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Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Shows we have played within the past 7 years"

Here is a list of venues/events that we have played over our 7-year lifetime:
~Pizza Hut Park (Frisco, Texas)
~Palladium Ballroom/The Loft (Dallas, Texas)
~Trees (Dallas, Texas)
~The Granada Theater (Dallas, Texas)
~Rocklahoma 2008 (Pryor, Oklahoma)
~Rocklahoma 2009 (Pryor, Oklahoma)
~Rock The Bayou 2008 (Houston, Texas)
~State Theater (Gainesville, Texas)
~Fitzgeralds (Houston, Texas)
~B.F.E. (Houston, Texas),
~Monte Carlo's (Arlington, Texas)
~J. Gilligans (Arlington, Texas)
~The Galaxy Club (Dallas, Texas)
~The Door (Dallas, Texas)
~The Door (Plano, Texas)
~O'Rileys (Dallas, Texas)
~Rock Star Sports Bar (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~The Ridglea Theater (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~The Hungry Musician (Arlington, Texas)
~Pitcher's Sports Bar (Arlington, Texas)
~DreamWorld Music Complex (Arlington, Texas)
~Phoenix (Arlington, Texas)
~Reno's Chop Shop (Dallas, Texas)
~19th Hole (The Woodlands, Texas)
~The Rockyard (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~CJ's (The Colony, texas)
~Clicks (Garland, Texas)
~The What Bar (Dallas, Texas)
~The Curtain Club (Dallas, Texas)
~The Liquid Lounge (Dallas, Texas)
~Hot Rods And Hogs (Arlington, Texas)
~Rockdogs (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~The Vampire Lounge (Dallas, Texas)
~Dino's (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~Honkey Tonk Woman (Azle, Texas)
~Kryptic (Justin, Texas)
~Peppermill Lounge (Arlington, Texas)
~Fat Daddy's (Lewisville, Texas)
~The Engine Room (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~Robb's Billiards (Euless, Texas)
~The Connection (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~Tomcats West (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~Lakewood Bar & Grill (Dallas, Texas)
~Lone Star Country Club (Coppell, Texas)
~Double Wide (Dallas, Texas)
~The Inferno (Denton, Texas)
~Andy's (Denton, Texas)
~Deadhorse (San Angelo, Texas)
~Skillman Street (Dallas, Texas)
~The Bone (Dallas, Texas)
~The Toasted Toad (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)
~McSalty's (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
~The Rail Club (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~McSalty's (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
~Jerry's Bait Shop (Lenexa, Kansas)
~Jerry's Bait Shop (Lee's Summit, Missouri)
~Stickyz (Little Rock, Arkansas)
~ZEAL (Springfield, Missouri)
~The Hidden Castle (Norman, Oklahoma)
~The Riot Room (Kansas City, Missouri)
~The Boobie Trap (Topeka, Kansas)
~HotLicks (Ft. Worth, Texas)
~Dave's Backroom (Grand Prairie, Texas)
~Lonestar in Sundance Square (Ft. Worth, Texas) - Revengeance

"Twisted Rose Magazine Review"

"Like many of their fans, the first time that I saw Revengeance, I was there to see another band. But also like many who first discovered them that way, Revengeance is now the band that I am there to see. Revengeance is a band that to be truly appreciated, you MUST experience them live. Their raw energy and riveting stage presence are something that is next to impossible to capture on a recording and it must be experienced in person. They are an originals band and it might be your first time to see them, and you may start out in your seat but you won’t be there for long. They have the ability to craft songs that draw you in, even on the first listen you will be tapping your foot and before too long you will be full-out banging your head along with the songs. In the years since that first encounter, I have seen them countless times both in Houston where I live and also in Dallas. I never miss them in Houston and I travel to Dallas about once a month just to see them live on stage. A live Revengeance show is well worth the trip."

