Reverend Fred W.Foley

Reverend Fred W.Foley


I am a called of God Minister of music that is annointed for soul winning, I have been given a great talent by God and I truly have the testimony to go with it, including a creative miracle by God in having a ruptured spleen Restored w/out surgery AND bleeding internally for 3 days.40 yrs experience


I have been blessed with the ability to let God influence me on the type of songs that I will at anytime sing for his glory, and have had wonderful experiences of peoples testimony's regarding the spiritual move of God in their lives and those around them that have been inspired by my singing. I was primarily influenced by Mahalia Jackson, Jimmy Swaggart, and countless of southern Gospel singers that i was able to see as a young boy in the NUMEROUS tent revivals my mother intrduced me to
I have always been a fan of all the old gospel standards, quartets, and black gospel. after spending 17 years as a blues frontman God inspired me to get back on track to glorify him and through that simple act of obedience, i am where i am today because of it TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!


I recorded a cover demo of contemporary Christian songs called "Carry Me" in 2007 it is on and it shows my vocal range and ability's. I plan on recording my first solo project of originals in Aug.2008

Set List

Carry me, I can only Imagine, There is a river, Who am I, ready to fly, friend of God, My Tribute(To God Be The Glory) In Christ alone, with some speaking and testimony,and alter call aprox. 1 hr,-1 1/2 hr I can add any amount of optional songs for larger time requirements and CAN get a band together if needed