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"SD City Beat Review, 3-2009"


Revenge Club, 9-Song Demo, by Ron Summers

Revenge Club has been one of the city’s better female punk bands for a while, in classic Stooges style with a vocalist who sounds like she swallows her own loogies for breakfast. They won’t make anyone forget Seven Year Bitch, but these songs are pleasant additions to any “S.D. Vag-Punk!” soundtrack. MS/revengeclub. - San Diego City Beat

"SD Reader Review, 10-2007"


Album: Your Underground
Artist: Revenge Club
Year released: 2007
Label: Roughneck Records
Genre: Rock

1) Clinical
2) Bolts
3) Social Life
4) The Way Sean Drives
5) Witch's Root
6) Your Underground
7) Doug's Getting Wasted
8) Bitchin' Summer
9) Nocturnal
10) It Was Raining
11) Summary
12) Amsterdam
13) Worktime Pessimism
14) Secret

If this CD were a fight, the judges would stop it because Revenge
Club brought a chainsaw to a boxing match. The band plays loose
and dirty punk, the way punk was intended.

Punk, as a genre, sounds like some kid fumbling through a guitar
lesson, getting ever more frustrated with his inadequacy to create
structured sound, until he finally stands up, yells, "To hell with
this!" and drops his pick through the three heaviest power chords
he knows. Frustration relieved with an instantaneous release of
anger...the middle finger to everyone

Revenge Club takes it even further and aims the finger at even
conventional guy-heavy punk by fronting their band with petite
blonde Amy Lawson. Her voice rings and whines through the
ear-annoying range between a circular concrete saw and a drill bit
stuck in a hunk of sheet metal.

The band follows the punk template faithfully, grinding out quick,
brief, and loud, big damn noise from city kids. Revenge Club is
awful, and perfect. - San Diego Reader

"SD Reader Write-Up-Love is Blind Melon's"

Love Is Blind Melon's At Blind Melons on November 11, "We had just
finished playing a song, 'The Way Sean Drives,' where I make fun of his
crazy driving," says Revenge Club singer Amy Paddack of bass player Sean
Lawson. "He got down on one knee right there on the stage and proposed
into the microphone! I said 'yes' onstage, but off-mike I told him I was
gonna kill him." The duo plan a spring wedding in Las Vegas.

Paddick (formerly of the all-girl band Brag Doll) says the Blind Melons gig
was more pleasant than the one at downtown's Honey Bee Hive on
November 4; a fight in the audience resulted in an early finale.

"We just stopped in the middle of a song. Our drummer's friend was getting
punched out there, and [the drummer] ended up jumping into the audience
to join the fight." Paddick says police were summoned, and although no
arrests were made, "That closed the bar down."

Revenge Club appears December 17 at the Zombie Lounge. -- Jay Allen Sanford - SD Reader

"SD City Beat Write-Up, Staged Wedding"

Staged wedding - For Amy Paddack, lead singer of punk-rock quartet The Revenge Club, her band’s Nov. 11 gig at Winston’s was more memorable than most, if not very punk rock.

“We had just finished playing ‘The Way Sean Drives’—a very fast song about [bassist Sean Lawson’s] crazy driving style,” Paddack recalled. “He got down on one knee and proposed into the microphone.

“Sean hadn’t told our other two bandmates or any of our friends, so everyone was pretty surprised. Our drummer launched into a solo while we were getting our bearings back, so everyone just started screaming and clapping. It was great!”

Paddack accepted Lawson’s offer, and the newly minted fiancés proceeded to finish out the one song left in Revenge Club’s set.

“I think I repeated the same verse three times because my head was pretty cloudy at that point,” Paddack said.

In other Revenge Club news, the band’s song “Dove Stinger” will be
included on the next Arm the Pit compilation CD due out next month.

Subtitled Girls Rock Harder, the album will focus on female-fronted bands. The band plays next at the Alibi on Dec. 3. www.revenge -- Scoop Stevens - San Diego City Beat

"Internet Concert Club Blurb"

San Diego punks REVENGE CLUB are first band to perform at the first Internet Concert Club. In an effort to reflect the diverse showcase
planned for upcoming performances, Bob chose
local punk-rockers Revenge Club to share the stage with Cirkus. "There's such a big punk scene in San Diego that I figured we'd send a message by booking them. We wanted to let it be known that we'll be shooting all kinds of bands here and the shows won't be relegated to one particular genre of music." Not to mention that Revenge Club is fronted by a hot, guitar wielding female.