~Susan Wilson
Twisted Rose Magazine - Susan Wilson

"Revengeance Endorsements & Labels"

Revengeance PROUDLY endorses:

~Prestige guitars
~SIT strings
~InTune guitar picks
~Big Bend's Nut Sauce guitar lubricant
~Mental Case
~ddrum drums
~Sabian cymbals
~Vic Firth sticks
~Tama & Drum Workshop pedals
~Remo & Evans drum heads
~Sound Percussion hardware
~Shure & AKG wireless and sound systems - Revengeance

"Basement Magazine Review 5/22/07"

1. Who is Revengence and what is the Revengence Sound?
We are teenage metal heads just trying to bring back the look, sound, and action to a rock show because the music scene has dulled out over the years. Our sound is a mixture of 80's heavy metal and the European style ..we can melt your face off and make you sing along, in my eyes.

2. How long have you guys been together?
We have been together with different members for about 4 years now

3. What do you like best about the Revengence sound and
I love the pounding of the drums , the thumping and groove of the bass, the sweet sound of harmonizing guitars and bone crunching riffs, and the harmonization and raspiness of the vocals...Revenegance is one of a kind and becoming more and more every day.

4. Talk about your musical influences, The bands'
musical Influences.
My musical influences would have to be on vocals : Geoff Tate, Rob Halford, Don Dokken, Michael Viscera, and of course Ripper ownes. Guitar wise: Randy Rhodes takes the cake, Dimebag, Glenn Tipton , Adrian many to pick from. They have all contributed is a way. AJ, our drummer, is mainly influenced by Tommy Lee, Bobby Blotzer, Kary Kane, Rikki Ricket to name a few. Michael, our bass player, is greatly influenced by Gene Simmons and Michael Anthony. Sebastian, our other lead guitarist, is greatly influenced by Zakk Wylde, Dimebag and Yngwie.

5. I know that you play with Live wire, Tooth and Nail, and Revengence, as well as go to school.
Where do you find the time?
I don't! (haha) With the summer coming up it will come a bit easier but with live wire practicing on Tuesday, Tooth and Nail on Wednesday, Revengeance on Friday and Saturday with at least 2 shows every weekend, it's great pay and great fun and I would rather not be doing anything else with my life.

6. Who is your Idol?
Randy Rhodes

7. How did you get your start in Music?
My dad, Jeff, pretty much made me who I am. With his knowledge of music and vocal ability and friends of music knowledge inspired me ,and standing on the fireplace at 4 years old singing kiss, Aerosmith and Queen songs got me going :)

8. On songwriting, can you talk about how a song comes together for the band?
It's different every time. Sometimes, I will write a riff and show it to the guys and Aj will create the drum beat then I will apply lyrics to it afterwards. Or I'll write the lyrics and create guitar parts for them. It's a rolling dice in songwriting. You get very lucky sometimes and find a keeper.

9. What inspires you?
Seeing where everyone is in life with their passions and thinking to myself...."I can do it" because if you say it and if you can think it...then you can. I am not cocky and do not have the world revolving around me..I'm just an ordinary musician like all the other ones. I just have a different outlook on music.

10. Talk some about playing live. what are the best
parts about it? whats the most difficult?
When I'm on stage, "i feel like a man in the wilderness" (Tommy Shaw). There is no greater feeling then taking the crowd in the palm of my hand and holding them for 45 minutes to 2 hours knowing that what I do affects their outlook on me. If they look like they are not having fun-when they see me-they will.
There are so many difficulties like your tuning vocally and guitar wise bass etc. forgetting the words, falling down, sounding like piss. It all comes down to if you have fun and the crowd leaves the club that night going "did you see that kid" then I know I'm at least making someone's life as fun as mine.

And there you have it. To find out more about Taylor Dennis and the projects he is involved in, check out the following websites.

Interview conducted by Cyn - Basement Magazine

"Dallas band Revengeance to open for KISS on September 18"

Continuing its ongoing support of aspiring artists, Guitar Center and rock 'n' roll icons KISS today announced that Dallas’ own Revengeance will open for KISS at its Pizza Hut Park show in Frisco on September 18.

