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Doncaster, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Doncaster, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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Sheffield, None, United Kingdom

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Doncaster band Reverbed (pronounced Re-Verbed) are a three piece, alternative female fronted band in which have just released their debut album ‘Lies You Can Believe’ (via Native Records). Following this, the band are heading out on a 25 date tour across the UK over the next 3 months.

ReVerbed have previously headlined the Sheffield O2 Academy, as well as playing the Tramlines and Americana Festivals, whilst also booked to open the main stage of BOMfest 2011.

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- Yorkshire Music Scene

We dont have permission to publish this so please follow the link - Riff Mag

Hailing from the U.K., ReVerbed are a young band, very young, like in their teens young. They have just issued their debut album "Lies You Can Believe". Throughout the course of this 13-song, 50-minute debut, the band displays a straight-forward hard rocking, Punk-Rock like energy and exuberance that is quite dominant until the album reaches its conclusion. In its ranks, ReVerbed features two females and two males, with lead vocalist Zoe also contributes guitars. The pounding opener "What Went Wrong" showcases the bands Punk Rock leanings as this is just a straight-forward energetic opener and sets a good pace for what is to follow. The slower paced "Obsession" is next and features an effective, grinding riff and has a bit of a classic rock vibe going for it. The adrenalin fueled "Run" picks up the momentum and energy once again. Other highlights include: "You", "Scream", "Not Alone", "Shadow" and "Burn" which immediately became a huge favorite, thanks to its infectious chorus. On "Lies You Can Believe", ReVerbed offers something a little rawer than a lot of the female fronted metal that is out there these days. Despite their young age, and I am sure that many people will focus on their youthfulness; the band displays a musical maturity beyond their years. Whatever the case "Lies You Can Believe" is a good first effort at any age.

Rating – 70/100 - Femme Metal

See link; - Unseen Mag

Fifteen years ago, Irish band Ash were still awaiting their A-Level results when they bagged they first slot on Top Of The Pops, and it seems the trend of emerging bright young things continues with the South Yorkshire-based band, ReVerbed. Their first full-length offering ‘Lies You Can Believe' demonstrates they keen knack for a variety of rock sub-genres and a superb musicality.

Comprising of two girls and two guys, ReVerbed's music benefits from a unique mix of vocals from lead singers and guitarists George and Zoe. Their ability to come together harmoniously is showcased in the opening track ‘What Went Wrong' - a five-minute belter that includes everything from atmospheric piano to crunching guitars.

The single, ‘Obsession' is reminiscent of the Pixies and their trademark off-kilter guitar riffs that "reVerberate" throughout the song. On the third track ‘Run' the guitar's sound can't help but remind the listener of Nirvana's ‘Lounge Act', perhaps a clue to band's influences in making this album. Track six, ‘Not Alone' is a revised and re-mixed song from their 2009 mini-album ‘Playtime', but fits nicely in with the rest of the record here, and does not feel out of place. Appearing just over halfway through, ‘Shadow' and ‘Through the Rain' are stand out tracks on the ‘Lies You Can Believe'. ‘Shadow' could easily be included in any of Feeder's early albums, and ‘Through the Rain' is a lyrically melancholic and dark song that allows Zoe to reveal her singing talent whilst being intercut with stadium-worthy guitar solos that soar.

The rest of the album returns to the punk rock tunes that will no doubt send their dedicated and loyal fans crazy during their reportedly impressive live shows. Shows which granted them overwhelming interest and dealings with the Sheffield indie label, Native Records. One thing that isn't immediately clear whilst listening to ReVerbed's first full-length album is just how young the group members are. The music's maturity is apparent from their latest effort and is a positive indication of the strength of talent that continues to flourish in Yorkshire's dedicated musical youth. ReVerbed have produced an impressive collection of tunes that show progression and a flair for great hooks and catchy riffs even at such an earlier stage in their career. If this is what they can do now, we can only imagine that things will surely get better for this Doncaster foursome in the very near future.
- Sound Sphere

"ReVerbed pack the room and play a really tight set of strong rock songs. They are different in so many ways, their line up is "Boy. Girl. Boy. Girl." and they bring a refreshing approach to a jaded scene. They start at full tilt and keep going. The vocals intertwining between boy and girl. Their set tonight consist of Twelve home-made Rocking songs which show an amazing maturity. They remind me of an early Pixies."
"The sound swirls around propelled by rockin Guitar riff's and underlined by pounding bass and drums. The whole is topped of with great vocals and astute lyrics, with catchy, catchy melodies. "
"Hurricane, Tomorrow and Scream are firm favorites with the crowd but Run and Obsession are stunning. The show ends with a mass of feedback from George, the male Vocalist/guitarist, as Zoe, the female Vocalist/ guitarist, announces that "this will be the bands last gig for awhile, as we have do our A levels."

"Now I know what the great John Peel felt like, when he listened to the Undertones for the first time. The future of rock be alive and living in Sheffield" Zippi
- Blacklabel


NTV 280 Playtime Mini Album 7 Tracks
NTV 284 Lies You Can Believe Album 13 Tracks

NTV 279 Run Single 3 Tracks
NTV 280 Obsession Single 2 Tracks + Video

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November 2008 saw the start of ReVerbed (Pronounced Re-Verbed). 2 boys and 2 girls from Doncaster who came together 2 years ago, playing their first gig in December 2008 at Vintage Rockbar in Doncaster and haven’t looked back since. After creating a reputation in their local town they attracted the interest of the Sheffield indie label Native Records (Nine Inch Nails, The Darling Buds) who set to work on the band straight away.

They went on the record a 7 track mini album entitiled ‘Playtime’ in early 2009 which was released on Native, and is still available to download from iTunes or to buy from HMV, Amazon, and many other good record stores. ReVerbed released, 3 tracks from the album which have all been played on stations such as Hallam FM (Sheffield), BBC Radio Sheffield, Livin Rocks (LA, USA) and many more.

Despite their age they have achieved a lot more than the average 18 year old musician, playing in venues across the UK, featuring at Tramlines 2010 Festival, Americana Festival, Hard Rock Festival and O2 Academy Sheffield. ReVerbed have grown as a band, musicians and friends, creating a unique sound that have drawn a lot of attention and interest.

In early 2010 ReVerbed were ready to head back into the studio with fresh, more mature material that they felt really showed who they were. They headed to Sheffield and found Yellow Arch Studios (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Richard Hawley,Reverend And The Makers) where they produced their 13 track,debut, full length album. The band felt this is the best material they have produced yet and stated ‘there is definitely something for everyone, we’ve found our sound and we can’t wait for people to hear it’.

The new album ‘Lies You Can Believe’ will be released in early 2011, and showcases what ReVerbed are all about. Young, unique, fresh musicians that put their ‘blood, sweat and tears into every songs they make, they truly have developed a unique distinctive sound that is sure to attract more and more interest as they go on.

They go on to say – ‘We love what we do so much, we are so passionate about the music we write and play. Nothing is more enjoyable than getting on stage, playing to a crowded room singing your own songs back to you, how many people get to be that lucky? This is so important to us, so we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, whether its coming to a gig, buying our cds or just accepting a friends request, we appreciate it so much.’