Look, listen, and feel. You'll learn all that you need to know. Check into it.


ReVeL is a rock band. They create, they perform, and people dig their vibe. Is there more that needs to be said?

I guess you could talk about their network TV interviews (FOX), their appearances on Binghamton, NY's #1 rock station (WKGB), their numerous regional entertainment magazine covers (Good Times, Overground Magazine), or even their front page feature on Binghamton's most widely circulated newspaper (Press & Sun Bulletin). You could also let it be known that no other band, major label or otherwise, has ever been on the front page of the Press & Sun Bulletin in it's over 100 year history.

I could say more or you could just check into it.


Embryonic - 2003
In Between - 2004
Reciprocity - July 2005

Set List