After sifting through thousands of entries, Revengeance was hand-picked by KISS and Guitar Center as the Pizza Hut Park winner of revolutionary music program Guitar Center On-Stage, a competition that provides 22 unsigned bands and artists from across the country the career-altering opportunity to perform at a show on KISS’ North American tour, The Hottest Show on Earth. At the conclusion of the tour, KISS will choose the best of the 22 bands to receive the grand prize that includes a $10,000 Guitar Center shopping spree.

"From AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi all the way to Tom Petty and John Cougar Mellencamp, we have a history and legacy of giving great bands the opportunity to see if they have what it takes to scale the heights to worldwide acclaim. Why shouldn’t the next great band come from this nationwide competition?” said KISS. “By teaming up with Guitar Center, we’re going to show our fans some seriously talented rock bands that could never get an opportunity like this. This is the chance to show the world just what you’re made of and see if you can make The Hottest Show on Earth just a little bit hotter.”

Revengeance is a four-piece hard rock group from Dallas...they have garnered much respect locally and nationally and have played more than 200 shows in the past three years alone. They strive to put on a stage show that sets them apart from their peers, as well as having an attitude and appearance that is uncompromising and ferocious. Their sound is full of everything that made the '80s memorable, including soaring lead guitars, huge vocal harmonies, as well as the catchiness and polished production like that of the modern rock scene.

Revengeance has released two full-length albums, two EP's, a DVD, and are currently working on their first music video. Also, they just finished a three-song EP at the legendary Sonic Ranch Studio in El Paso with a world-renowned crew of producers and engineers. Revegeance has opened for the likes of Lynch Mob, Y&T, MSG, LA Guns, and Faster Pussycat and has played at the two biggest metal festivals in the USA in 2008 - (Rocklahoma) and (Rock The Bayou). - Pegasus News

"Interview: REVENGEANCE! Read about the band that recently opened for KISS"

ANSWER: melodic metal band with modern touches

ANSWER: started in 2005. have played over 200 shows and opened for such bands as KISS, TWISTED SISTER, STEPHEN PEARCY, LA GUNS, FASTER PUSSYCAT, AND MANY MANY MORE. we have released two full length albums, 2 eps, one live dvd, and are currently recording our third album.

ANSWER: i personally am very influenced by geoff tate of queensryche, rob Halford of Judas priest, paul Stanley of kiss, as well as some newer bands like evergrey, primal fear, bullet for my valentine, crashdiet, and so many more.
i know the other guys are influenced by such artists as dream theatre, rush, megadeth, slayer, zeppelin, tool, pretty much anything metal or rock.

ANSWER: to write one of the greatest selling albums of all time and go down in history as the greatest band to come out of Dallas since pantera.

ANSWER: I (Taylor) write the majority of the songs and lyrics. the other guys obviously put their stamp on the tunes and give it what its missing.

ANSWER: I believe that the cover charge for a local club should NEVER be more than ten dollars. and it should ALL go to the band. we all know that the bar makes plenty of money on drinks and food throughout the night. they don’t need to take hard-earned money from the bands. if they have a problem with that, then they shouldnt have bands play.

ANSWER: verbally, facebook, flyers, or anyway we can get through to the people.

ANSWER: it is certainly a show. I promise when u see REVENGEANCE you will not be able to look away. synchronized head banging, choreography, harmonies, the tommy lee like antics of Vinnie behind the drum kit. there is always something going on and we are definitely separated from 90 % of the bands in the area visually.

ANSWER: I love it. it’s a new age. to ME it’s about your music being in people’s hands. whether u make ten bucks of a cd or nothing, the thing that matters is helping people relate to something through song and getting them through life with some great music. throw some money my way, I will take it. but if not, its cool

ANSWER: times have changed. but if you want it THAT BAD you will NOT stop. or give up after a year. if u believe u have a gift, prove it! someone will eventually see you and want to help fund your band. that’s what we are currently doing now.

ANSWER: I find this question very hard to answer for some reason. ill just pass on this one haha.

