Revel Hotel

Revel Hotel

 New York City, New York, USA

A hybrid of dark new wave, powerful post-punk, dramatic glam-rock, and psychedelic atmosphere. Passionate, dark, compelling.


Formed in Spring 2008, Revel Hotel was birthed by several prominent New York musicians. The band constantly shifts in sound and style, drawing inspiration from dark glam rock, venomous post-punk, meandering psychedelic atmospherics, and shameless synthpop.

Within two weeks of forming, Revel Hotel had their first full-capacity gig at the famed Wierd Records party, a legendary weekly coldwave/minimal synth night deep in the heart of NYC's lower east side. The band has since careened through several notorious NYC venues, playing with the likes of Weep, Entertainment, and The Secret History.

After issuing a limited-edition EP containing five radio session tracks, the band unveiled their debut studio EP, The Beating of the Wings, in early 2010. Each of the five tracks explore the band's various styles, unified by a blend of organic and electronic instruments and a hauntingly beautiful vision.


The B-sides Sessions (CD-R, Mp3)
A live radio EP consisting of five tracks aired on 91.5 FM's The B-Sides program and mixed by Jenna X. Free download and limited edition CD-R.

1. 1,000 Dreams (with Shirley Ho of Cruel Black Dove)
2. Drink the Pain
3. Nowhere Girl
4. Terminission (with Shirley Ho of Cruel Black Dove)
5. The War Against Monotony

The Beating of the Wings (CD, MP3)
Studio debut, released in March, 2010. Available through CDBaby, iTunes, Wierd Records, and as a free mp3 download through our webpage.

1. Purify
2. 1,000 Dreams
3. Terminission
4. Dark Naked
5. Before I Disappear

Our track "1,000 Dreams" has been featured on blogs, DJ nights, and several radio stations in the local area.

Set List

We currently have 11 songs and one cover. Our sets usually range from 30-45 minutes, depending on the venue, and generally switch around in order to keep things new and fresh.

Song titles:
1. 1,000 Dreams
2. Purify
3. Dark Naked
4. Terminission
5. Before I Disappear
6. Emptiness
7. Sheep In Wolves' Clothing
8. This Too Shall Pass
9. Drink the Pain
10. The War Against Monotony
11. All I Never Wanted

...and a cover of B-Movie's "Nowhere Girl" which we play regularly. We usually play 6-7 songs a set.