Reverend H Chronicles
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Reverend H Chronicles


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"Little Scars and Tore Back Flesh"
"Over Spun by Sin"
"Inn Keeper"

all tracks are on FM radio USA, Turkey, Finland, Russia, and Canada.
All tracks may be heard online radio at - - - www.rock247online - and more



Artist Bio
Rev H Chronicles has been a touring musician slash song writer for 22 years in the industry in big and small places, only to discover its emptiness and decay by the what is for sale industry. Rev H left the touring and writing side of things to build a radio station/ management company to protect artist from what he has seen and been through in the industry, Rev H Chronicles is Rev H, music genre is a mental conflict between his diagnoses of 8 personality skitzaphrinia; and is souly driven by the discussed and pain he has endured. Multi musician Rev H has lived through out the planet and is well known in good ways and bad. Though we all have a past. Learn to live and move on, but in recent case Rev H has went through a loss which pushed him back into his writing self. Rev H of Dallas Texas, currently Charlotte North Carolina, is looking for the right personnel to assist in his upcoming tour and album release through Dyskfunctional Records and IHGLIVE Records this spring and summer. Rev H Chronicles live may be devastating to some, and erotic to others, shows and music again is based upon the mood of the day. It would be ranging from flesh hook suspensions to slavery and bondage shows, to just straight throwing shit into a crowd. Recent release from Rev H Chronicles is a song of the song, dedicated to his 8 loves he has recently lost. Forcing Rev H into his whole. The song "Shades of Purple" is an honest attribute of what realism can be like. The darker side of Rev H and his necromantic ways can quite start a pit within the first snack in the face with a mic stand.

Addition to Update Bio:
Onei Burns added to this project Feb of 2008, a great addition to this project. Outstanding keyboardist, song writer and producer engineer.
Onei's entire life is music based, Los Angeles Recording School.
Onei grew up in the ass crack of upstate western Upstate NEW YORK, moved to LA in 2002, to continue musical education, and to pursue musical career. he has played piano since he was 6 and keyboards since 13 he is currently 28 years of age. and loves long strolls on beach. haha.

Matt Potter drums, and electronic percussions.

Influences are:
Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Sin Division, Marylin Manson, Rob Zombie, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Affliction, Evans Blue, Breaking Benjamin, Pantera, Deftones, Combichrist, and COADM, Tori Amos, Tricky, Radiohead, tool,