ANSWER: how about two days? october 31 1996. im in the bathroom as my dad is painting ace freshly makeup on me. fixing to go out into my living room at a party. at age 6. and do some kiss covers (lip syncing)
with a full on KISS outfit made for me by my mom. my baby sister was just born. 3 days old. and im up there on the fireplace with my little guitar and microphone singing all kinds of kiss songs.
September 18th, 2010. 14 years later. I am standing on stage with kiss’ amps behind me. the drums set up. the lights and pyro all set up. genes bass rack to my right. and pauls guitar rack to my left.
i look out and see an empty stadium as I load my equipment in onto the biggest stage i have ever played on. and realize that i am about to open up for one of the most influential bands in my entire life. it all was very surreal.
i cant be thankful enough for that moment because im almost certain that will NEVER happen again. thank you to the fans who voted cuz you deff made someones dream come true.

ANSWER: the way a song gets to me. i want my songs to get to people and make them happy. and its basicly all i have. why have a normal life? so boring. do sumthing you really love.

ANSWER: considering 80 percent of them are older than me not much, but just follow your heart. and do what you want to do not what people tell you too. and dont give up cuz u havent made it yet. cuz the day you do give up, opportunity could come knocking the following day.

ANSWER: when people eat cold pizza, when people leave crap in the toilet, when band members dont show up to practice cuz they have “better things to do”, when it snows and im sick, when my hair wont straighten, when the eyeliner is out, when i think of a great lyric and then forget it, crazy ex girlfriends, and vegetables existing.

• HOW DOES MUSIC AFFECT - The Scene Media Productions

"Falling Into Silence Interview- France"

Q1. Could you in few words give us information about you (the place you are from, the year you started, your release(s), your ages?

And did you played before in some other bands that did a release (Demo, LP, 7', CD..) ? I AM ALSO IN LIVE WIRE AND WE HAVE RELEASED A 5 SONG EP CALLED SHUT UP AND SHRED..WE ARE A MOTLEY CRUE TRIBUTE BAND WITH ORIGINALS

2/ How could you describe your music ? Do you have favourite themes in your songs ? VERY DARK AND CATCHY.....EVERGREY MIXED WITH QUEENSRYCHE

3/ About your CD, who did the cover? How many were pressed and are they all still available ? JTP DID THE COVER AND ABOUT 4 HUNDRED WERE RPESSED THERE ARE ABOTU 50 LEFT

4/ Who chose the name of the band (and does it means something particular?). MICHAEL CHOSE THE NAME REVENGEANCE ONE DAY IN SCHOOL WE AGREED IT WAS THE NAME FOR US

5/ How is the Traditional HEAVY METAL scene in your country (State) ? IN TEXAS THE SCENE IS WELL WERE TRYING HARD TO KEEP IT ALIVE!

6/ Give us some other HEAVY METAL bands you know in your area. PHANTOM-X, ASKA, OMEN

7/ What are your 2007 projects or actualities? LIVE WIRE, TOOTH AND NAIL REVENGEANCE

8/ How do you imagine your band in the future? Are you ready to do a lot of sacrifice to climb the steps to "success" or do you prefer to take only the good moments without thinking about "tomorrow" ? I SEE REVENGEANCE GOING TO EUROPE AND PLAYING SHOWS AND TOURS LEFT AND RIGHT GETTING OTU NAME OUT THERE AND BRINGING HEAVY METAL BACK!


9/ Give me some of your 80's HEAVY METAL bands you are really fans? (I know you could give tons, so try to give some of the Best) ICON, QUEENSRYCHE, MALICE, PRIEST, ODIN, MOTLEY CRUE, EUROPE, SAVATAGE, OBSESSION

10/ Could you change your HEAVY METAL into more commercial Metal to be famous (use if you don't have, a keyboard, or turned some choruses into more melodic because a major Label ask you…) ? WE ARE ALREADY VERY HEAVY AND GROOVY WITH CATCHY CHORUSES

11/ Did you already open for "important bands" ? ASKA, REVEREND, MEYVN, OMEN, IGNITOR, PHANTOM-X

12/ Did you have what we could call something funny, strange or "catastrophic" that happened to your band on stage? OUR DRUMEMR FALLIGN OVER IN HIS SEAT MESSING UP OUR ENCORE