When we asked about that, Bob told us, "Yeah, we're all about the ladies here, too. Female bands
will always get preference because we love watching them rock out." We do too Bob, we do too... - YouTube/410 Channel

"SD Reader Write-Up, 9-2008"

Marriage and a Band
by Josh Board

I took my girlfriend to see the Creepy Creeps at the Casbah. She had never seen these local legends, and they were playing with two other local bands I like — the mostly female Glossines and Batar-Zan, who, like the Creeps, wear costumes on stage.

Turned out it was the band that opened the show that blew them all away — Revenge Club.

Amy, the band’s vocalist, told me, “I started Revenge Club in 2004 after breaking up with a previous band. I posted an ad on craigslist and met with several musicians at the house…the night that the three of us were supposed to get together for the first time, I got a message from the bass player saying that he got a job offer and was moving to New York. So I drafted Sean [her future husband] — he was drinking a beer and watering the yard, and I was, like, ‘Hey, do you want to come play bass tonight?’ He thought it was temporary at first, but four years later, it’s safe to say that he’s the permanent bass player.

“We played one show at Java Joe’s Pub as a three-piece before meeting Doug through a Reader ad. He was up to speed and played shows with us a month later.

“When our last drummer moved to New Jersey, we got a referral from another band we played with — for Maggie. She was an instant match.”

Since Sean and Amy have been married for three years, I mention that Pat Benatar has been married to her lead guitarist since 1982…


Amy: “Definitely. Sean looks hot rocking out on stage.”

Sean: “I have to make this work. Amy’s already declared that if I ever leave her, she will kill me. I don’t want to test her resolve on this one either, since she’s the one that came up with the band name.”


Amy: “Sid and Nancy.”

Sean: “Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Paul and Linda McCartney.”

Maggie: “Exene Cervenka and John Doe.”


Amy: “Sex Pistols.”

Sean: “Sex Pistols.”

Maggie: “The Clash, although I wouldn’t consider them punk. The Sex Pistols just suck.”


Amy: “ ‘Lust for Life’ over a cruise-line commercial is kind of disturbing, but I get it. I never liked Green Day enough to care.”

Sean: “Depends on who the commercial is for. A commercial for clean energy is pretty cool; a commercial for a fast-food chain is not.”

Maggie: “No way. Getting paid is not selling out. Someday I hope to get paid.”


Amy: “The gig I was most excited to play was opening for Donita Sparks at the Casbah in May. L7 has been my favorite band since I was 14.”

Sean: “The Underground in Lake Havasu City the first time we played there. There were about 50 teenage kids moshing around during the entire set. That really gets the adrenaline pumping.”

Maggie: “The first time Revenge Club played the Doll Hut in Anaheim…everybody in the bar was rocking out with us.”


Amy: “We jumped on a last-minute show at Brick by Brick, and none of our friends wanted to pay $10 to watch us play at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday. We hung out all night, and just after we loaded our gear on stage, the door guy told us that we didn’t have enough people, so they wouldn’t let us play.”

Sean: “We had a Friday night show at the Underground in Lake Havasu City, and for whatever reason our drummer wanted to drive back the same night. We drove six hours on the way out, played our set and watched the other bands, and packed all of our stuff up and drove back the same night.”

Maggie: “With my old band at the Rhythm Lounge, we played a Thursday night to literally one person.”



1. Bricks Are Heavy, L7. “I got a copy of this CD from Goodwill when I was 16 and haven’t gone a month without listening to it since. It still has the $2.99 sticker on it. Donita Sparks has always been my idol, and I think this was their best album ever.”

2. Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, the Dead Kennedys. “This is just a great classic album with awesome tracks.”

3. Flamejob, the Cramps. “This was the first Cramps album I bought, and I fell in love with the song ‘Naked Girl Falling down the Stairs.’ RC is planning to cover that song in the near future.”

4. Pussy Whipped, Bikini Kill. “I love the angry riot-grrrl vocals. This album epitomizes the music I grew up listening to.”

