Reverend Freakchild

Reverend Freakchild

 Boulder, Colorado, USA

"His attitude is irreverent, but his enthusiasm for the blues is clear"
- Living Blues Magazine


In the tradition of such Blues Reverends as Rev. Gary Davis, Rev. Robert Wilkins or Rev. Billy C. Wirtz - such is the irreverent Reverend Freakchild. Like John Hammond Jr. he is a student of the Blues. He has played in many bands including an early incarnation of Soul Coughing with M. Doughty leaving to form the roots rock jam band Bananafish in Boston and then on to some work with The Neptune Ensemble, The Soul Miners (w/ guitar virtuoso Matt Rae), The Lucky Devils and The Cosmic All-Stars touring internationally. The Rev. spent 3 years off-off-off Broadway singing blues and sprituals on Sundays at Tobacco Road, the now defunct NYC hippie hangout replete with drug addicts, hookers and music freaks. The Rev. has also served as a member and featured soloist of the Metro Mass Gospel Choir performing at such venues as Carnegie Hall, Avery Fischer Hall and the Town Hall Theater. The Rev's music has been featured in many TV programs and commercials, and also national radio advertising campaigns. He grew up in Hawaii, holds a degree in philosophy and religion from Northeastern University and is now pursuing a Master of Divinity Degree at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  He continues to perform and preach saying, "Music is my religion. Through song I seek transcendence!"


All Across America

Written By: Reverend Freakchild

Well sometimes I feel like I’m in a movie
strange dreams in someone else’s scenes
God is dead - who’s on hold? and everything just seems
Oh everything seems so strange and yet somehow so clear
especially now since I ain’t got nothing to fear

Is that me in the mirror
oh lord what have I become
Yes I do believe that’s the dude that I’ve been running from
all across america from California to the New York Isle
Texas to Maine and back again
he was there all the while

Now I’m feeling a little down by law
just like Lee Baby Sims
ain’t got nothing but my shoes and my soul
and in my head maybe a couple of hymns
now people I ain’t got nothing - no fortune no fame
so just count me amongst the millions
but please don’t you misspell my name


Well I think I had a dream about him the other night
he was looking kinda strange to me
he was telling everybody everything was gonna be alright
he was speaking words of wisdom - just trying to let it be
and then by dragonfly we took an undersea journey
stopped by Dylan’s grave - paid our respects
and then ending up in Italy


©2010 Paradise Music


Blues & Spirituals CD (2001)
Hymn Hustler CD (2003)
Cosmic All-stars EP (2006)
God Shaped Hole CD (2010)
Country Blues & Chaos CD (2013)
Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues CD (2015)
Illogical Optimism (2016)
Peaches' Blues (2017)
Dial It In! (2018)

Set List

Reverend Freakchild often performs solo and can sometimes be heard with a band -playing a unique brand of original songs in a slide blues style and many country blues favorites from artists such as Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lighting Hopkins and the Reverend Gary Davis.