13/ How should be the perfect HEAVY METAL groupie? Is it important to have "Die Hard" fans around you (even if they could be without objectivities about your music…) ? METAL, SUPPORTIVE, BLONDE, TALL, LEATHER.ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS US 100 PERCETN AND HELPS IN ANY WAY

14/ What could be the "Heavy Metal War Cry" of your band ? (Not necessary something you will write on your shirts, it could be only a word or a sentence that resume your band). FALLING INTO SILENCE OR UP THE VENGEANCE

15/ Last question, imagine suddenly you are very (very, very) rich. What could be the gift you could imagine to thanx your fans (of course if it happen I will knock at your door if you forgive me hahahaha!) DEPENDS ON WHAT THEY ENJOY BTU WOULD FUFILL THEM TO THE FULLIST WITH FOOD, MUSIC, BEER, ANYTHING THEY DESIRE

16/ Give us the address of your Website and your MYSPACE page ! WWW.MYSPACE.COM/REVENGEANCEMETAL

17/ Tell us how to buy your CD, do we have to contact you directly? If you have something else to add it's the moment ! ASK ME AND GIVE ME ADRESS AND WE WILL MAIL THEM

Thank you for listening! :)
Taylor Dennis- Revengeance

Go to or for more info. - Raskal of Metal Inegral, France Magainze

"DFW Magazine Review 4/5/08"

Revengeance always boasts that they are bringing back the metal of the eighties. That boast was proven Saturday night as the performers took to the stage.

This was my second time to see this band perform and they have done nothing but improve not only their music but their stage presence as well. They owned not only the stage but the whole club as they rocked in an old school style of metal reminiscent of the days when you could actually sing along to the melodies.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Taylor Dennis seemed cool and in control as he powered through the music and casually bantered with the audience in between the songs...Revengeance rocked so hard that they even blew the power out in the entire club for a brief time.

Classic performance. Dueling guitars. Choreography. Revengeance has it all and is only getting better.

Check out this band at - DFW Noise Magazine

"Rocklahoma Review 2: Revengeance"

All in all the band that I am ultimately trying to get to is Revengeance. I noticed these guys originally walking around the oven grounds checking out chicks, bands, and fans while I was buying a six dollar fucking beer for myself and a Five dollar lemonade frost..The music blasted my ears and vibrations shook my brain before I knew what had hit me. Confusion set in as my delirious analytical thoughts led me to believe that this must not really be the proper stage for the band. Surely there was a mix up and this old school metal band must be playing new shit. As my eyes locked onto the band members on stage the realization that a new on the rise band was showing me a glimpse into the future.
Normally when I think about tricks and stunts in a performance I think about a band that is compensating for their lack of talent trying to show off, but then I witnessed what tricks were truly meant for. That would of course have to be for musicians that are so insanely gifted on their instrument of choice that they are able to make not just heart wrenching tunes but mind blowing performances with those instruments as well...Taylor hitting every pitch, note, and scream perfectly on vocals rang out across the steaming field attracted a rather large group of die hard metal fanatics to their show.
Something about Revengeance is so alluring that loyal fans even traveled the incredible distance from Dallas to Houston just to see them wreck Rock The Bayou.

- John - John ???

"LIVE Review from Peppermill"

Ft. Worth's "Honky Tonk Gone Bad", The Peppermill Lounge, got a shot of glistening metal on this night. It was delivered by the killer Dallas based ol'school metal band, REVENGEANCE. I say ol' school, however, the memebers are aged from 16-18 and play with the skill of seasoned veterans twice their ages. No doubt, countless hours of hard work has given them a show with seemless segues from song to song and professional ad libbing in all the right spots. Well rehearsed moves, hair from hell and hard bodies, with out an ounce of fat, covered from head to toe in glitz and leather let you know these guys are serious. Harmonising dual lead guitars, well placed backing vocals and never ending energy. If you closed your eyes you may have thought Iron Maiden or Cinderella was in the house. But, was REVENGEANCE!
- Anonymous

"End of Salvation Review- Germany"