5. Bone Machine, Tom Waits. “I love the bizarre and sometimes apocalyptic lyrics.”


1. Rain Dogs, Tom Waits. “Tom Waits can take you places you’d never want to go and leave you wanting to go back for more. Rain Dogs is the peak of the mountain of his incredible discography.”

2. Dead Air, Heatmiser. “The forerunner of the Portland music scene, with Elliott Smith at the helm. Full of raw energy, superb lyrics, and catchy hooks.”

3. Trace, Son Volt. “This album checks your heart out like a library book and never returns it.”

4. Icky Mettle, the Archers of Loaf. “Beautiful indie noise rock with two shots of pure adrenaline.”

5. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles. “What can I say about this that hasn’t already been said?”


1. Blue Album, Weezer. “This was one of my first CDs, so I associate it with a lot of coming-of-age memories.”

2. Los Angeles/Wild Gift, X. “L.A. punk was the best, and X has the most signature sound ever.”

3. Ill Communication, the Beastie Boys. “This album was in heavy rotation in my car when I was driving all my friends around in high school. A lot of antics went down to this album.”

4. All Ages, Bad Religion. “It has so many of my favorite Bad Religion songs on one album.”

5. Punk in Drublic, NOFX. “I grew up on this one, too, and it’s fun to sing along to.”


Amy: “The last time we played the Double Down in Vegas last February was pretty interesting. We play out of town often — Nevada, Arizona, and Northern California mostly. We do it more for the exposure, even though the pay is better than San Diego sometimes. The Double Down is a rowdy punk bar and has a natural draw. People in Vegas have no concept of time. The bar still had a crowd at 3 a.m. We got there at 10 and found out that our set time was actually 2 a.m. Doug was trying to talk to the first door guy outside. He just stared at Doug without saying anything, then got up and puked in a Dumpster and took off running. We saw him later at the bar. Between the bands, Maggie and I were sitting close to the door and saw a guy punch someone by the stage, then he ran out the door. This triggered another fight right next to us, and another guy got punched — knocking into our seats. Every time we walked outside, we ran into the couple screaming at each other. It was still crowded by the time we played, and a punk wedding party had just come in. There was a good mixture of dresses and ripped T-shirts. There isn’t a stage at the Double Down, just a high-rise for the drums, and the band sets up in the corner around it. A girl from the wedding party was trashed and pulled several of her friends into a pit and even ‘floated’ for a second or two before being tossed around like a rag doll. Her friends tried to drag her out of the club — she hopped up on the drum riser to tell Maggie ‘bye’ in the middle of a song and gave me a hug as the song was ending. Kids were thrashing around all over the floor, so I kept having to pull my mike back. The last few songs were fast and got the crowd really excited, so I knew there wasn’t much chance of holding a mike in place to sing and playing guitar. I just hit the first few chords of the song and let go of the guitar to hold the mike and scream, which was good because people literally were slamming into the band.”

Sean: “I’d have to say it’s tough playing when people are slamming into you, but it’s so much fun. I’m really not complaining at all, except when a microphone gets knocked into your teeth.”

Maggie: “Only the tradition of ‘being too cool’ to dance. Of course, there was the time in Vegas when everyone thought it was a good idea to rock out on stage with us and touch our instruments while we were playing. That posed a bit of a challenge.”


Amy: “One of our previous drummers used to wear a Chewbacca mask. Sometimes we all wear orange knee-high socks. I’ve suggested that Doug start wearing leather pants, but he’s declined so far.”


Amy: “After a fallout with my high school boyfriend, I got into his email account and changed the password so he couldn’t get back in. I sent an email from him to his contacts letting them know that he had a life-changing experience and was now gay. Apparently his mom was quite upset.” - San Diego Reader

"GoGirls Music Review"

By Annette Warner

Those of you wanting to know what’s up and coming in the punk rock scene
definitely need to check out this CD. Never - has a 5 song demo filled my
ears with as great of a female fronted example of the genre as Shot Myself
In The Foot. Guaranteed to please anyone whose idea of a good time is
mosh-pitting it with other purveyors of punk. These are the type CD’s I give
away to venues that book it – but only when I know it’s good for the style : )
These guys rock and I can only guess at the voltage they spit out at a live
show. - GoGirls Music

"SD Reader Write-Up, Bombs Below"

Bombs Below
By Jay Allen Sanford

"I woke up in the tour van in the middle of a field at about 5:00
a.m. to see a sign that said, 'No trespassing, unexploded mines,' " Revenge Club
singer Amy Paddack says. "We were on the way back from Lake Havasu, and
Sean [Lawson, bassist], after drinking some 32-ounce beers, went joyriding in
the middle of the field."

