena somewhere. If that could come true in someway, that would be the best.

VB: Do you get nervous before shows?
BT: Sometimes. Breathing helps.

VB: Where are your next shows?
BT: Check for the schedule.

VB: When and where was the best performance you have ever given?
BT: Most recently, I think the studio performances on this new record have been my best. The trick is to match those onstage now.



"Live at IOTA" LP ⋅ released September 2015 ⋅ Bobby Thompson

"Fortunes" EP ⋅ released February 2015 ⋅ Bobby Thompson

"Stone Feathers" LP ⋅ released September 2014 ⋅ Blueheart Revival

"51 Sessions" EP ⋅ released September 2013 ⋅ Blueheart Revival

"By The Hand" LP ⋅ released February 2011 ⋅ Bobby Thompson



Awe-inspiring master guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson is no stranger to the blues and rock world.  He cut his teeth learning to play in the old blues clubs of D.C. from the likes of Bobby Parker.  After honing his craft as a much sought after support man, Thompson decided to step out as a solo artist, releasing three albums since 2011.  A recent review from Roots Music Report claims Thompson’s songs portray "muscular blues- and soul-rock strong on soulful vocals and cut-above-the-norm originals."  With his smooth, gripping vocal stylings and his perfect musical taste on anything with a string, Thompson is what’s referred to as a “musician’s musician.  Considered a “must see” act of the Northeast region, Bobby was nominated for the D.C area Musician of the Year award in 2015.