With the smartest puchase of my entire life, End Of Salvation has changed me. Very well crafted and served. A true metal classic and a sure hit in the european countries!!! with every song hooking my ear and every riff melting my skin, end of salvation has every element it needs for it to be a true classic. Lead vocalist and guitarist taylor dennis is amazing. For a 19 year old "kid", he shows that metal is very well alive and influencing the youth. The screams that he projects makes you want to pull out your old priest or maiden records. The way his beautiful, yet evil, voice flows through each song proves that he is gifted and ready for the big time...guitar pheonominal as well. Harmony after harmony, riff after riff, you really feel like your in the 1980's again listning to bands like armored saint and metal church...amazing diversity and talent... Highlights include Scars of serenity, alone in heaven, and my personal favorite, Forgotten eyes. I would really love to get my hands on a hard copy of this album! Expect nothing but pure perfection from revengeances' follow up to this 100 percent heavy metal masterpiece. - Ulrich Klotzen

"End of Salvation Review- France"

There are bands that follow you all your life without knowing why, some bands that I will maybe never meet, but with whom there is a real and strong feeling, REVENGEANCE is one of them…
I met the band on Myspace some years ago, and I saw its first step and its slow but sure ascension!
Fall Into Silence released in 2006, Evercry EP in 2007 then End Of salvation in march 2009.
Congratulations for the cool cover, the proof the band and Jeff (father from guitarist Taylor DENNIS and manager from the band) want to seduce and please their audience!

About the musical part and the singing, the first album had a lots of good and catchy songs...the EP in 2007 shown a better result, but End Of Salvation reach a more professional result!
Work, work and work again, envy and motivation, there is no secret!

Congratulations for this result that bring this new CD on a good real basis for the future !
I consider Fall Into Silence as a demo album…
There was a great work on the singing, and it goes well with the compositions.
The way to sing is the REVENGEANCE mark!

The band take some risks with twelve songs and more than an hour of music...

About the style, the band propose us its typical and quiet original 80’s like Hard Rock with touch of Heavy Metal, mostly in medium tempo (with few rapid tracks), and with characteristic vocals…you immediately recognize REVENGEANCE style!
The band finds a way to stay away from “commercial” Metal and to keep the Heavy Metal spirit...For me REVENGEANCE is a band with young people that try to put their “2000” culture into the 80’s one ! The result is good.

Best tracks are Forgotten Eyes, Scars of Serenity, Evercry, Alone In Heaven, Enlighten, Blood Puppet and End Of Salvation...

Style : Heavy Métal / Hard Rock
Partie Artistique: 5/5
Intérêt pour les Fans de 80’s Heavy Metal: 4/5
Intérêt pour les Fans de Métal traditionnel en général: 4/5
RASKAL The French Warrior donne : 17/20
RASKAL L’Objectif donne : 17/20
- Raskal of Metal Inegral, France Magainze

"End of Salvation Review 2"

Revengeance are group of young guys from Dallas, TX who compose straight up classic metal like old souls. This is only all the more relevant since the age of the band members range from 16-19 years old. This is truly awesome since some of the band have not been musicians for even 5 years. The sound that comes from these 4 could be compared to the likes of heavy metal bands who have been playing twice to three times as long. Their newest release END OF SALVATION was recorded in late 08 and released in March of this year on an independent label. This is a display of finely composed Heavy Metal that not only hits you hard in the chest, but goes along with once again all the concepts that make great Heavy Metal. True fans of this genre of music always look for songs with ideas which we are always intrigued with, such as our own inner struggles, Heaven and Hell and just some tracks that you almost relate to any situation in life. The content that is on this CD is phenomonal. The back bone of the group Taylor Dennis is the oldest member of the band at 19 years old, and is also the primary lyricist of the group. His ability to play lead guitar as well as being the lead vocalist, is what puts Revengeance in a musical catogory all of there own. The tracks on this CD are hard to classify since there are so many that stand out. Blood Puppet and Bite the Black are great ones to start with because the minute you hear these songs, they pull you in and absorb you. Burning Nation shows the bands capability to not only right a good song, but bring each one of their dinstinct talents into the whole scheme of things. Enlighten is one for the Metal Head who thrives on true musicianship. The remaing songs on the 12 track CD, impact just as much as the next. Alone in Heaven and Scars of Serenity, which is the song that kicks off the CD take you to a place that make you feel as though these songs are Metal at its best. The title track End Of Salvation puts you in an eight minute symphomy of great lyrics, vocals and amazing lead guitar that leaves you begging for more. Death Before Dishonor is a war theme song that takes you into the mind of soldier. Evercry and Break the Circle are pure agressive Heavy Metal colaberations that show the true nature of the band. Everycry displays Taylor's ability to scream in a way most vocalist cannot, where as Break the Circle reinforces the challenge that heavy metal has been faced with since the dawn of time. The remaining songs Forgotten Eyes and When Roses are Black complete the album and make it a heavy metal masterpiece. End of Salvation is a must listen for every True metal lover out there. It is a CD that brings you to the table and then kicks yor ass.
- Anonymous