Lawson explains, "Driving through Arizona takes you very close to gunnery and
bombing ranges that the military uses for training. With everyone else in the van
asleep, I decided I couldn't make it any further [without sleep]. I pulled off into a
field on the side of the road, and as I drove further in, there was a small white
sign. I couldn't really make it out at first. I pulled a little closer...[it read] 'Caution,
unexploded munitions, mines or air ordnance. No trespassing allowed.'

"I yanked the wheel of the van, hit the gas, and pulled a big donut right there in
the middle of Uncle Sam country." The jolt awoke the other bandmembers, and
Lawson steered the van to the road. "It wasn't until the next morning that the
gravity of the situation hit the others, and everyone was calling me a jerk,
jerk-off, get the picture."

Revenge Club plans a CD-release party for Thursday, July 19, at the Kensington

"After that, our drummer is moving back to the East Coast," says Paddack, "in
case anyone out there is brave enough to audition." - San Diego Reader

"Now Wave Review"

By Mark Hughson

Revenge Club take us back to a simpler time, before '90s punk became splintered into metal, emo, and polished mall punk. This is straight-up punk rock with edgy riffs, bang-it-out drumming, and spastic rhythms. If a couple
of chords and a decent voice is all you look for in punk rock, make a
mental note about Revenge Club.

Amy screams as good as any punky diva, and the guitars shoot through the songs like a machine gun. The speedy guitar solos (reminding me of Adrenalin O.D.) are simultaneously hair-raising and unnecessary, but they're never spotlighted enough to seem wanky. There weren't THAT many female-fronted bands back during the '90s punk revival, so why not
check out what you might have missed? I'll also leap to a limb and
recommended this to fans of Bikini Kill and Raooul. - Now Wave Magazine

"Punk Band of the Month"

"The punk band of the month: Revenge Club, from San Diego, with a fat, efficient sound and hammering drums." -Babes in Boyland - Babes in Boyland Radio, France


'The Reds of Their Eyes' EP
Self-Released 2009/Roughneck Records

1) Bad Wave
2) Dead Girls
3) Explosive Devices
4) Hypocrite
5) Cheap Dates
6) New Song Face
7) Dead Weight Season
8) Ex-Reject
9) Did You Die?

‘Your Underground’ CD
Self-Released 2007/Roughneck Records

1) Clinical
2) Bolts
3) Social Life
4) The Way Sean Drives
5) Witch's Root
6) Your Underground
7) Doug's Gettin' Wasted
8) Bitchin' Summer
9) Nocturnal
10) It Was Raining
11) Summary
12) Amsterdam
13) Work Time Pessimism
14) Secret

‘Shot Myself in the Foot’ EP
Self-Released 2005/Roughneck Records

1) Dove Stinger
2) Wrecking Ball
3) Suicide Song
4) Dead, Dead, Dead
5) Breakdown

‘Groupies Suck, Vol. 6’ - No Cover Magazine
‘Scene Not Heard (A San Diego Punk/Oi! Compilation)’ - New Sob Records
'Menage a Trois' - 2008 3-way split



Revenge Club has done the time, flown by the seat of their pants, and lived to tell the tale! The riotous punk-rock four-piece got their start early in 2004 in lively San Diego, and have since released a full length album ‘Your Underground’, an EP ‘Shot Myself in the Foot’, and have been featured on compilation CDs "Groupies Suck, Vol. 6" by No Cover Magazine and "Scene Not Heard" by New Sob Records. The band tours often, has recorded live videos with the 420 Channel and Flashrock, and self-released a music video for the underground anthem, “Dove Stinger.”

To get the gist of Revenge Club’s sound, imagine seething lyrics fueled by fast guitar licks and a pounding rhythm section. Envision a raucous mixture of sweet anguish and exhilaration trampled by Dr. Marten boots. Thrash around to themes such as; becoming a stalker, magnetizing psychos, partying in Amsterdam, and of course getting good old-fashioned revenge. Revenge Club pours fuel on the flames and fights fire with fire! Imagine for a second the Dead Kennedys and Blondie conceiving a musical love child, and that love child being completely enamored with L7, Bikini Kill, and Jawbreaker. Well now here it is… Revenge Club! They are the bastard child of that raucous affair!!!

