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Dacula, Georgia, United States | MAJOR

Dacula, Georgia, United States | MAJOR
Band Metal Cover Band




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At this time i do not have any Eps, Lps, and nor streaming or radio airplays. bout probably if i get found on this site i should be-able to have some in due time!



My name is Abidan Perry, i am a percussionist. I have been drumming for 14 years and i am looking forward of being endorsed by an awesome company. my skills, technique, styles, and the sounds of my music are wonderful and breath taking leaving you jaw dropping and leave you wondering of what fill or beat i will play for you next.

My YouTube channel is Revenger102, i do covers of songs and recommendations followers want me to play. On my channel i also do solos of what skills i have obtained and learned.

I got to Archer High School and i am a member of th marching band. My freshman Year i played Snare, Sophomore year i played Tenors, and my Junior year i am playing Snare again.

Every band we have shared the stage with as Musicians:
-To Bow Or To Burn
-Vae Victus
-Tomorrow And Tomorrow
-Break The Silence
-Beyond the Rise
-Harsh Truth
-As Hell Retreats
-The Gun Show
-Gored By A Deer
-Bathory Aria
-A Fight For Life
-Pig Greaser(RIP)
-The Last Great Bridge Jumper
Taylor Alexander
-Tundra Lights
-A New Shade of This(RIP)
-Feed Me To The Sea
-For This Farewell
-The Deadbeats
Lion vs. Eagle
-Within Devastation
-Sharks Among the Suits
-Shooter Mcgavin
-Turbo Slaughter
-The Disregardables
-Dead Like Lincoln
-The Naysayers
-The Majors
-The Hazards
-So it Goes
-Send The Angels
-Though She Wrote
-Recollect Reconstruct
-Oh The Horror
-Fall To Rise Within
-Thee Anthem
-A Days Past
-Stranger Among Worlds
-Depths Of Charybdis
Arcadian Anomally
-Behold The Gates
-Bury The Forsaken
-Holding Back
-Donny Manhattan
-Enemies past Counting
-Strength Lies Within
And some more!