"End of Salvation Review"

If you are attending the 3rd Rocklahoma this year July 9th through the 12th, I would like to direct your attention to The FunHouse Stage (North End) @ 1:45 pm Sunday the 12th. Why you may ask? Well to see a cool band I recently became familiar with, called Revengeance, who have recently released a new cd called "End of Salvation". The song "Forgotten Eyes" on this new cd opens with a progressive sound similar to Queensryche, yet bordering an Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson feel. The song is Stellar and the musical compisition is tops. However the skill level is not what is really suprising about this band, but to see that the band ranges from ages 16-19 is suprising. You will forget how young this band is shortly after first listen, As the band sounds like well seasoned Vets that have been doing this for 20 years Its no wonder the first two releases from the band no longer can be found on the shelves. The new cd "End of Salvation" can be found at . Another song on the cd called "Break The Circle" showcases the band delivering a litte more of the Prog sound but melding it in a unique style and sound of the bands that stands on its own. Shouting out at you " this is Revengeance!" Again the crisp and tight skills of the band are beautifully displayed. The next two songs I would like to talk about" Scars of Serenity" and" End of Salvation"
are similar in that they are heavy and more of a metal song in there sounds that are again brought to light with again a Revengeance sound. I could go on about the whole of this cd but will let you listen and see for yourself, how really cool this band truly is. What is even cooler is the band is young and will carry the metal torch for sometime to come...

This band hails from Dallas, Tx so if you can't make it out to Rocklahoma to see them , The Dallas, Fort Worth Area is where to see em. or jump on the myspace at to check them out. basically if you are a fan of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Metal Church and Fates Warning, then you are going to dig Revengeance
I have got to say for me it will be pretty cool to see them in July
cant wait
Metal Mike (Muen Mag and Full Metal Review)
- Full Metal Magazine

"Ron Keel's Opinion of Revengeance @ Rocklahoma"

I thought Revengeance was exceptional - great singer/frontman who also played great guitar, good interplay between the two guitarists, good songs and overall energy. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed them.
- Ron Keel

"Rocklahoma Review: Revengeance"

As the band Revengeance took the stage at Rocklahoma this young group of rebel rockers looked relaxed, anxious and driven...when they set started the music was bleeding passion with an aggressive edge. The band is surely here to put a stamp on music as these focused gents are in time in tune and absolutely rock. At the conclussion of the first song the scream that Taylor let off was proof, along with how skilled the band is, that these guys are for real. - Anonymous


Day four and the last day of Rocklahoma and I am so lucky Mark brought that sunscreen or we would be toast with this weather! We got off to a good start this time as there was no traffic to deal with!

As normal, we got our credentials and went right to the media tent to see a new band that has a bright future; some of these guys are still in their teens so watch out for them. They’re named REVENGEANCE and they did a very short question and answer session because NELSON were waiting in the wings for their conference. Not many of the side stage acts had press conferences but really no need for that when you can meet basically all the side stage acts personally and ask what you wanted as they were all very approachable.