Amy (vocals/guitar) has been kickin' up the San Diego punk scene for years. From New Orleans, she laces the music with creative lyrics and tales, and she can also be seen in local band, The Dirty Legs. Amy’s always ready to rock and shows no signs of lettin' up on the Gas!

Tony (lead guitar/vocals), is the newest Revenge Club member. He's a former member of local band, The Whisky Dicks and rocks the guitar like nobody's business.

Sean (bass) a transplant from Albuquerque, is a veteran of the San Diego music scene, having played in other local bands such as Blue Bottle, 66 Ohm, and Hell Yeah. He never misses the opportunity to throw in a catchy riff, his two cents, and a gnarly scowl!

Maggie (drums), hails from Hawaii and is no stranger to the San Diego punk scene. She pounds out beats worthy of some serious slamming!

Revenge Club stands out in the punk music scene and is receiving airplay locally and as far away as Portland to Argentina. Providing a new twist on old-school punk rock, Revenge Club is wreaking havoc, taking names, stealing hearts, and kicking ass!

Live Performances:

The California Music Festival, 2009 - Ventura, CA

The Casbah - San Diego, CA
Brick by Brick - San Diego, CA
The Ruby Room - San Diego, CA
The Kensington Club - San Diego, CA
The California Club - San Diego, CA
The Alibi - San Diego, CA
Java Joe’s Pub - San Diego, CA
The State House - San Diego, CA
Scolaris Office - San Diego, CA
Chasers - San Diego, CA
The Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
The Radio Room - San Diego, CA
The Zombie Lounge - San Diego, CA
Hot Monkey Love Cafe - San Diego, CA
The Honey Bee Hive - San Diego, CA
Joe & Andy's - San Diego, CA
Blind Melons - San Diego, CA
The Epicentre - San Diego, CA
The Cow Shed - San Marcos, CA
The Tiki Bar - San Diego, CA
Winston's - San Diego, CA
Dream Street - San Diego, CA
Kadan - San Diego, CA
Fannie's - Spring Valley, CA
O'Connels - San Diego, CA
Music Trader - San Diego, CA
King's Music - San Diego, CA
Kimo's - San Francisco, CA
The Anarchy Library - Downey, CA
The Brigg - Huntington Beach, CA
Blue Cafe - Huntington Beach, CA
Surf City Saloon - Huntington Beach, CA
The Good Bar - Ventura, CA
Puka Bar - Long Beach, CA
The Doll Hut - Anaheim, CA
The Starline - Fresno, CA
MiraCosta College Theater - Oceanside, CA
Molly Malone's (Internet Club Concert) - Ramona, CA
The Real Bar - Phoenix, AZ
Jugheads - Phoenix, AZ
Copper State Tavern - Glendale, AZ
Trax - Phoenix, AZ
Casablanca's - Phoenix, AZ
Dry River - Tucson, AZ
Havasu Underground - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Double Down Saloon - Las Vegas, NV
Cooler Lounge - Las Vegas, NV
The Dive Bar - Las Vegas, NV
The Wetlands - Eugene, OR
Ash Street Saloon - Portland, OR

Benefit Shows:

Life Rolls – Downey, CA
Breast Cancer Angels Show – Long Beach, CA
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (GoGirls Music & Daisy Rock Guitar Sponsored) – Oceanside, CA
Free the West Memphis Three – San Diego, CA


The Local 94/9 - San Diego, California
Mohawk Radio - Internet Radio Station – Internet Radio Station – Internet Radio Station
Church of Girl Radio - Portland, Oregon
Rebel Radio - Netherlands
Sante Fe 97.7 - Sante Fe, Argentina


Daisy Rock Guitars
DirtBag Music Artist

Special Recognitions/Endeavors:

Cherry Mapping Movie – 3 songs were featured, and the band had a cameo role in the film.
Punk Band of the Month, Babes in Boyland Radio, Montpellier, France – September 2005
‘Dove Stinger’ Music Video
420 Channel’s Internet Club Concert – video and interview
Flashrock On-line Interview