At about 1:45pm the first side stage act was about to get rocking at The Fun House Stage; REVENGEANCE and the talk was echoing in the crowd these boys are really good especially vocalist Taylor Dennis, what a prodigy. The band played about 40 minutes and to a fairly big crowd whom they made a great impression on. -

"ASKA & REVENGEANCE at Rocklahoma"

"Rocklahoma was cool man. We played Thursday, just before former Metal Bladers HALLOW'S EVE (who we are incidentally reteaming with in Atlanta, Georgia for the Pathfinder Metal Fest, October 23-24th). Our set was a solid selection of songs culled from four of our five CDs (Immortal to Absolute Power) and despite the heat and ANVIL's sound check during our set - we had a good crowd and a hearty reception. We had metal brothers and sisters from all over the USA and world present: New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Phillipines, Brazil were represented in just some of the fans I recall talking to. We also had members of HALCYON WAY, HALLOW'S EVE and REVENGEANCE, among others, who made a point of catching our set. Of course, being that it was Thursday, the grounds weren't as full as they were on Friday and Saturday, so more people missed us than saw us. Nonetheless, word of our performance spread and since we were there wandering about and catching bands for the full run, we kept getting approached by people who said they'd heard we rocked or wanted to buy a CD, shirt or get an autograph.

~ASKA (2009) - BW&BK Magazine


Falling Into Silence (2006)
Evercry EP (2007)
End of Salvation (2009)
LIVE Salvation-DVD (2009)
Few Against Many EP (2010)
Few Against Many-Deluxe Edition (2011)
These Broken Wings (2011)
Reflections (2012)
With Scarlet Offerings (2013)



Revengeance is a five-piece metal/rock group from Dallas, TX with members ranging from 19-24 years old. They strive to put on a stage show that sets them apart from their peers with an attitude and appearance that is uncompromising and ferocious. Revengeance matches this with their uncanny musicianship and song-writing ability that creates a force to be reckoned with on any level. They have gained so much experience over the past 7 years, playing over 400 live shows and releasing three full-length albums!

The first album, "Falling Into Silence," was released in 2006 and is now out of print! In the following year, the band released their limited edition EP "Evercry," which is also out of print! Their second, and most successful, full-length album, "End Of Salvation" was recorded and produced by Keith Knight of Knight Recording in March 2009. Shortly thereafter, Revengeance released their first DVD entitled “Live Salvation,” filmed at the Ridglea Theatre in Fort Worth, Texas. The band released their second EP "Few Against Many" in mid 2010. Immediately following the release of the EP, the band recorded an additional 3 songs at the legendary Sonic Ranch Studios. Sonic Ranch is credited with producing bands such as Bullet For My Valentine, Tesla, Damageplan, Nevermore, Devil Driver, Mudvayne, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and many recognizable MO-TOWN artists like Diana Ross, The Temptations, and Gladys Knight.The following year, in late 2011, their third full-length album "These Broken Wings" was released. The band is currently writing for forth full-length album and will be releasing several singles through 2012, leading to the release of the fourth full-length album.

Revengeance has graced the stage with such powerhouses as KISS, Queensryche, Anthrax, Twisted Sister, Great White, Skidrow, Overkill, Saxon, Dio Disciples, Evergrey, Savaton, RATT, Night Ranger, Warrant, Drowning Pool, Daughtry, Helix, Danger Danger, Keel, Kix, Lizzy Borden, Vixen, Wildstreet, ASKA, Raven, MSG, Lynch Mob, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Bullet Boys, Vixen, Lillian Axe, Vains Of Jenna, Impaler, Peppermint Creeps, Sad Wings (Jason Mcmaster), Warbeast, Six Minute Century, Adler's Appetite, Metavenge, Creeper, Dark Alliance, Reverend, Omen, Helstar, Vain, Ignitor, Aska, Phantom X, Mevyn, Dirty Penny, Damaged Dolls, Gypsy Pistolero's, Habitual, Rivethead, Bobaflex, etc. Revengeance also played at the two biggest metal festivals in the USA in 2008 - Rocklahoma and Rock The Bayou!


Main Contacts/Booking/Press/Media-

~Jeff Dennis (Manager)- 214-843-2160

~Taylor Dennis- 281-853-4580

~Jason Yohn- 651-329-7419

~Duke Ellington- 972-268-3611

~Dewey Haggard- 254-352-1368